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“White holes – Real Or Hypothetical?”

Space has been a place of mysteries for humans ever since we have started studying it. Various phenomena happening in there and science related to it has always fascinated more and more to know much about the place we live in. These all ideas and researches have helped us increase our knowledge about space but still a lot is still pending to be found and various theories yet to be solved. We have heard about black holes and their power to let anything in and not let it out and how even light cannot escape it this is considered to be a destruction factor for anything which travels around it and thus gets into it. The significance of black hole was unknown until it’s provenance was recorded by scientists in 2017. So this has been a great discovery for us and various other theories which have been given by our scientist. 

But another theory which is till date considered to be hypothetical is the theory and existence of White Holes. White holes are entities with properties opposite to that of black holes. This means that instead of absorbing things and letting them into it, these holes push things out and resist anything to enter them. These consist to be hypothetical as their physical significance are still a doubt for the scientist. Physicists also question its existence since they believe that it doesn’t agree to the 2nd law of thermodynamics according to which the entropy of any object of something either remains constant or increases but does not decrease. But still many scientists believe that it could exist, which is because as we know that black holes do emit energy in the forms of radiations as given by Hawking’s radiation theory. So doing so they keep on losing energy and one day they get destroyed. “But the question is what next, what about the things gone inside it?”. This is where scientists think white holes form and during the death of black hole it converts into white hole and this gets everything out of it.It seems to be a valid theory and many scientists do believe in it. Also the story of how our space was formed is related to being from a Whitehole, like we know everything came out of a small dot and thus creates these things. It’s just a second thought on the big bang theory, but still scientist still doubt on its existence. 

But some pictures taken by nasa were fascinating and interesting which were related to what we are discussing about. In 2006 Nasa recorded a big supernova-like phenomenon some light years away with a time more than any other recorded till then. Soon after it was recorded that it just got lost leaving nothing behind. Scientists are relating it to be a white hole phenomenon.But assurity of these holes are still not found and also seeing the laws defined in our science, we do not see their existence. But also we know that many things in our space do not follow these rules and regulations and thus these holes may be one of them challenging our governed rules. 

So maybe in the future we would be able to visualize or see a phenomena of white holes at some distant light years with better technology and research work by our scientists and experts and thus we could convert another hypothetical theory into a reality. 



“Moon Base – Possibilities And Associated Difficulties”

Humans have been interested in space and it’s associated phenomenon since ages. Which has really fascinated humans to go much deeper into space studies and know space better and solve the mysteries residing out there. This journey as we all know started as a fight between the two countries at the time of the late 50’s which were Soviet Union and The United States of America. But as soon as they came to know that it’s much bigger than just a competition, it became a field of much more investment of both money as well as research and new ideas. The first manual landing on the earth’s natural satellite changed the dimensions for humans as we could imagine humans travelling outside the planet and thus have a close look to space and its constituents. Considering all this, humans were planning to set up a proper human base, so as to develop knowledge about the age-old regolith present there as well as find better resources for human travel. 

This all sounds interesting and fascinating, but how easy it is to set up a proper base with humans working all around Or people visiting as travelers on it and many more scenarios. 


  • The first problem which is a major one is to shift such heavy material or construction material through spaceships to the moon, which will cost billions and trillions of dollars, and the cost of building would be different too.
  •  Also it’s not sure that these constructed bodies would be able to stand still and strong at the surface of the moon or not get affected due to gravity and other factors such as meteors colliding.
  • We know that the moon doesn’t have a proper environment or shield which would break the coming meteors on it, thus these meteors impact the moon and form crater or big holes on the moon. This is very risky for us as well as our human base as our efforts would get dissolved and a big loss for us if our base gets destroyed and humans get hurt.
  • Also we would be requiring much water, food resources for people working over there.
  • One of the other major areas of concern is the radiation from the sun, which comes directly and this could be very dangerous for people working over there.


