The recent incidents in India relating to animal torturing, shows the extent to which mankind have fallen , and how we’re misusing our ability to think for our own good, have led to the exploitation of the case.

A very recent example of this is murder of the pregnant elephant in the Silent valley Forest in Kerala. This incident became so popular on all the social media handles, that the ministers had to intervene. A pregnant elephant had probably become victim of an act of human cruelty, where on the 27th of may,2020 a pineapple filled with explosives exploded in it’s mouth. This incident gained light only because of a forest officer, Mohan Krishnan who posted the video on his facebook page, and it went viral. He even wrote about how the elephant was standing in the river, with her head dipped inside , anxiously waiting fir death to come and relief it off it’s pain forever. The post-mortem reports have shown that the elephant had travelled in pain for several after getting wounded, and the wounded area have totally become septic. The controversy have later turned to the fact that it  was an intentional move to defame the state, after it received appreciation for preventing the spread of the Pandemic. Few of the leaders are debating over the point that the death occurred in Malappuram, when instead it took place at Mannarkkad in Palakkad. The matter had received a lot of national attention, as even our Union Minister for forest and Environment ,Parkash Javadekar directed to stern actions against the culprit.

The social outrage of the previous incidents , might seem to have put an end to such brutal incidents,but we ‘re wrong to even think about it. On the 3rd of July,2020  yet again the jaws of cow got blown ,as it ate dough made consisting of wrapped explosives .The incident happened in the Datauli  village of Ayodhya. Two men of middle age, Satyanam Triveni and Bhola Ram Dayal have been arrested on charges of killing the cow. The cow was probably searching for food, when it consumed the dough containing the explosives. later, a vet was assigned to look after the stray cow. The DSP Ayodhya  ,Virendra Vikram who is looking after the case, said it has  been investigated that the accused was used to hunt wild boar, by making them eat explosives wrapped dough.

This incident in Himachal Pradesh  is similar to what happened in Ayodhya. The  locals of the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh  have demanded strict inquiry into the action, involving the death of a pregnant cow. The cow had supposedly consumed wheat flour ,which had “allu bomb” inside. The owner of the car have charged  his neighbour, to doing the act. This case  was registered under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Small farmers all over the country have sought to illegal means, in absence of proper ,permissible measures to ward off wild board away from their crops. The statistics available have shown how because of human interference, deforestation, climatic changes, the number of wild board have fallen drastically to 48034 in 2011.In a country like India , where rich people are buying houses close to forest to explore them, everything else is considered more important than our wildlife and habitat conservation.