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One-person on the frontline may have different names. When the entire universe bows down and love that person from the bottom of the heart, even if someone criticizes or tries to create rumors, still the word “mother” won’t fade away. The only person who loves without expecting anything in return, there’s nothing; comparatively, it’s priceless and cannot be quantified. She is the person who survives the aftermath of sequences of struggles in her entire life, beginning from discarded as a female child from birth itself.

A newborn in the caring hands of a mother.

Let us talk about the reality of a patriarchal society. Where the voices get suppressed, but now it’s reflected in the reports. According to the World Population 2020 Report released by UNPFA (United Nations Population Fund) conveys that in India, almost one-third of the total missing females in the world accounts for an estimated figure of 45.8 million people. The children below the age of 5 years, where one out of nine females foresees death due to early gender detection.

A girl child with this mother in a rural village in India.

This pandemic may heal nature, but not the people surviving in the nation, an increase in violence and discrimination is likely to be seen as a consequence of no income source. The practice of child marriage may have vanished, but there are still traces of such incidents where they tried to flout the laws. The technology may have been a boon, but when undauntedly used by the culprits to gender bias by ultrasound, it has crashed their compassion and dreams before it ignites.

A proud mother with her three daughters.

The developing countries are already trying to fight problems like reducing poverty, boosting literacy rate, abandoning illegal trade. Additionally, other matter of concern arises like child trafficking and drug abuse are acting as barriers to the roadmap to success. An abundant investment in terms of money as well as time from renowned leaders, influencers can save the lives of the hapless fate of being such a victim of unfortunate events.

One inspirational story I can share is about a small family where a baby girl enters their life. This incident may sound as a non-fictitious story, but in Mumbai, India, where after three years of marriage, god showers happiness as a unique member enters their life. A 32-year old father was happy to see his baby after ten days free of the contamination. The mother was a patient in the COVID ward in Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital. They are safe now and returned thanking the efforts taken by the hospital. These doctors and parents who abide by the guidelines do deserve appreciation rather than criticizing uselessly on the health system. The slow curve can take steady growth any day when we won’t be able to see each other, and the day isn’t too far.

Two mothers in a single frame. Such a beauty.

Even a mother can fall into depression; after all, she is a person like all of us. On a positive note, motherhood is seen over drugs while parenting their children. After testing it on rats, contributes the information in the research related to the infralimbic cortex, which is responsible for emotions, preferred the acceptance towards maternal behavior over other addictions. This action shows immense love for their offspring. We as a part of the nourishing society, we can pledge that we will never let their name die, and forever keeping her head upraised in pride.


Goa: The smallest state with magnificent surprises

Did you ever plan out for a vacation? If you’re in India, the first thought in your mind appears with yourself enjoying the beaches of Goa. But now, the lockdown restrictions are removed as of 2nd July 2020. If you can’t visit, don’t worry, being a Goan, I’ll take you on a virtual tour to the paradises in the state of Goa. Are you ready for the journey? Let’s go.

The foothills of Western Ghats in Goa

Imagine you are on the Hop On Hop Off Bus, a tourist double-decker bus initiative taken up by the Tourism Department of the state. I tell you the story about what is so unique here. Situated on the South-West of India with a beautiful coastline and people around 1.8 million are present in the area of 3702 Being the smallest state of India, don’t go by numbers, it has surprises for you to fascinate with the flora, fauna and its natural biodiversity. Well, with two districts, Panaji is the capital where you will find the paintings of Mario Miranda on the walls of the Municipal Market.

A panoramic view of a beach in Goa

Okay, moving on further, don’t consider language as a barrier to communicate because English is also well-spoken with the national language Hindi. Still, the local languages most widely spoken are Konkani and Marathi. You may also find Portuguese influence in the monuments as well as in the cuisine. I’m sure you’ll be tasting out the mouth-watering food virtually too. The first thing in my mind is rice with fish curry made with love out of the Goan fishes freshly cooked, which are caught during the dawn.

Harvalem Waterfall, Sanquelim, Goa. Also, there are many natural springs present in the state.