But most of the solutions were found for building bases, as in 2014 , a company named Made In Space brought the concept of 3-d printing parts in space. They tested making things with some plastic and regolith (moon soil), and made things out of them. These were really strong enough of handle heavily stresses. Also it was mostly automatic with little interference of humans. Thus this technology can effectively be considered for building out things in space. Also scientists believe that, there are tubes under the surface of moons, which would not only save us from the meteors, but provide effective temperatures to work in, save humans from radiations and also save much of our resources building human base, as we could consider them for the same. But the only reason to worry is that we do not know that, either these tubes are active or not. Since these tubes as we know carry magma in them from the moon core, so if some of them still act to be active then that would prove to be a problem for humans. 

Scientists and researchers are working in the field of developing new technologies and systems which could surely turn out to be a key changer in the lifestyle of humans. Would help us to reach the farther of the planet and also make it feasible to even live on them. “But it’s not a task of years, it’s a task of decades and centuries, so our initial steps towards developing better can turn out to be a stepping stone for our future generation to see and live what we just dream of”. 


I Know I am late a moment ago I came to know about that 2nd July was UFO day, I am really very flatter to know about this day in my school days I was very much curious about the galaxy , the unknown mysterious world, other planets , aliens then with the time  I am distracted from my this world, but always when I get time I tried to gather information .so 1st I am telling you the reason behind the day

World UFO Day is an awareness day for people to gather together and watch the skies for unidentified flying objects. The day is celebrated by some on June 24, and others on July 2. June 24 is the date that aviator Kenneth Arnold reported what is generally considered to be the first widely reported unidentified flying object sighting in the United States,[ while July 2 commemorates the supposed UFO crash in the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident.

Roswell Daily Record, July 8, 1947, announcing the “capture” of a “flying saucer” source WIKIPEDIA

What is other side of the sky? Once This question always going round in my mind, other planets, solar system , milky way, black eye galaxy this things are fascinated millions , years after year scientist research and now the craze to know the unknown world , creature from other planet is really noticeable. Series, documentaries, movies based on aliens, other world.  But you know In Chhattisgarh ancient rock painting depicting UFO exist suggesting Alien communication with humans since prehistoric times, Archaeologists JR Bhagat, who discover them , said they depict strange humanoids with no facial features and other painting of flying discs.

CHARAMA (Chhattisgarh): Chhattisgarh state department of sarchaeology department has sought help from NASA and ISRO experts.

The finding suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers.

“Time Travel And Associated Paradox”

Humans have been fascinated towards time travel and have been developing technology to make it possible one day. The advancement in science has helped humans to make ideas turn reality. Space has always been a mystery to humans and we have always tried harder to solve them at the best of their possibilities. The idea of time travel and humans’ moment to past or future seems to be very fascinating, and humans believe that it is possible. But the fact that we cannot travel back to the era or to the future lies in the Einstein Theory Of Relatively. Which states that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light or in simple words it suggests that anything which is travelling with the speed less than light will never be able to move faster in it’s coming time or else to do so it requires enormous and endless power sources which we know that is not possible. 

But different findings have led the belief of scientists to increase in this area and  make those possibilities to be true. It is believed that we can move to other planets or parallel universes through a wormhole. Which is another hypothesis as their significance is still not found. Scientists believe that by creating a wormhole we can reach other planets and even past . There have been particles like tachyons   (Hypothetical) which are supposed to move faster than light. It is believed that with the help of these we can send messages to our past and even travel one day. 

Here’s is the paradox which do makes rise a potential question to do so. This is known as the Grandfather Paradox. According to this paradox it states the idea that if any person travels to time before their grandfather or sends a message before grandfather had children and if someone through that message kills their grandfather, it would raise a question to their existence. This paradox has been in discussion since ages and is considered a proper problem which really raises the question and theories related to time travel. 

Scientists have been working in this field of developing technology and doing research so as to rediscover particles or any technology which could help us to cross the barrier of time and travel in different years. But this is purely hypothetical since scientists do know that it’s hardly possible to cross the barriers of light and travel faster than it. We need enormous sources of energy or endless sources of energy to run any machine at a speed faster than it. It is still a belief of fiction but people do believe that whatever is thinkable can be achieved so scientists are working in discovering various other phenomena happening in space so as to get the idea of how space works and utilize those knowledge in future projects. The wormhole theory is a relevant theory which does enable human travel to other planets outside our solar system without breaking the famous theory of relativity but still we hardly find any wormholes and if they exist, they are expected to be very small enough for any spacecraft to enter. 

