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“Moon Base – Possibilities And Associated Difficulties”

Humans have been interested in space and it’s associated phenomenon since ages. Which has really fascinated humans to go much deeper into space studies and know space better and solve the mysteries residing out there. This journey as we all know started as a fight between the two countries at the time of the late 50’s which were Soviet Union and The United States of America. But as soon as they came to know that it’s much bigger than just a competition, it became a field of much more investment of both money as well as research and new ideas. The first manual landing on the earth’s natural satellite changed the dimensions for humans as we could imagine humans travelling outside the planet and thus have a close look to space and its constituents. Considering all this, humans were planning to set up a proper human base, so as to develop knowledge about the age-old regolith present there as well as find better resources for human travel. 

This all sounds interesting and fascinating, but how easy it is to set up a proper base with humans working all around Or people visiting as travelers on it and many more scenarios. 


  • The first problem which is a major one is to shift such heavy material or construction material through spaceships to the moon, which will cost billions and trillions of dollars, and the cost of building would be different too.
  •  Also it’s not sure that these constructed bodies would be able to stand still and strong at the surface of the moon or not get affected due to gravity and other factors such as meteors colliding.
  • We know that the moon doesn’t have a proper environment or shield which would break the coming meteors on it, thus these meteors impact the moon and form crater or big holes on the moon. This is very risky for us as well as our human base as our efforts would get dissolved and a big loss for us if our base gets destroyed and humans get hurt.
  • Also we would be requiring much water, food resources for people working over there.
  • One of the other major areas of concern is the radiation from the sun, which comes directly and this could be very dangerous for people working over there.


But most of the solutions were found for building bases, as in 2014 , a company named Made In Space brought the concept of 3-d printing parts in space. They tested making things with some plastic and regolith (moon soil), and made things out of them. These were really strong enough of handle heavily stresses. Also it was mostly automatic with little interference of humans. Thus this technology can effectively be considered for building out things in space. Also scientists believe that, there are tubes under the surface of moons, which would not only save us from the meteors, but provide effective temperatures to work in, save humans from radiations and also save much of our resources building human base, as we could consider them for the same. But the only reason to worry is that we do not know that, either these tubes are active or not. Since these tubes as we know carry magma in them from the moon core, so if some of them still act to be active then that would prove to be a problem for humans. 

Scientists and researchers are working in the field of developing new technologies and systems which could surely turn out to be a key changer in the lifestyle of humans. Would help us to reach the farther of the planet and also make it feasible to even live on them. “But it’s not a task of years, it’s a task of decades and centuries, so our initial steps towards developing better can turn out to be a stepping stone for our future generation to see and live what we just dream of”. 

“Moon Landing And It’s Associated Key Discoveries”

 Humans have been bringing advancement and progress in their way of living their lives with the help of science and Technology. Working in the phase turning ideas and dreams into reality have brought the confidence within them, enabling them to tackle difficult barriers and errors easily. These technologies and gadgets we use have helped the life of humans more comfortable and provided the ease of doing work. These have been in action and got pace after the industrial revolution and since then no turning back. With the help of these humans have made machines, automotives, rockets,buildings and many more to solve the curiosity running all through their mind. The biggest curiosity which has fascinated humans and still does is space. Space has always been u known to us and we get attracted to this fact

The race to space which did start with the fight to win it between the top countries of Soviet Union and the US did result in possibilities of understanding space as soon as humans landed on the moon. The fight turned into a pace of learning and solving many curiosities related to it. The theory of formation of space is well known and we do call it the Big Bang Theory but the theory of formation of the moon was still hidden. There were many theories which suggested that it may have come floating in space from other place. The other suggested that the moon was a part of earth interior and earth spin at high speed which did throw it away in space and various other theories. Scientists wanted a theory or reality which they can believe upon. The Apollo mission helped in it. The first landing on moon, and astronauts walk created history. But as soon as they were returning back, they collected the sample of the surface of the moon, which changed everything. The sample was collected by Neil Armstrong as they saw they had some space in their shuttle to keep it. When they came back, the regolith was sent for analysis to understand what the moon surface is made off and what are the elements which may be present out there. Surprisingly they saw some white rock like particles which looked and scientists supposed it to be Anorthosite. It was something strange but also a great deal at that time as it could help us solve the theory of formation of the moon

Regolith is the moon soil which Neil Armstrong brought back on our earth. The curiosity of scientists increased as it was so fine that they were amazed to see such small particles of it. We know that the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere like earth, thus it doesn’t break any asteroid or meteoroid coming in it. This has happened for billion of years and thus created the sandy stuff on its  upper layer. So while examining it, they found many white particles which looked like Anorthosite. The fact about anorthosite is that it’s an igneous rock which means it’s a magmatic rock formed through cooling and solidification of magma. Anorthosite is lighter and less denser than various other things in magma. This suggests that the crust or the outer part of the moon is covered with anorthosite, which suggests that the moon was covered with magma all over. 

So the big question which arose was how could the moon have magma inside it? Later scientists brought a Giant impact hypothesis, which is widely accepted around the globe. According to these hypotheses, earth got smashed by a big size object or may be plants, which initiated or threw the melted clouds of this magma and particles outside which formed debris like that of Saturn rings, which got collected and that formed into our moon. This might have happened billions of years ago when our earth was newly born and was hot. These rocks are guessed to be the oldest rocks since the times of formation of our earth and later moon. 

Landing on the moon brought humans close to the less known facts of the moon and also its creation. It not only helps us to know the presence of other essential components and rocks such as oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron and many more. These space expeditions have helped humans to solve few of space mysteries and many more are in the run to be solved with frequent trips to space, various research and developments in this field and new ideas to reach more of other planets and get deep into secrets of space, increase more of our fascination towards various space phenomenon and thus open another phase of possibilities and opportunities for humans . 

