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 A “ strandbeest” is a kinetic creature created by Theo Jansen, since the year 1990.Theo Jansen who is a physicist turned artist, have been successful in creating lives on beach, which survives on wind. This animated sculpture which appear to walk, is actually a fusion between art , engineering ,mechanics and biology .To Theo Jansen, the line between art and engineering is illusion, and depends upon our minds. This sculptures  ,are like walking animals , believed to have artificial life. These are constructed from PVC pipes, zip ties, favric, wood. Theo Jansen have been dealing in strandbeest since 1990, and from then it is continuously improved every year. Such kinetic sculptures are based on the models, where the connecting links and triangle converts to stepping motion of six legs, by way of rotating the axle. If compared, the strandbeest travel way more efficiently and  faster than on wheels.

He designed the planar leg mechanism to create a smooth mechanism. These have applications not only in giat analysis, but also in mobile  robotics. The central crank link used by him did wonders, as it seemed to work like an electric  motor. The central crank would make the other links move .Jansen here applied the Newton-Euler mechanism. Initially he had  started with mere skeleton, to walk over the beach ,but  with time such skeletons were improved on to survive weather changes and bear storm. The sculptures are eventually prepared in a way to release in the beach environment, and lead their own lives. They’re even prepared to store air-pressure ,so that they can make their lives go on , in case of absence of mind. Jansen have now come to a stage of evolution, where one such model can detect when they’ve entered the water, they would by themselves move away from them. One of special model is even capable of sensing an approaching storm, and would eventually anchor itself to the earth. These  self –propelled  creatures were presented in an exhibition in 2016 in North America, where the Dutch artist mesmerized everyone with its breathtaking innovation.

Each species of strandbeest, have an unique Latin name reflecting upon their character, and adaptations. 25 years of exploring lineage  of beach animals, each  species retain the successful features of the previous ones, while shedding the ones that were unsuccessful. The strandbeest are something unforgettable by anyone ,who comes across it. I remember coming across this, through my social media profile as a kid, and could not take my eyes off from it.

Let’s Have A Look At Few Of Them

“Animaris Vulgaris”, was the first such beech animal built with 28 legs. But it could move its legs, only when lying down. It would collapse as soon as it stood on it’s own legs. The next one ,  was “ Animaris Currens Vulgaris”.This  one was the first such kinetic sculpture, to stand and walk .With each passing time, the models got better . The latest one is , “Animaris Suspendisse” ,the biggest of all the ones made till date. It is believed to have all the features like Ordis’ legs, nose feelers, sweat glands.It can gulp the wind, stores wind into recycled plastic bottles by squeezing air, and can sense when it’s about to enter the water.

Animaris Suspendisse


Board games not only kill time, but also entertain. This statement was of no worth  to people before the lockdown. Only on been locked inside our houses for 2 months along with our families, it felt like we ‘re  going  back in flashback  to our fun-filled summer holidays in childhood .In my opinion , this lockdown was the best time for my family to gel along with each other, and play some of the best board games. There is a list of my personal favourite board games to kill time.

Monopoly-Monopoly is  one of the most popular board game  played,  having license in over 103 countries. It is  a 2-8 players game, for anyone above the age of 8 years. The players roll over two six sided dice, to buy and trade over the properties. The players go on to place their  houses and rents over their properties, with the hope of the opponent landing there and paying more. It comes in around 21 unique editions, and it’ s price  varies from Rs.350-Rs.3000.It’s actually based on the economic concept of “Monopoly”, which means a single identity dominating over the market.

Cluedo(Rs. 649)- Cluedo is a murder mystery game ,for either 2-6 players or 3-6 players depending upon the variation. This is for anyone above the age of  8 years. There are six players, where each one play one suspect, and everyone with the help of clues , collected from moving around the board game object of the game have to determine the victim, and the weapon used to murder. This game involve strategically thinking , and narrowing down by deducing the culprit.

Scrabble(Rs.749)-Scrabble is a word game played in 121 countries,  and available in 29 languages. The game is played by 2-4 players, in a square shaped 15*15 grid, where players with the help of letters embedded tiles, have to make works crossword. The words should be of a standard lexicon, and can be placed either horizontally in a row, or vertical as in columns. At a time, there should be 7 tiles with them ,nothing more or less than that. Each letter have different points. At the end ,the players to  have the highest score wins the game.