Scientist’s have been finding out different ways so as to make their dream turn reality. It does seem to be impossible but still some people have faith in their work and theories. Science has been bringing out hidden secrets about space with every trip of humans in it. Maybe in future we may be able to do time travel with better technologies, and thus new possibilities and opportunities for mankind

The near-destruction: Asteroids

The destructive object, as you must have seen in different sci-fi movies, it is even forecasted that it might destroy the planet Earth. There were several discussions about the asteroids that are near, and we’ve finished along with this pandemic. Hopefully, there weren’t such incidents. 30th June, the world celebrates this day as World Asteroid Day. Let us know why.

The day after the declaration by UN General Assembly in December 2016, now it will be observed every year as a remembrance to the Tunguska impact in Siberia, presently Russia, in the year 1908. The effect was so powerful by flattening over 2000 sq.km area. The trees fell all over the village; it was a spark all of a sudden, and a loud sound filled in the nearby area equivalent to giant bomb detonated, but this is by nature itself.

A visualization of an asteroid approaching the Earth.

Asteroids, sometimes described as minor planets and some are called planetoids when they’re more substantial in size. Ceres, being the first asteroid noticed in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi, was discovered as a planet. Sir William Herschel, an astronomer, coined the term asteroid. Most of them found in the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. Even you might have heard about the Kuiper belt, the home to three dwarf planets, including the Pluto. It is similar to the asteroid belt.

Few asteroids are more than 100 km in diameter, which can be a threat, but hardly an asteroid hits the Earth so massively once in 2000 years or more. There is a possibility that the dinosaurs could have wiped away due to a colossal asteroid. The thing to consider is that comet, meteoroid, meteor, and meteorite aren’t the same. Hence, you might know a meteor is also a shooting star, which is said to fulfill your wishes when you see it up in the sky.

Meteorites in the space.

These NEOs or near-Earth objects can be a significant threat, although many small objects hit the Earth daily. According to an estimate, almost 17 meteors every day, and this can increase in the future exponentially. If you saw the movie, Ice Age: Collision Course, the film has a scene where an asteroid hit Earth. There are almost more than 600 thousand asteroids present in the space. The first asteroid, as described, did an explosion occurs at an altitude of around 5-10 kilometers, which resulted in wiping out 80 million trees and a glow spread about far from 700 kilometers. The sound could be audible from a thousand kilometers from the origin.

The most massive asteroid has a diameter of 900-1000 kilometers, with a mass equivalent to 32 percent of the entire belt between Mars and Jupiter. One of the documentaries by W.D. Hogan can release in the theaters on 8th October 2020. It has explanations about the origin, what risks can get involved, and how can we save against them. Luckily, the first asteroid fell in a barren land. If it were a living habitat, a lot of people would lose their life; they’ll have almost no time to escape. Prepare well in time, and sometimes the rumors may also turn true.

An illustration of possible destruction of dinosaur species by an asteroid.

“Manual Landing Mission on Moon and Factors Affecting Their Sudden Drop”

Humans have been challenging their boundaries and bringing every aspect of their dreams to be a realty. With the development in science and technology, men has been able to bring all sorts of comforts, facilities and knowledge to their lives. World war 2 led an important role in development of aerospace and related field. More aircrafts be it passenger or fighter were manufactured and this leads to a whole new phase of possibilities for humans. So humans were able to launch their first satellite in space, followed by the first person in space and then soon after a few years we were even able to land on the moon. Space became a fight between the top countries like the USA and Soviet Union. But initially Soviet Union were way long heading in this fight till the USA didn’t land their mission or manned mission on the moon. 

