It’s been 3 months, since we’re  locked inside our homes, eagerly waiting  to leave for a vacation. As the restrictions would be released , soon we’ll be able to travel. But , initially we should try and avoid crowded places , and look for isolated places , exploring our very own India to it’s best. Exhausted by cooking , and fights, this places should be on your bucket list, post-coronavirus trip. For many of us, summer holidays means relaxing on the beaches, if you’re one of them  ,then this list is for you.

Guitar Island, Andaman- This is one  of the rarest beaches ,visited in Andaman. It’s uniqueness of the guitar shape, could only be admired from an aerial view. The moderate tropical climate with a a average temperature of 22 degree Celsius, makes it fit for tourists of all age to visit all the year  long. It is a clean beach, which comes with a jaw-dropping beauty. The island is perfect for one day escape , as they have no infrastructure or restaurant there. For any adventure seeking traveller, the sight of the beach is breathtaking. Travellers can go for snorkelling , and enjoy sea walks in the amazing aquatic life. This island is even safe for solo women travellers. This island is protected as a natural reserve because of it’s mangroves and coral life.

Butterfly Beach, Goa– Every year, tourists in huge numbers visit Goa and it’s difficult to find a quiet place, away from all the hustle .If you are someone, who is needs  to get away from the crowd for sometime, then this is the perfect location. With no vehicles there, the  only way to go to the semi-circular beach is through boat  , or two-hour trek from the Palolem Beach. The undisturbed place along with white sands  and blue waters, is the perfect for a blissful sunset .Lodging and food is available in the closest beach ,the Palolem beach. But , if someone enjoys the sight of host of marine species and enormous butterflies , then this is the place.

Marari Beach, Kerala –It’s perfect for the ones who would want to relax, exploring the backwaters of Kerala. Marari beach is not an island expected to have water sports and other activities, rather it is for one’ s who wants to spent their vacation lying around. It is an ideal place for an long beach walk, away from the main city. The best time to visit this place is between the months of December and March, the other time of the year is mainly hot and humid.

Ranpar Beach ,Maharashtra- This is the one of the most isolated places found in India, away from any kind of civilisation and disturbance. It’s best suited for ones who want to take a break from their normal routine, and go for meditation ,or some alone time. The odds fisherman are the only one’ spotted there ,trying to get a earning from it .Ratnagiri, the closest town  has a lot of beaches, but none of  the beaches can be compared to the serenity level provided by  this beach.