Sequence(rs.999)-This is one of the best and easiest card games to play for 2-12 players. It is the best for all ages. All we need here to win this game is a little bit of strategy , and loads of luck. The players have to make a sequence , a row of five chips, similar to the ones used in poker, on  top of the card pictures. It’s a simple,yet challenging board game for fun.

The Game Of Life-This board game is sometimes referred to as the “Life” game. In this game ,2-6 players have to travel down their path ,choosing their own actions. It has a spinner in the center, where each one would be taking turns and cruise through life. Each player has to collect money with their own token money . At the end, when all the players have retired, the one with most amount of wealth, wins the game.Depending on the quality ,the price varies in the range of Rs.899-Rs. 11200.

What has brought together families this pandemic, may also be useful in our future. The board games culture could give the parents a ray of hope, wishing their children lead their lives normally, away from the fear of  being addicted to mobile phones. This game’s   will surely reinvent our lives, and make us  forget our quarantine for sometime.


Plastic consist of around 20% of the total municipal solid waste in our country, this is because of increased plastic  consumption these days. The plastic  solid waste  being non-biodegradable have posed serious issues. Also, the  by products generated due to combustion of coal produces fly ash, which poses a major threat to the land and air resources.

 Back in the year 2018, Shayna Ecounified India , a group of young entrepreneurs  had come together for the purpose of  waste management. They received much appreciation for their  innovative idea,  who made it possible to  convert space consuming garbage waste into something architecturally attractive ,by  producing cost-effective plastic tiles. They  came with a feasible solution of “Clean and Green” to deal with the stacking mountains of rubbish, by promoting Recycle and Reuse .Being the first ones to receive permission from CSIR-NPL , they’ve come up with a technology to recycle plastic waste. Plastic bags and plastic bottle  are some of the most common litter forms. Many companies have recently started even the recycling of plastic bags ,since earlier softer plastic material were not used. These plastic waste accounts for nearly 70% of the air pollution, and 50% of the water pollution.

The Process

The process is a six step long process. It starts with the NGOs and the rag pickers collecting  the  waste and moving it to the power plants. There the waste is cleaned and sorted according to various types and colours, followed by shredding into small parts. Special equipment is used to separate   the plastic resin by various types, used for melting and moulding to new shapes. The  waste  is then compressed , making the plastic pellet ready to be mixed with fillers. The mixture then becomes  ready into anti-microbial, durable   tiles. Such tiles are expensive and requires expensive equipment.

The best part about such tiles are that they ‘re  made up of fly ash, sand.  These tiles are anti-microbial , has a heat capacity of 140 degree Celsius, and a loading capacity of 20 tonnes. Such tiles  are available in different colours, and can be recycled every 5 years.

In Bangalore, an NGO had began production of plastic tiles named, “Re-named tiles” . These tiles are  fire resistant- and has a heat resistant capacity of up to  150  degree Celsius. It can carry loads up to 35 tonnes. It is  non-porous, durable  and  immune to any type of chemical, which makes it’s life longer. On a average, around 3-4 tonnes of plastic garbage is broken down to produce 10000 tiles per day. This garbage waste may include items  like milk bottles, disposable containers from restaurants , shampoo bottles, etc.  The plastic tiles are priced around Rs.70-90 per square feet. Even after all this initiatives ,still  people are unaware of the urgent need to prevent  our environment from deteriorating further .People  even now prefer expensive Italian tiles over these eco-friendly affordable plastic tiles available in various colours. So, as individuals it is our duty  towards  our Mother Earth to not just dump waste , but instead approach such organizations  and do our little bit towards saving the environment

Facebook Finally calls for a ban!

Facebook very recently announced about putting a ban on advertisements claiming people from a specific origin, religion, race ,sexual orientation ,gender discrimination, racism or anyone who pose a threat to  the health and safety of others, with no exception to any politician or government of any country in the world. In order to protect the refugee and immigrants better than before, it has restricted the  use of derisive languages that could hurt the sentiments of people. This ban is just for the paid promotions, not for usual posts  as every user have their freedom of speech and encourages  expressing  their opinion freely, without  violation of content. This announcement by facebook was a result of the boycott by all the big companies to stop the message of hatred from spreading.