But the main thing to notice is that humans last landed on the moon in early 70’s.One after another space mission, Helped humans to discover a lot more about space, and each time they land, created history. But what led to the stopping of these missions suddenly. Why did the US stop their successful series of aircraft in outer space? Initially these were very successful missions to space until Apollo-13 which got to space and orbited the moon, but couldn’t land due to lack of oxygen . It was a tough journey back to planet safe, but it really helped NASA especially to look after loophole and prepare best for the next mission. After that, successful 4 missions held. But soon it stopped. The study shows the effect of “Budget for these space agencies as by the government”. In late 50’s as soon as Soviet Union started their missions to space, it put pressure on USA. Soon after they sent their first Cosmonaut to space and ended more pressure on the USA. The US seemed to lose this race to space. So they invested most of their money in developing space technology, research and new ideas to overcome this defeat. This truly resulted  as an advancement for humans and their reach beyond limits which they thought were impossible not. The moon landing and consecutive space flights lead them way long to head to Soviet Union and any other countries, making it the only country to land on the moon. 

But significantly the USA has limited its investment in most space projects and this has significantly called off most of their space missions. After 1973 , investment got less and decreased with time and is still very less as compared to what it used to be. The  reason for this is that they seem themselves as superpowers and no other country has achieved such accomplishment in space. So space travel and especially landing on the moon decreased . 

NASA is planning their next space manned program to land on the moon by 2024 and this might be a beginning of another phase of moon landing with back to back space flights and landing missions on moons. The dream to have a human base may get another lifeline to be fulfilled soon  and we may see other better possibilities, research and hidden secrets on the moon which could help us to better understand it, and we can make a permanent human base on our natural satellites.

On the dark side of the Moon

Were we ever lost in the moon while looking up high in the skies? You might remember, maybe you’ve dreamt about touching the moon or maybe walking towards it with a ladder. They might sound silly, but these facts used to fantasize us when we were young and heard such stories from our parents and grandparents too. We see the moon is round, and then it changes shape to crescent and diminishes one day. Do you know there are eight phases of the moon? They are :

  • new moon
  • waxing crescent
  • first quarter
  • waxing gibbous
  • full moon
  • waning gibbous
  • third quarter
  • waning crescent.
The phases of the moon in a single frame.

We know only one moon, but there are 219 in total in our solar system. Our planet earth has one, Mercury and Venus even have a single one, don’t they feel lonely, you can comment down. You may know the Venus does appear in the sky, so does the Mercury, try finding them next time. The other moons with the distribution as Phobos and Deimos of the Mars planet, 14 moons of the Neptune, 27 satellites of the Uranus, 79 moons of the Jupiter planet. The most leading number of moons is bound to Saturn, with 82 moons discovered till now. Moon, also a natural satellite, still can face a lunar eclipse.

We, humans, have put the first foot on the moon in the year 1969. Well, the moon is lighter being almost one-fourth than Earth and by 80 times with its diameter of 3476 kilometres. Can we see the entire moon surface, even during a supermoon? It does come a little bit close, but there is the other unknown side to discover. Recently, findings say that there are a minute number of radioactive elements on the near sides. There is around 31 percent dark region present on the near side. Let us know more about these sides. Mare, the dark zone, is usually at a lower elevation and typically flat. You may also notice the dark spot; those spots known as craters traditionally formed by the impact of a meteor attack. NASA also bought some rocks collected during Apollo missions.

An astronaut on the moon surface.

The worst thing among this situation was that the US, in the earlier 1950s, planned to destroy the moon using bombs. As in a book by John Greenwald, Jr, with the title called “Secrets from the Black Vault,” where it gets mentioned. It was due to the Soviet Union accomplished several missions and feared that they might dominate it. But luckily, the US reached the moon first, and such plans vanished out somewhere, and hopefully, someone didn’t talk about the topic.

Coming back, KREEP, a new rock found, is named before the initials of potassium (K), rare-earth elements, and phosphorous on the moon’s surface. The near side has regions with items like Uranium, Thorium which is rarely present on the other sides of the moon. These will help to know about the formation, and it’s earlier existence.

Well, even the moon, as we see, is not round in nature, but it’s an oblate spheroid. There are more things to discover, let’s us keep for the next time.

“Proxima B – Any Possibilities for Human Base?”

