At this time of Pandemic, Sanitizers are something which have more importance than our  own valuables. We’ve  come to a situation , where the whole world is fighting against the pandemic, but there exists no cure of it. With each passing day, as conditions are worsening, we’ve to personally take café of ourselves, and practise in social distancing. This situation has given birth to use of sanitizers, and wash our hands properly to protect ourselves from the virus. Sanitizers have already started going out of stock, and with the cases surging, there is very less probability of the sanitizers available in near future.

There are several things we need to keep in mind before selecting the sanitizer. First of all, we need to pick sanitizers which would have  60-95% alcohol content, so that it has the capability to kill the germs. The non-alcohol sanitizers have disinfectants like chloride, which may not be useful in killing the coronavirus germs. The product should have a value for money, and should suite our ski type.

Some Of The Best Sanitizers To Our Rescue

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer(Rs.164 For  50 ml)- The first company that would come to our minds is Dettol. This sanitizer comes with a non-sticky  formula, capable of killing 99.9 % germs .It even comes with a good fragrance, making it carve  more. This even leaves our hands soft, as it contains moisture and is suitable for all skin types.

Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer(Rs.50 for 30 ml)-this one is  most widely  used in clinics and hospitals , as it is FDA approved. It not only comes with capability of killing  99.99% germ, but is twice more effective than the other sanitizers. It  comes with 70% alcohol content in it. The best part about this is that it contains 4 types of moisturizers, preventing our hands from drying up.

Lifebuoy Total 10(Rs.60 for 50 ml) – this alcohol content sanitizer, not only prevents skin problem, but reduces the redness in skin it effectively kills germs and bacteria in  10 seconds, giving us protection for the next 10 hours. Since it’s  cost-effective, it can be widely used by people of all income groups, and easily portable.

Himalaya Pure Hands(Rs. 300 for 500 ml)- This sanitizer is made up of natural ingredients ,  having a divine fragrance. It’s available in flavours like litchi, green apple, strawberry, etc. The best part about such sanitizer is the presence of active ingredients like neem, coriander and lime which helps in moisturizing the palms.

Sterillium Hand Sanitizer(Rs.320 fro 500 ml)- It is widely used in the Healthcare sector, because of it’s anti-microbial activity. This blue hand sanitizer have been the personal favourite of millions of people since ages, as it a classic rub-in disinfectant for surgical hand and hygienic purposes.

What  To Do In Case the Sanitizer’s are out of Stock?

It’s very easy to make our sanitizer at home. For that ,we need aloe vera gel and alcohol in the ration of 1:2, and  five drops of any essential oil  like lavender or lemon. We need to keep our hands clean first, take a clean container and mix everything till it becomes thick. The mix should be kept  in a dark area, with out kind of disturbance. This sanitizer often turn out to be runny, so we  need to be very careful with the proportion of the ingredients.This is likely better, than using nothing. But, it can never be compared to the sanitizers available commercially.