Last week, the campaign “StopHateForProfit ” was launched by Anti Defamation League(DFL) and NAACP , since Facebook repeatedly failed to address hatred on all platforms. The campaign  was started as a way of protest against Donald trump’s statement, involving shooting protesters invoking phrase about racism. Retailers like the North Face, RE, were the initial outdoor companies to do so.

In Big companies fight  against undermining their democracy, and to stop the flames of racism ,Ben & Jerry’s joined the boycott. Coca-Cola , on charges of expecting action and transparency , called of their advertising for at least  30 days .Hershey’s , in addition to one month long boycott, went on to cutting off it’s advertisement  cost in facebook and Instagram by nearly one-third for the remaining year. Honda, is the first automobile industry to sign in for this. In total, around 160 companies joined hands and came together for this boycott.

Facebook in it’s defence responded by saying that they deeply respect all the brands and their decisions. Their prime focus is to stop the hate speech , and  enforce back the trust of people encouraging freedom of speech and expression. They even went on to the extent to explain that they’ve no incentive to tolerate any hate speech, and instead wants a positive connection with it’s users all around the world.

This has led to the falling down of facebook shares by nearly 3%.Since a large amount of it’s revenue comes by way of advertising, this boycotting by companies is affecting it adversely to the extent that it’s value is deteriorating day-by-day. Starbucks ,one of it’s biggest  contributor to the total advertisement revenue earned,  have affected the brand value of facebook further.

Facebook is not new in imposing restrictions. Recently we’ve seen few cases where Facebook had put  an ban on advertisements promoting selling of masks. This was done to prevent the hoarding in bulks and then selling it off in double the price. Also, in month of February facebook had even confirmed a total ban on the misleading coronavirus advertisement, so as to stop the panic going around the world.  In order for facebook to prevent losses, it needs to follow strict restrictions, giving no chance for the public to complain .


Our plan of going digital, might’ve   opened a lot of options through digital  payments ,but is has also led  us to a situation where there is increasing number of UPI scams. The scams have become so popular that the moment we search about it, we can glance at the whole list. Various types of scam s take place on the UPI platform, because of the modes of deception. From sending unauthorized payment links via SMS, to deceptive UPI handles this ‘ve  occupied a big part in this world.

My Narration

A recent UPI fraud happened, where hackers are sending “Receive Money” QR Codes to people. This incident took place on the 27th of June,2020 when a fraudster  deceptively took away Rs.5000  from the owner’s UPI wallet ,linked through Google Pay. It started 4-5 days back when this man, Mr. Praveen who claims to be in the Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) plotted against a small retail shop in West Bengal.

The shop deals in women wear, mainly sarees and suits. The man had selected 5 sarees   ,through whatsapp worth Rs.18000, after 10% discount.  He then called on the number available in social media, asking for the owner’s Google Pay number   for transfer of  money digitally. He continuously insisted on the fact that the owner’s account should’ve a balance of  minimum Rs.8000  in order for him to transfer the money. He even insisted on knowing the balance in the account. He send him his QR code written, “Receive Add Money”, and asked him to immediately  transfer Rs.5000, so that he can send him back .The owner not being user –friendly, got into the trap and scanned the QR code, paying him Rs.5000  adhering to the conditions of the fraudster. This deceptive QR code made the users believe they’re  on the receiving end, while in reality there pockets are getting emptied. The man , Mr. Praveen gave the UPI ID of his so-called manager,7027410239@paytm. This is the recent UPI  fraud, where small business units  are targeted in hope of buying their goods. This incident is an eye-opener for everyone, since he could be a hacker trying to extract money through the UPI ID.

QR Code Sent by the army man

However, there are a few ways we can prevent ourselves from losing our hard-earned money. We should first of all be user –friendly before using such apps ,and if not we should take help from our peer group or family. Then, in order to avoid any type of confusion we should choose a language we’re comfortable to communicate. We should take time, and try to read each and every step carefully before carrying out any type of transaction. In  cases of fraud, they intentionally try to divert our minds so that we hurry up the  process. The M-Pin used for UPI transactions should be kept secure and should never be shared with anyone, just like our ATM pin. In cases of such incidents, the first thing to do is to block the e-wallet immediately, as it could be a case of hacking, phishing, etc  , and our whole wallet could be emptied in seconds. We should always  make it a point, to report to the cyber crime, to make more and more people aware about such frauds.