“Manual Landing Mission on Moon and Factors Affecting Their Sudden Drop”

Humans have been challenging their boundaries and bringing every aspect of their dreams to be a realty. With the development in science and technology, men has been able to bring all sorts of comforts, facilities and knowledge to their lives. World war 2 led an important role in development of aerospace and related field. More aircrafts be it passenger or fighter were manufactured and this leads to a whole new phase of possibilities for humans. So humans were able to launch their first satellite in space, followed by the first person in space and then soon after a few years we were even able to land on the moon. Space became a fight between the top countries like the USA and Soviet Union. But initially Soviet Union were way long heading in this fight till the USA didn’t land their mission or manned mission on the moon. 

But the main thing to notice is that humans last landed on the moon in early 70’s.One after another space mission, Helped humans to discover a lot more about space, and each time they land, created history. But what led to the stopping of these missions suddenly. Why did the US stop their successful series of aircraft in outer space? Initially these were very successful missions to space until Apollo-13 which got to space and orbited the moon, but couldn’t land due to lack of oxygen . It was a tough journey back to planet safe, but it really helped NASA especially to look after loophole and prepare best for the next mission. After that, successful 4 missions held. But soon it stopped. The study shows the effect of “Budget for these space agencies as by the government”. In late 50’s as soon as Soviet Union started their missions to space, it put pressure on USA. Soon after they sent their first Cosmonaut to space and ended more pressure on the USA. The US seemed to lose this race to space. So they invested most of their money in developing space technology, research and new ideas to overcome this defeat. This truly resulted  as an advancement for humans and their reach beyond limits which they thought were impossible not. The moon landing and consecutive space flights lead them way long to head to Soviet Union and any other countries, making it the only country to land on the moon. 

But significantly the USA has limited its investment in most space projects and this has significantly called off most of their space missions. After 1973 , investment got less and decreased with time and is still very less as compared to what it used to be. The  reason for this is that they seem themselves as superpowers and no other country has achieved such accomplishment in space. So space travel and especially landing on the moon decreased . 

NASA is planning their next space manned program to land on the moon by 2024 and this might be a beginning of another phase of moon landing with back to back space flights and landing missions on moons. The dream to have a human base may get another lifeline to be fulfilled soon  and we may see other better possibilities, research and hidden secrets on the moon which could help us to better understand it, and we can make a permanent human base on our natural satellites.

“Unusual Marks On Moon Soil – If not humans ,then ?”

Space missions and experiments have become a field of research as we acknowledge new discoveries with every trip to space . Human advancement in space and related technology in the late 50’s led to sending satellites in space and later in the late 60’s landing on the Moon opened new phases for human understanding of space. Since then humans have achieved new advancement in the technologies and the machine which has opened many of these new operations. Landing on the moon was a great step for humans to understand their ability to travel to different planets too. Spacex is coming up with their idea of sending manned spacecraft to Mars in the early 20’s . It Is expected to carry astronauts by 2024 and are planning a full setup forming base for humans. 

But as we know the last mission which landed on the moon was dated Dec 17 1972 . Various other astronauts have made a moon walk and left their remains as footprints still present on the surface of the moon. Eugene Cernan and Harrison Smitt hold the record to be the last men walking on the moon. This mission accomplished the longest moonwalk and collected more than 500 samples of this lunar soil. They covered a distance of 20 miles with the help of a lunar rover, collecting samples and understanding terrain, while driving around. The remains or the marks of their journey till remains as we see through satellite. Due to absence of winds , there is no phenomenon which could move or distort those marks. NASA high resonance cameras recorded those prints present there after more than 3 and a half decades since the last landing on the moon. In 2009 . 

But some other picture depicting the marks of footprints shocked the scientists as soon as they saw them. These were more than the size of a normal human being and were following a trail depicting a proper moment over the surface. It is just like we leave a trail on the deserts , but due to wind it gets hidden or distorted. But on the moon the scenario is different but the marks remain forever as there is no wind to distort them. It was interesting to notice these movements or marks since they were present about “30 miles from the landing site, while humans have never travelled on the surface of moon for more than 20 miles.” 

But since we do question the existence of life in space , scientists were interested to know what could be the reasons for those if not humans or Aliens. So they came up with the thoughts like :

  1. They could be due to meteors which do hit and Impact the surface of the moon. But still doubted as the occurrence is in a straight line . While meteors and asteroids do hit and make craters which we see, but not a line. 
  2. Other scientists came up with a belief that these could be a tube of lava. We know that there are a number of volcanoes on the surface of moons. Scientists believe that there is still lava present inside the surface and is still running  causing lava tubes to form . We could come up with this observation as is the case on earth and there are various tubes through which lava still flows. 
  3. These tubes are supposed to be as long as several kilometers under the surface of the moon. 

There could be many other beliefs of scientists, but the belief in tubes, if it is there, can be beneficial for humans to set up their base on the moon. It is believed to be strong, tough and resistant from external damage. This could be safe from the radiations and also provide suitable temperatures for humans. Along with those would also save from meteors which do fall frequently on the surface. But it could be an issue of concentration, since we know that lava still flows underground through this tube and we are not sure that these caves are dead or not, so it could be an area of concern if we do reach the moon and set up base in them. 

“The unusual activities or observations do bring out the fascination of humans to know about thee. The major field humans are working on is to find life in space, and observations like these do keep those expectations alive.But if not, we do find out something new every time which could help us in near future, in understanding space. And thus making our future travel and trips more secure . “