Along with this, the famous Ross Omelet, which you will find at every street outlet and restaurant which is somewhat similar to Xacuti, but it’s a pork dish. Still, here it’s usually replaced with chicken or other vegetarian alternatives with local bread known as Pao. Other famous dishes here in Goa are Sorpotel, Vindaloo, along with some Feni, made from cashews or coconut, which may make you feel dizzy. After all, everyone usually comes here to enjoy the alcoholic drinks, but may put you in trouble if you drink them on the beaches. No problem if you’re a teetotaler; there are other alternatives.

The cruise boats with the construction of Atal Setu bridge in the background

We’re also flourished with one of the famous world heritage sites declared by UNESCO, Basilica of Bom Jesus. Also, there are other famous places like Fort Aguada, Se Catherdral, and even ancient temples like Sri Mahadeva Temple in Tambdi Surla and other religions like Jain do have their establishments. Nonetheless, to mention, the beaches of Calangute, Baga, Anjuna are some of them. Also, you can go trekking at Dudhsagar Falls. The nightlife, casinos, and cruises are to be enjoyed if you fall into that category. The lavished exotic hotels are ready to welcome you always; even the people of Goa are amicable.

A glimpse of Church of St. Cajetan, Goa Velha

Let me give you an example, Dr. Edwin Gomes, the head of the medicine department of the famous Goa Medical College (GMC). He has done an incredible job recently by showing his gratitude by hugging more than 190 patients in the hospital after they were treated and found negative for COVID-19. The tour has come to an end, and I hope you visit the state and enjoy the moments.

Shoot High-Quality Videos with more efficiency

Have you ever run out of space that captures some of your cherished moments? Isn’t it annoying? No more hassles, after long research, now you’ll be able to record high-quality 8K videos and 360 degrees videos too. It’s estimated that 90 minutes equivalent to your favorite football match in 4K quality video takes up around ten gigs of space, but with the new technology, you can half it down to 5 gigs only.

A boy watching his photos and videos captured on a camera.

Suppose you know that Netflix and YouTube have restrictions over streaming videos, not more than 480p resolution. It has been more than three months now in India; still, the capping exists, although some internet providers did remove it slowly. The social isolation has made people binge more than regular days, seeing an increase of 20 to 30 percent in subscription and user base. More people are now connected, increasing the bandwidth. Hence you may observe slow speeds in this period. Netflix is switching to AV1 codec to save data while watching the show when it delivers its content over the internet. This new research may be able to save more data.

A man binges for on-demand streaming shows.

Initially, the digital video started with H.120 encoding but wasn’t practical until H.261 came up based on the DCT (discrete cosine transform) compression. In 1991, MPEG-1 revolutionized the video sector with higher resolutions, which reached us in the form of VCDs and DVDs. In the late 90s and onset of the 21st century, we saw the currently used MPEG-4 or the most widely used H.264 video encoding. You may know this if you’re familiar with video editing.

After the H.265/HEVC encoding, now steps in H.266/MPEG-I Part 3/VVC (Versatile Video Codec) presented by Fraunhofer HHI with other partners including the significant-tech leading brands like Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Sony, and Intel, with vivid HDR and better support for 360 degrees video. As earlier mentioned, AV1 codec, 30 percent better than H.265, which is adopted by Netflix, is royalty-free. Now, to support H.266 major hardware updates may be required to handle such heavy compressions and will take time for its actual implementation. Like for example, when H.265 was finalized at the beginning of 2013, Apple lately adopted it in the year 2017 as a part of the iOS 11 mobile operating system.

The VVC logo

The 500 pages specification document finalized this month on 6th July 2020, but actual usage in the video industry might take about an estimated 7-8 years. Why do we need such compression? By 2022, more than 80 percent will be part of video streaming, which may increase on more content based on 4K video quality as well as growing numbers of 360 degrees videos. The existing widely used browsers support AV1 codec, but H.266 to properly patent may lately delay web surfing too. Twitch and YouTube may become one of the first firms to implement as they’ve already implanted VP9, again a royalty-free codec by Google itself.