First of all , we need to understand what is “doomsurfing”. Doomsurfing is  a a newly discovered lexicon, which has been quite trendy  in the news articles and social media accounts during this pandemic time. Doomsurfing is basically a tendency to continuously keep scrolling or surfing through bad news, without having much control over themselves to step back/stop. Despite of showing disheartening and depressing content, user’s keep on surfing. This term was first used by someone in twitter  where it gained popularity two years back, in October 2018.

 Another term which have been gaining rounds is “Doomscrolling”. It is referred to as the overuse of screen time , in absorption of depressing news. This news was recently mentioned by Los Angeles Times in their article about how Covid-19 have given rise to new lexicons. Doom means evil, or dark. Eventually , it is referred to as someone’s fate, the kind where we’ll are headed to in our future. Surfing, on the other hand is referred to as the term used for browsing the internet. It has become so popular that Merriam Webster  have kept these two terms in their watchlist ,as they’re yet to clear the criteria. These were the most searched terms on the internet globally.

It’s human tendency to pay more attention to negative news, over positive news. You might not be the only ones who ‘ve become night–owls, there are many people like us who surf the internet for every minute detail possible about the news. We’re  making ourselves fall into deep, manmade rabbit holes, filled with coronavirus tention .This results in agitating ourselves to a extent that we loose our peace of mind, and the comfort of night-sleep. This pandemic have led a lot of people including me , to think that we’ve literally  got hold of the disease due to overthinking .We keep on scrolling because it’s human tendency to prioritize bad news .It has been successful  in creating illusion like situation.

It had been proved in the  2019 study that Doomscrolling effects may not necessarily be bad.For people who are phone addicts, social media could prove to be a great chance to overcome their weakness by communicating. While , on the other hand people who are poor at communicating by the medium of  social media platform may be in a state of stress, anxiety. The way we comprehend the information depends upon our mental state.

Over this short span of time, there has been constant stream of media  whether it is for Covid-19 ,protest over racial discrimination or talks about India’s relation with China and Nepal , the list has been never-ending. However, we can eventually get over these by bringing small changes in our lives. If we restrict ourselves and makes schedules for surfing like twice a day, our lifestyle can get back on track. After  having read the information online, we should find ways to exchange those news with our peer groups and family, in order  to get hold of their viewpoint on such issues. We should try and switch over to offline modes of entertainment like television, reading books, spending quality time with nature, etc.


On 23rd of  June,2020 in a press conference held by Yoga Guru ,Ramdev Baba launched the “Coronil Kit”. As claimed by Baba Ramdev  ,the Coronil Kit is the only solution found till date against the pandemic. It is the first clinically  ,researched and tested medicine carried upon 280 patients in Haridwar, Delhi ,Meerut and Ahmedabad. The medicine which is  a joint effort by Patanjali Research Institute and National Institute of Medical Science, Jaipur  has shown 100% recovery rate in 7 days ,while 69% recovered within 3 days of time. During the launch, he continuously talked about immediately releasing the evidence of the research.

Coronil Kit

The corona kit consists of 3 medicines ,one of which is in liquid form, while the other two are in tablet form. The main ingredients in the tablet are Giloy, Tulsi and Ashvagandha. The entire kit costs around Rs.545. The kit would be available for free ,for those below the poverty line. The dosage prescribed for patients aged between 15-80 years of age is 2-2 tablet every half an hour after food ,to be taken along hot water. Whilst for those between the age of 6-14 years, would be given half the amount prescribed. The medicine would be initially available in the  Patanjali stores, but they’re very soon going to launch the e-commerce app, “Order Me” for online delivery.

According to the Government prescribed rules, any effort made without the permission from Ayush Ministry, is worthless. The Ayush Ministry has called for the full details about the medicine, since it’s unknown to them. They’ve  restricted them from advertising or selling the product, without their approval. The full details of the name of the company of the medicine, sample size ,the hospital where research is conducted. They’ve even asked the Uttarakhand State Licensing Authority to provide copy of the license issued to them. The Uttarakhand State Licensing Authority reported that Patanjali at the time of applying for the license, didn’t mention about the Covid-19.Instead ,they’d only approved license for being immunity boaster ,and cough ,fever. As a result, the Ayush Ministry issued circular by claim of misleading information, fake claims and misbranding. Before commenting anything on whether Patanjali violated the Protocol or not, they ’re waiting for the documents.

