It’s not a secret , that the film industry have been badly hit. People  have no option left, but  sought to watching cinema in their home theatre and enjoying themselves. The question whether we would be able to watch the curtain falls anymore ,or not seems to haunt us.Even during the time IPL was set to come, there  was fear in the minds of producers that the films would  take a back seat for the summer months, and they might have to postpone the dates. Little did  they know, that these IPL would go on to become one of the biggest platforms, to launch their films.

In this industry , the flow of the content and the quality of content holds  a lot of importance. There is doubt as to how the cinemas would react once the pandemic is over. Will they ever get back to the same state .Maybe , they can start with stuff that have been postponed ,like releasing movies such as Sooryavanshi, etc. This movies  , might be able to get the crowd  back. The 183 billion industry have gone off to affect the daily wagers adversely. It’s first major impact was seen when Rohit Shetty’ s movie Sooryavanshi , had to postponed. This  led to the postponement of several other big projects like “Haathi Meri Sathi”.

Bollywood Is the largest  film industry in the world, though world  believes Hollywood to be the biggest film industry. The Indian film industry provides employments to thousands of people. People are at this moment, are not entering the industry and are mainly shifting to online channels for entertainment .This is the reason why there has been a  drastic surge in the subscription of Amazon Prime, Netflix in India during the lockdown period. Such portals, are way superior than our normal television shows. They offer a plethora of shows, series and movies fit for people of all ages, and with wide range of options. Films  and  series , released on such platforms earned a lot by way of commissioning. This was done by movie makers , considering the fact that the theatres would be the last to open , and they’ve to  pay back the money taken for the production , along with interest.

Movies, like “Gulabo Sitabo”  skipped the theatrical release and went straight to be released on Amazon prime, since the producer had to bear the mounting costs. Releasing on such platforms, might give the additional benefit of no tention of clearance from the censor certification. This however ,takes a dig on the rural population .Since they cannot  afford the subscription fees, they would never be able to get hold of such movies. Big budget movies like “Laxxmi Bomb” ,  is not thinking about releasing on OTT  platforms, as they have a chance of hitting the 300 crore club , and releasing it on OTT platforms would not cover the costs.

One is for sure that the Pandemic have changed the way people consume entertainment, the viewing patterns and the behaviour during this pandemic  ,though not for forever.