In the field of psychology, this is   popular .This was discovered because of the joint results of study by social psychologists, Justin Kruger and David Dunning .This is a cognitive bias, resulting from internal illusion in people who’ve low ability, and external misconception from people having high ability. It is because of people’s disability to know their own ability. The effect  was first derived in the year 1999, after the incident of 1995.In 1995, on 25th of April McArthur Wheeler, robbed two banks by applying lemon juice on his face. He was actually of the opinion , that the chemical properties  of the lemon juice , would work as an invisible ink.

The phrase, “Fools are blind  to their own foolishness” hold true here. Low cognitive ability combined with self-awareness leads to the overestimation of it’s own capabilities. People  fail to recognize it’s own incompetence,because of the incorrect self assessment done by them. These assessment arise because of people being ignorant  about the basic standards of performance. It’ s like a neurological condition, where a person who is disabled either is unaware or seem to deny his disability.

A day  to day example would be of a student scoring 60 percentile in it’s 10th board exam,yet he claims of have deserved more marks. This is because he is unable to access his own knowledge power, tending to overestimate it’s own power .They are ignorant of the fact that there poor ability led to this. Since, these students are not able to recognize the skills and competence of the students who scored high, they always consider themselves superior to everyone else. The effect may eventually even lead to  affect the people think, and the kind  of decision  it makes.

In another study, it has been found that women fear to enter the science competition when compared to men. This  is because the women always end up doubting their own skills, and underestimating themselves. To the extent, that despite of scoring high in exam , they’ll think they lack behind men in logical ability. To prove their point further, these researchers  went on to perform certain experiments. It  was found that around 90 % of people suffering from such effect, agreed to know made up terms related to subjects like physics, biology, and geography.

However, the truth lies in the fact that we all at sometime are susceptible to suffer from these effect. One individual who  may seem to be expert  in one area, cannot  have knowledge in all the other areas. People sometime mistake their expertise to be carried in all other areas as well.

In order to overcome the Dunning-Kruger effect, we should try to gain a realistic assessment of our own abilities. We should be in the habit of continuously learning  and practicing, and try to dig deeper and deeper into the matter. We should  ask other people their feedback , what are there opinions. And, we should keep questioning ourselves. It’s very easy to spot the phenomenon in others, but when it comes to ourselves  it becomes a huge problem. The best way to improve is to understand the causes, and make efforts to overcome them.