Recent news have proved how Patanjali had planned it to be a strategic move to earn lots of money , but seem to be failing instead. They’re in a total mess right now ,like the proper protocol for such trials is completely missing, besides having discrepancy with the CTRI. Inconsistencies which’ve risen have proved that only 100 were there for the trial  ,instead of 280 patients as reported. Out of this 100,half had taken the placebo drugs and only those patients who showed mild to moderate symptoms were the chosen ones.

Ayurveda has been an age long belief of Hindus, believing it has power to  cure them of any disease they want. Ramdev Baba had even before claimed of curing homosexuality, and had offered medicine with the power to make women conceive male child. It is because of such beliefs that Patanjali is now valued at Rs.3000 crore, and every here and now comes out with schemes to make money at the cost of people’s trust.


Black magic in layman’s term ,is the use of magic/supernatural power for evil purposes. We  need to understand that black magic  is nothing but energy. Energy could be either divine or evil. It’s up to us how we take it. A beautiful example of this is electricity. Electricity is used by us for our daily life  purposes like cooling, heating, etc ,while on the  other hand it can be also be used for giving electric shocks to people in order to torture them.

The Story

A house in my neighbourhood which was reportedly rumoured haunted, had been shut for years. Until recently when a small family of four people moved into the city. It was only  after  a few days of stay, that they’d seen a skull on their door, filled with blood. As expected ,it scared the hell out of them and tried contacting the local “tantriks”, suspecting it could be a case of black magic. The tantrik visited the place, and said it’s been surrounded by negative spirits. All this eventually led to the downfall of the family ,as they got affected badly and faced a financial crisis. As a solution to the problem, he demanded Rs.50000 to perform the rituals. Months passed by, but when the family condition didn’t improve, they decided to shift. Later to the amusement of  all, it  was found that this was a prank played by the teenagers in neighbourhood. It was not because of the  black magic, but because of getting psychological affected that their condition deteriorated.

A lot of people may think that West Bengal is the hotspot, but looking to the number of rising cases of black magic in Kerala, it can be called a rumour. In order to curb the growing number of black magic cases in Kerala and to spread awareness across the country  ,they brought “The Anti-Superstition And Black Magic” bill. The basic right of people were exploited, specially menstruating girls who were isolated in name of Black Magic. According to the bill, anyone doing anything in name of black magic would be punishable by law. The penalty under the offence is imprisonment up to 1 year, or a fine ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs.1 lakh .In case of death ,it would be reported under the section 300 of IPC. The popular tantriks of kerala have agents, who have their packages planned for clients.

Not a lot of people are aware that lately, Bengaluru is in the process of being the next hub of Black Magic ,besides being known as the “IT Capital of India”. It’s common not only in the corporate culture, but also amongst the lovers. Owing to the high demand, people are ready to pay  anything sum of amount. Black magic do exist, but to some extent. There is not much science behind it though. It could only affect us to some extent, the rest is up to us. If we’re mentally and physically string we can easily overcome ,without coming under pressure. Black magic can even be used for positive purposes like transforming lives, health. However, in a country like India where people are influenced by age old sayings, the negative influence is more than the positive influence. We can however protect ourselves from black magic,be focusing on the right type of energy.


Smart Rings are the only possible tech solution, to discover something smaller than the smart watch. After a lot of attempts ,smart rings were actually created with useful technology. Smart Rings are not a totally new concept, but it’s been revolutionalized over the years.

History has been evidence how so many Startup companies despite repeated attempts ,failed either due to lack of funding, legal disputes, issues related to packaging sensor, health tracker ,everything in a small space, which kept on popping up from time to  time. We can easily sync them  to our mobile phones, via Bluetooth. Smart Ring is endowed with different functions. Some may track sleep, pulse rate, heart rate, whilst others may not. The smart ring would be a relief from the mobile phones, as we’ll get to know whenever there is a message or e-mail.