Along with this, MPEG-5 Part 1 or EVC (Essential Video Coding), and MPEG-5 Part 2 or LCEVC (Low Complexity Enhancement VC) is set to launch out. For us, a non-geeky person may visualize it after watching the following graph below.

Average bit rate savings graph. Courtesy: BBC Research

I hope you could know some of the new ways to encode a video. You can read more about it from their official website:

Physics Revisited: A powerful laser in the making

You may have tried to burn the paper by concentrating the light focused at a single point using a magnifying glass. Now technology has advanced up that within a few seconds as the data given to a machine can design and cut your metal piece with the help of a unique device. This device is none other than LASER itself. The laser has many uses in day to day life like bar-code reading, laser cutting, laser welding, and whatnot. Usage also includes surgeries, and even the data to read this post is sent through a fiber optic cable using laser technology.

A laser metal cutting machine on a piece of metal to shape according to a design.

A laser is a device that can focus by emitting a beam of a consistent source of light using the amplification process. Various types of lasers found include gas lasers, fiber lasers, diode laser, and much more. A laser requires three prime factors, generally consisting of a pump or the vital source of energy along with the medium to travel and a resonator using two or more mirrors. We even observe the phenomenon known as the total internal reflection or TIR.

The laser invention won the most prestigious science honor, the Nobel prize in 1964, and again in 2018 for the optical tweezers. These tweezers can be so sturdy that it can make changes in a single atom too. Okay, you may have been a fan of Star Wars movie if you like, they demonstrate the use of lasers, especially the blasters. But, they’re not lasers; indeed, they’re plasma light in the movie.

Fiber optic cables used in networking.

One of the Nobel laureates along with the researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences have built up a new technology to produce even more powerful laser. The power output from the more modern methodology can give up to 10 ^ 23 Watts by decreasing the duration of the pulse just to some femtoseconds. This method can cut down the operating costs; this study has grabbed attention and gained financial support from various institutions in Canada and Russia.

To generate a pulse for a short span, the researchers need a deep dive into the effects of non-linear optics. Still even at the limits of 10 femtoseconds pulse, with the energy of 3 joules, the intensity peaked up to 300 terawatts. Now with a further intention with 13 joules, a target of 3 petawatts is planned within five femtoseconds.

Laser treatment done on a lady as a procedure for a therapy.

The lasers have been so widespread that we see it for hair removal, too, where the hair follicles get treated. The laser is also found in your laptop or your computer if it has an optical disc drive. The data on the disc read by using a laser when it falls on the lands and pits present on the surface to convert them into electrical signal sequences. The laser has been extensively used in the field of defense too. There are handheld laser pointers available, but make sure that it is legal in your country to own one or may land up into jail. Be careful with laser pointers and use them effectively if you own one of them.

Sleep: A Different Journey

Zzz. Feeling sleepy? Every day you sleep during the night or maybe due to some work restrictions or perhaps day-night shift, you may also doze in the morning. Why do we do so? Isn’t it natural? But not everyone does sleep peacefully; some suffer insomnia, take sleeping pills, or maybe stay awake for some urgent work. Everyone does have a problem, and every issue has a solution.

A sleeping baby. You must have slept like this in your childhood. Isn’t this picture so cute?

You may know that bear hibernate around five to seven months, depending on the surrounding conditions. Do they sleep? Sleep and hibernation are different. During the stage in which a bear goes through is usually where it almost halts the body by reducing breathing, the heart rate goes done to conserve energy, and the noticeable difference you saw is that it is for a more extended period. How much should we sleep? According to research, a baby’s optimal sleep time is around 14 to 17 hours, whereas adults must nap for at least 7 to 9 hours for a good day start. A toddler or teenager may sleep an hour or extra for better results in proper body functioning.

The human body needs to relax, repair the damages, and also generate new hormones. The pineal gland of your body is responsible for the generation of the sleep hormone, generally known as melatonin, or called as the sleep hormones. These hormones are also responsible for skin color. Sleeping correctly in the right position is also a point to be considered as other body function takes place such as digestion unless you sleepwalk. This problem usually happens due to sleep deprivation, or else too much stress is taken. Sleeping helps to reduce stress, body pain relieves, and you can get smarter; also, yes, that’s true because the brain is actively working, and even your hearing is functional as you wake up in the morning after you hear the alarm clock if it is set. You may listen to your snore too. Snoring is usually due to several reasons like a blocked nose or due to alcohol consumption, etc.