Humans have been in the search of life which may be residing in outer space except our solar system. They have been able to distinguish these planets from those which might be able to support life on them. Space technology and development in it has helped humans to go beyond the boundaries humans ever imagined. The next big thing which could really bring a greater change would be inter planetary movements between our planet and other planets where we can live. Scientists have been in the search of various of these planets and have been successful in finding out those, but the real problem which is an area of concern is their distance from earth, which makes it much of a difficult task to reach. But in between all these, scientists have found a planet named Proxima B  in the Proxima Centauri. This century is near to the well know Alpha centauri. The planet is about 4.24 light years away which makes it one of the closest planets for us to reach other than our solar system which has a tendency to support life. 

But the main question which do arises is that “Can we send humans to the planet, knowing the fact that it is at a distance of some light years, along with some important necessary factors like availability of Oxygen in abundance which will support life for so many years and also fuel to provide us the required thrust and power to keep it motion.”

Scientists believe that Proxima has capabilities to support life as it is at an adequate distance from its nearest star and thus lies in the Goldilock zone. They also believe it has a perfect chance to support life and also have possibilities if the atmosphere over there. So scientist do think that we can support life over there. But how to reach out there? Scientists are planning to send a lightweight satellite first with a phenomenon called Breakthrough Starshot, which would be lazer thrust given from the surface of earth and is expected to be travelling 1/20 the speed of light, thus reaching Proxima B within 15-20 years. 

But how can we send humans to such a planet, about which we know very little and only have possibilities about it. This could be sending various satellites and rovers to and planned unmanned flights which would land on the surface and get us closer to the surface. But the process would take years and may be centuries to follow up. Also the starshot technique does lack in its ability to stop, this wouldn’t allow it to get a closer look, rather would just pass away from the planet. And rest techniques would take thousands of years to reach this planet. 

So what could be the possible way out to solve this problem? Scientists believe that we can conduct space travel which would allow some of the chosen astronauts to remain in space for their lifetime and even die there. There further generations and generations would help us reach the planet. Also the oxygen and food will be made in space only. This could really transform the human genes and their way of living. But it’all theoreticals. 

We still lack major technologies and assurity of various space phenomena, which do lack our possibilities to conduct various space experiments. There can be many developments and alternatives for space travel, maybe in the future, but with current technology, it’s possible to reach other planets as light years, but would take our generations to follow up this mission. 

But the curiosity and different experiments may also lead us to find out new planets with the ability to support life, closure to our plants and thus make this dream of travelling in space to other planets than our solar system possible. But the recent advancement and projects which are working on includes the colonization of Mars. This would help us figure out their desired techniques, technologies and thus prepare us with better understanding of living standards to be followed on other planets than earth. Humans have the power to achieve zenith with their new ideas and will power, but nature being the divine power has many hidden secrets which are still hidden. Same is the case with the space. So we need to take care of the balance and steps for advancing but without any stakes to humanity . 

“Proxima B – Planet supporting life?”

Humans have been developing technologies and doing research in the field of space since the last 5-6 decades. We have been successful in launching various space missions which include launching satellites, landing on moon in late 60’s, satellite and rover to Mars and many others. With  the help of these missions and discoveries made by them, we are able to understand space and various other phenomena in it with a close view. The Hubble telescope, launched in 1990 has helped us to view space very closely and helped us to know about the existence of other planets at distance as well as centauries. Since these observations do facinate humans and the desire to explore it more, we are developing new technologies which would help us to reach out to these planets. The closest planet which we are in the run to land on is Mars. As per the plans of Spacex, they are planning a manual spaceflight to Mars by 2024

But there have been other observations also, and we have achieved results which do show the presence of planets like earth. We are still finding the question of existence of life on other planet and thus brings up the curiosity of humans to find them and reach them out. We have been able to find out many planets which have possibilities of life on them, but we do not have the desired technology to reach these due to the distance barrier as they are situated at various light years. But still there does exist a chance to reach one of them named “Proxima-B”.

  1.  This planet is supposed to be the same size as Earth and lie at a distance of 4.24 light years . It was found in the nearest Alpha centauri
  2. Proxima B revolves around a star named Proxima Centauri and is supposed to be at a distance suitable for supporting life on it. It lies at a distance of 75 lakhs kilometre and has an expected time to complete its orbit around it’s stars is 11.2 Earth days. But Due to the smaller size of its star, Proxima B lies in the habitable zone as per the experts.
  3.  It is supposed to have water reserves if it has an atmosphere around it. As per the computer model and analysis, it does give the possibility of atmosphere and water. 
  4. Some scientists also believe that as this lies close to its star, it could be tidally locked, like the moon. This means that one side if this planet remain s towards the star and the other remains in dark . This suggests the possibility of keeping the area hot which faces the star, while others remain cold. This suggests the life to be supported at the border area. But it’s just a belief and scientists do have a conflicting thought on this. 