Motiv Ring($99.99) –this one is the best smart ring available , in terms of it’s price ,features. This  was announced way back in the year 2017,and comes in mainly three colour variations-slate grey, titanium and Rose gold. It can not only monitor our heat rate ,but also is a fitness tracker. It keeps record of all our activities and moves, and since it’s data is stored in our phones, it can be viewed later. It’s has a battery life of upto 5 days, and is water resistant. It’s highlight is its sleek design ,8 mm width and comes in 7 sizes fit for both men and women. It even helps us to log in to our facebook, google accounts. It’s very easy to wear , and stylish.

Oura($275)-this smart ring provides us readiness score for the day by using our data from phone. It comes in two models, the recent  one being sleeker, and slimmer. It comes in sizes  from US 6-US comes packed in four sensors-gyroscope,3D accelerometer, infrared pulse measurement and body temperature sensors. It’s highlight is the focus on mainly three areas –activity, sleeping and readiness.

The recent innovation of Oura is a initiative by the NBA , against the pandemic. Players would get a notification, when something infected in in their 6 feet radius, and it gives signals on detecting early signs of Covid-19.According to the survey conducted on 2000 workers ,it can observe body associations between fever, cough and heart rate ,temperature.

NBC Open($85)-this smart ring comes with two Intags .The private one is used for sensitive stuff, like smart door lock and for payment purposes. The other one is for public information like email address. It is waterproof resistant.

Amazon Echo Loop($129.99-$179.99)-Amazon is amongst the more popular ones, it’s packed in microphones and speakers. It interacts with Alexa smart assistant, and comes with all day battery life, with water resistant feature.

ORII Smart Ring($199)-This smart rings allows us to take a call by holding our fingers  to our ears, by using the bone conduction technology. Available in different colour variation like red, silver, grey , and is available in different size forms fit for both men and women.


Tension between North Korea and South Korea rose further when North Korea blowed  up the joint liaison office built for peace in the border town, Kaesong. This came days after North Korea threatened to close the office and the projects between the two countries. The office was a symbol of Inter-Korean Cooperation, and exploded with the motive to show that they’ll no longer cooperate with South Korea.

Seoul was accused of scattering leaflets and material, which were anti -North Korea. The leaflets seemed to have content oppressing against their supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. The material along with mini-radio, USBs were sent to make their citizens aware of their Government system and nuclear weapon programs. They wanted to convey the message that their Government is only concerned about their own comfort, and nothing else. This made North Korea angry about the cunning and treacherous behaviour from them. According to the spokesperson, these leaflets  poses serious environmental risks and endangers the private property. They even warned them about scrapping their military agreement. The destruction broke all the acceptance of   long term inter-Korean relations and peace. North Korea have even plans of deploying the deploying troops at the border. North Koreans  had cut their hotlines ,before exploding the office.

Photo of the liaison office getting blown out.

A day after the blow, South Korea’s Blue House commented this to be an senseless and unreasonable behaviour by North Korea, which have damaged the trust built by the two leaders. This whole non-lethal and dramatic action comes after, South Korea sided up with the US on sanctions. History has proven how North Korea pressurizes South Korea ,this time because over failing to extract concessions from the US. North Korea’s  relation with US went down after the second summit in Vietnam in 2019, as the disputed were regarding the number of sanctions to be lifted in return of Kim’s dismantling of nuclear complex. South Korea holds North Korea responsible for breaking the treaty of peace. South Korean President Moon was even called “the Mongrel dog: and accused him of being a US flunkey. South Korea have even after the explosion offered about maintaining cordial relations, but North Korea was not in a mood to do so.

It is very likely for North Korea to blame other countries for any kind of  failure. According  to reports ,more than 10 million citizens  of North Korea are struggling for basic aids of life, but North Korea have sealed all the borders ,in fear of the pandemic. This led to a stop to all the imports, making the lives of the citizen miserable. North Korea eventually is blaming South Korea for this downfall. All the actions were ultimately motive to end for US, attack on South Korea is just the soft target. History says that North Korea always have an incentive before it does crazy things ,or lethal attacks. This time since the US is busy handling its own problem, related to the Pandemic and the anti-racist protests ,North Korea thought of taking a blow against the South Korea.