There are some  of the weirdest laws, we ’ve never come across. There are some laws and legislation, which are completely ridiculous and would make you doubt our Indian Constitution thought process . Let’ s have a look at some of them, and laugh our heart’s out.

According to the Indian Aircraft Act, if any person at the time of flying aircrafts, by any means hurt anyone or cause danger to their property then a fine of upto Rs.10 lac could be charged from them. Aircraft here would include flying machines, balloons, gliders and even kites. Never thought   in our childhood, that flying of kites could also land us to such situations .Next time, any one of you who wants to fly a kite specially around August 15 should be careful.

The next one, should be awarded for being the best biased adultery law. As per Section 497, adultery is  prohibited. This law punishes only men. For those men  engaging in sexual activity with women who’re married, without getting consent from their husband is entitled to be charged with fine ,or put behind the bars for five years. This  law doesn’t hold anything against the women, and taking full advantage of the law , they do whatever they want.

The law permits  anyone to use the restroom and  even drink water at any hotel, whether they’re staying there or not. This came into existence under the Indian Sarais Act,1867  some 150 years ago. “Sarais” actually means building  which are used for accommodation and shelter of traveller hotels. This law however, works in the public interest and the next time we’re travelling we  should definitely keep this in our minds.

Discrimination against LGBTs- Section 377 states that homosexual intercourse  as illegal , though there’ve been endless debates on this topic. The Indian constitution  seem to be snatching away the basic right of someone to choose their own partner.

According to the East Punjab Agricultural Pests, diseases and Noxious Weeds Act, 1948, people in and around Delhi are expected to beat drums ,in order to drive them away. This seemed to be taken seriously  this lockdown, when locusts in huge number attacked the farms. As a result, the farmers were instructed to produce high pitch noise , using  utensils and drums to scare them away from India, in an attempt to prevent our crops.

According to Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code(IPC), since one cannot arrest a dead person it’ s considered to be no crime. On the other hand, failing on attempting to commit suicide is considered to be illegal  and punishable .It’ s been specified that the act should be voluntary and intentional attempt towards self destruction. Cases where a person would die because of overdose of medicine, or mistakenly falling from a cliff , doesn’t  come inside under the IPC.

According to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act,1914 in order for anyone to qualify for being a motor vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh, need to get sparkly, white clean teeth. Maybe they’re under the impression, that in absence of electricity power there white ,sparkly teeth could be of great help  , as it would light their path ahead.