Is that your friend? We usually mock saying that our friend sleeps like a monkey.

A new app is on the way created by the Finnish students named the app as AppneaTracker. The app is so smart that it uses the sensors present in the device to track your sleeping positions as well as record your voice to trace back how long you took snores. The beta development version of the app is in the Google Play Store to try out. Although, it won’t be accurate compared to actual devices as the sensors are well-calibrated for that specific purpose.

Sleeping has many proven scientific benefits like reduction in depression, and irregular sleep cycles may indirectly affect emotion as well as the state of mind. Hence, it is advisable by our elders when they say to us that a wise man accurately follows a schedule, goes early to sleep for a better day start. Hence, people can improve productivity too. This message is a call to everyone, one minor change, and you can neglect hundreds of problems in your life.

Everyone needs sleep, so do you. Sleep on time and make your body feel better.

Internet & teens: The growing problem

How many hours do you stay connected with your favorite device, maybe the phone or your PC from which you are currently reading this post? A rough average can be not less than three hours up to nine hours or even more than that if you’re a social enthusiast or a gamer, these limits can go beyond that. Don’t you feel something is wrong? Also though time passes by, these little things go unnoticed, and we enjoy our life chatting and sharing photos, videos with them. But not everyone is capable of doing so, or their life is on the verge of destruction due to technology. Cyberbullying and harassing are prevalent, and also this pandemic has made every one of us spend more time on our devices. The transactions we do can be unsafe, and recently we see bans taken up the Government of India to highlight the nation’s potential security threat to steal user’s data and use them for their benefit.

A user accessing images on the tablet.

According to the new research done on around 2800 teens aged 8 to 11 from 17 different high schools in Australia, keeping two points in consideration about the internet and emotions, are they interconnected? Although web access is easily reachable to them, their parents do need to need to monitor their activities. But this isn’t easy for them; also, any wrong intention by an attacker can persuade the mind of the small children quickly through audios and visuals. The effect is minor though keeping them engaged in good education is also a must.

You may remember the case of Cambridge Analytica, where ads were shown to American users from 50 million user datasets of Facebook without any user permission. Eventually, GDPR for EU citizens made their online presence safer, and now users can know what data they are giving to them. You may notice now that most of the websites ask the consent for cookies of the site you are visiting when you go through them.

Some of the regular social messaging apps we use regularly.

A group of students from the University of Indonesia, after three months of effort, finally came up with a device known as Nettox, which can measure the levels of oxygen in your body along with the variation of heart rate factor or the HRV. The device will notify if the levels substantially dropdown beyond the regular rate due to prolonged usage on the devices. They are on the way to patent their creation.

If one is self-reliant, we don’t even require such devices. One should develop good habits, spend quality time with family and relatives or roam inside the room instead of being stuck to the display. The virtual age is growing and spanning everywhere if the uses are proper; it’ll help more in the future. There is so much news around the world, some are positive by using the technology appropriately, or else it can be dangerous too by getting addicted to it. One can inhibit the actual values of self-love and explore the hidden talents within you; you can polish them and outshine for a decisive lead in society.

The world of code can save your life or turn into a holocaust.

Phobos: Reimagining through a new view

3, 2, 1, Liftoff. You may remember the moment when the countdown was going on for the PSLV C25 at 02:36 PM IST to lift from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh on November 5, 2013, carrying the other five payloads containing the colour camera which now captured new images of Phobos moon. Let’s have the insights on the Mangalyaan. Mangalyaan or Mars Craft from its Sanskrit root words, the orbiter weighing 3 thousand lbs (1.35 thousand kgs) was a successful mission lately after being criticized for the initial failure. The budget was merely 73 million dollars or 450 crores Indian rupees equivalent to an Indian cinema movie’s box office collection for Ghajini in 2008 as recorded in 2019.