But the main question which comes to mind is “Can we reach there with the same technology we use for other planets and how long will it take”. It’s believed that with the current technology it would take thousands of years to reach Proxima -B thus making it a difficult task with the current technology. But scientists are working on unmanned vehicles which can be light weight and thus able to reach it. Breakthrough starshot technique is being tested for the same and it’s believed we can reach Proxima -B through this. It is believed it would just take 15-20 year to reach this planet as they would be travelling at very high speed. These would be working on lightsail instead of rockets to work and go beyond the distance. Once they are made, they would be left in the earth orbit and laser light would be travelling to them which would power them and would thus move towards the destination. At an expected speed of 1/20th speed of light

It seems that some of these technologies and work experiment could help us reach out to the nearest of planets which could support life but there are some of problems with these, which are:

  1. These would be really expensive experiments. 
  2. We still do not know how to stop these vehicles once they reach out there. Which surely means we would have less time analyze the planet and soon it will pass it 
  3. Surety of life isn’t confirmed. 

“So these experiments bring out the hope of life and our possibilities to reach them out. Scientists and their teams are working on research work and ideas which could make this dream a reality and could help us to reach out other life forms of dynasties if possible and thus opening new life possibilities , adventures, risk but with learning being the better probability”. 

“Time Crystals – New Form Of Matter”

Space theories and phenomena have challenged human’s understanding about it every time with new observations and experiments. We have been trying to understand different kinds of constituents present around us irrespective of their presence on our surface or outside our planet. New findings with the increasing research and ideas have led to solving a number of theories which earlier were just meant to be theoretical until practically proved. Just long as our knowledge about space is increasing through our frequent visits to space, it is increasing our complexities with new discoveries . One of these experiments which was earlier believed to be just a theory with little physical significance was the discovery of “Time Crystals”. The idea of the time crystal came a few years ago in 2012 came by the scientists, discovering a new state of matter which truly exists. The interesting fact about these particles is their properties which differentiated in their atomic structure repeats themselves in space and time. 

But the initial question is “What are these time crystals?” To understand this we would start by understanding actually these crystals are. Crystals are solid particles having constituents like atoms, molecules and other charged molecules are present in well defined order, which thus forms chain and forms the base for the next later. The layering up of these small molecules continues and thus follow up a specified pattern which reflects back the light and we do see it. These patterns of molecules follow a specified pattern in space and do not get affected by time. This means that if we see a normal crystal particle, it would remain the same as it is for years, until we or any other forces destroy it. Time crystals have some different properties. This means that the particles do follow the same pattern in space but also follow up with time and that these particles do not have fixed shape and size. These are most commonly known as now equilibrium matter because of their inability to come to rest once they come in motion. 

The basic difference between a normal crystal or any other matter particle and time crystal can be understood with an example. Consider crystal particles to be big enough to see, so if we apply force on one particle of the crystals, it would get transferred to the next particle and so on in the pattern they are arranged, until it get finally absorbed, since energy is lost in this process in transferring from one molecule or particle to other. But time crystal or non equilibrium matter are attached in repeated pattern. These present quantum entangled patterns, and as soon as energy reaches the entangled atom,, the next pair gets information before it’s gonna be transferred to , which means it starts moving before the energy reaches it, thus leading to cause motion in all the atoms or particles. This could be considered as an infinite motion or movement since no energy is getting lost.l and are not able to achieve equilibrium. It could be related to a perpetual motion machine which could work without an energy source forever, but which is impossible. So there were various doubts in this theory and thus it was just considered to be theoretically only. 

“But it has been found that time crystals do exist through different experiments done by scientists. And could be beneficial for future use.Right and better use of time crystals haven’t been found yet, but it’s sure that these particles are surely changing our research and opening new phases to space research and understanding about universe”.