Nike: Just Do It – Nike not a very successful brand, was way behind Reebok before the 1980s. It was then, that they thought of coming up with this campaign. The advertising campaign was mainly print and television. The campaign was a huge hit amongst the people, since it was successful in decoding the core problem of runners. Nike earlier had a image of being bought only by marathon readers, it  was this slogan which changed  it’s image forever. All we need in life, is a extra push and motivation to cross the hurdles, and this slogan of Nike though short and sweet, seems to overcome them and make way an direct entry in our lives forever. The words  of the slogan is exactly what we need to keep reminding of ourselves, in every stepping stone. The advertising campaign made Nike jumps the ladders up in a very short span of time, so much so that it landed up selling shows worth $ 9.2 billion in the year 1998.

Absolut Vodka: THE ABSOLUT BOTTLE- This seems to be the longest running   advertising campaign ever, uninterrupted for 25 years .The ad campaign was in the form of  print media .This campaign about an bottle though shapeless, went on to become one of the most popular vodka bottles in the world. From holding, merely a 2.5 % share to almost 50 % of the total vodka bottle share , it has definitely come a long way. The campaign showed us that if we are determined and focused, we can turn the table as they created 1500 different advertisements of one bottle.

Coke:Share A Coke-In one of the most memorable and ground-taking campaigns ,this campaign holds a very special place there. In order to please the masses, Coca-Cola came up printing the names on each of the bottles. The ad campaign was in the form of  print media. This campaign started in Australia in the year 2011, where they chose top 150 most common name and printed them on all the bottles and the cans. This strategy worked wonders for them, as each time anyone bought the can out  of the vending machine, it turned to be a fun-filled move. Later on , they even came up with the idea of getting customized names printed on them, and it went on to become a breaking story in the advertising and marketing industry. This campaign even turned eyeballs of the counter parties, as they tried to intervene by releasing their ads soon after.

Volkswagen:Think Small- This is often referred to as “The Gold Standard”. It’s slogan went on to change the Americans perspective of only going for bigger, longer cars. It’ s slogan changed people’s perspective, over a group of people ,and won  hearts of the people by it’s honesty.

LESSON LEARNT We should always present our brands, being one of the customers. The slogan should be short, simple and catchy. No matter what our problem, we can always make our  product appealing and attractive through the campaign. We should always strive to be different and unique .In order for us to dominate, we should make our own  path and identity. We should  never try to create an artificial picture, honesty is very much appreciated by the customers