“Moon Base – Possibilities And Associated Difficulties”

Humans have been interested in space and it’s associated phenomenon since ages. Which has really fascinated humans to go much deeper into space studies and know space better and solve the mysteries residing out there. This journey as we all know started as a fight between the two countries at the time of the late 50’s which were Soviet Union and The United States of America. But as soon as they came to know that it’s much bigger than just a competition, it became a field of much more investment of both money as well as research and new ideas. The first manual landing on the earth’s natural satellite changed the dimensions for humans as we could imagine humans travelling outside the planet and thus have a close look to space and its constituents. Considering all this, humans were planning to set up a proper human base, so as to develop knowledge about the age-old regolith present there as well as find better resources for human travel. 

This all sounds interesting and fascinating, but how easy it is to set up a proper base with humans working all around Or people visiting as travelers on it and many more scenarios. 


  • The first problem which is a major one is to shift such heavy material or construction material through spaceships to the moon, which will cost billions and trillions of dollars, and the cost of building would be different too.
  •  Also it’s not sure that these constructed bodies would be able to stand still and strong at the surface of the moon or not get affected due to gravity and other factors such as meteors colliding.
  • We know that the moon doesn’t have a proper environment or shield which would break the coming meteors on it, thus these meteors impact the moon and form crater or big holes on the moon. This is very risky for us as well as our human base as our efforts would get dissolved and a big loss for us if our base gets destroyed and humans get hurt.
  • Also we would be requiring much water, food resources for people working over there.
  • One of the other major areas of concern is the radiation from the sun, which comes directly and this could be very dangerous for people working over there.


But most of the solutions were found for building bases, as in 2014 , a company named Made In Space brought the concept of 3-d printing parts in space. They tested making things with some plastic and regolith (moon soil), and made things out of them. These were really strong enough of handle heavily stresses. Also it was mostly automatic with little interference of humans. Thus this technology can effectively be considered for building out things in space. Also scientists believe that, there are tubes under the surface of moons, which would not only save us from the meteors, but provide effective temperatures to work in, save humans from radiations and also save much of our resources building human base, as we could consider them for the same. But the only reason to worry is that we do not know that, either these tubes are active or not. Since these tubes as we know carry magma in them from the moon core, so if some of them still act to be active then that would prove to be a problem for humans. 

Scientists and researchers are working in the field of developing new technologies and systems which could surely turn out to be a key changer in the lifestyle of humans. Would help us to reach the farther of the planet and also make it feasible to even live on them. “But it’s not a task of years, it’s a task of decades and centuries, so our initial steps towards developing better can turn out to be a stepping stone for our future generation to see and live what we just dream of”.