The planet Mars has two moons, namely Phobos and Deimos. The closest and the biggest among the two moons is Phobos. It was picturised as shown above with the color corrected six frames MCC on July 1, 2020, with 210m spatial resolution. The MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) was 7.2 thousand km away from Mars and 4.2 thousand km from the moon Phobos. It is said that it comprises of carbonaceous chondrite. The giant crater on the surface, namely Stickney, Shklovsky, Roche & Grildrig was noticeable in the picture.

Actual image of the moon Phobos. Courtesy: ISRO

With its fuel efficiency estimated to be only for six months survives till now and achieved success on its first launch itself. On December 1, 2013, it went out of the gravitation field sooner. On September 24, 2014, after a long journey of 300 days makes it enter into the Mars orbit. The subsequent mission by ISRO, MOM 2 or Mangalyaan 2 did fail when the Vikram lander had lost connection after it crashes over the surface. There is no proper evidence of what exactly went wrong in the mission, but it is said that the ALP (Automatic Landing Program) braking thrusters had failed to result in the incidence. There was a big controversy between NASA and ISRO claiming the lander was found, although an Indian scientist spotted it.

Now ISRO with its grand vision is planning for Chandrayaan 3 to send Indian astronauts to space by 2022. This mission is again a cost saver with 35 million dollars for the new equipment and another 51 million dollars for the launcher. India has been already prosperous in launching 104 satellites just in a single mission. Chandrayaan 2 was made only with 141 million dollars budget.

The MOM as described has five instruments onboard:

1) MCC with a 2K×2K area array CMOS sensor for beautiful images of Mars in colourised format.

2) TIS (Thermal Infrared grating spectrometer) houses an infrared detector known as a microbolometer.

3) Methane Sensor for Mars (MSM) by its name is used to measure the presence of methane in the atmosphere, which is a differential radiometer with acute accuracy in parts per billion.

4) Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyzer (MENCA) is a spectrometer to determine the contents in the martian environment

5) Lyman Alpha Photometer (LAP) is a photometer to find abundance in composition to know the actual components on the surface and more.

By these, we can know more about Mars and its moons. Also, you can check out the 3D model of Phobos here:

And also, about NASA’s blog claiming to find clues of the crashed Vikram lander:

The Journey of a Plastic: From Making to Recycling

I originate from deep down from the Earth after millions of years. I’m picked up by the machinery which is collecting my friends and me, and they process us. I go under the distillation process, later separated from some of my colleagues. Then I go through processes like polymerization and polycondensation. Large chains of monomers make us form polymer chains and then distinguished me in two types, thermoplastics which softens on heating, and thermosets stay in the same state. I get melted to form long tubes and cut into small pellets. I get shipped to various places in different industries to make bottles commonly out of me or containers to store essential items. But, I’m sad that I’m leading to global pollution and let us know why.

This story was the plastic on its own. Now let me describe the story of plastics furthermore. These plastics are usually for single-use purposes or discarded in the open without considering the harmful effects of it on nature. About a billion or two make its way daily in the household, packaging sector, etc. Around 8 billion tons of plastic are present since the 1950s, and only 9 percent went through a recycling facility. In some countries like Kenya, the usage of plastic can lead to jail and maybe a hefty 40 thousand dollars fine. Other countries on the same track as France, where the government has been imposing taxes on single-usage plastics. The most polluted oceans, along with beaches filled with nearly 70 percent of plastic waste. Every minute, one million plastic bottles do quench the thirst, but not all the bottles do justice.

Plastic bottles captured in a net

The unfortunate fact is that the plastics every year kill over a million seabirds and animals along with us when we consume them in granular molecules unknowingly. The improper management of these plastic waste makes its way to developing countries when they discard it openly in the streams of rivers polluting the ecosystem and making it less sustainable for the aquatic species to survive. Recent research states these facts that when the final waste marked as recycled is not even destroyed or treated correctly—these results in an increase of ocean debris. Plastic pollution is going to double in the next few decades, as mentioned in a report by WWF, the World Wildlife Fund.

A seabird near an old fishing net.

In this pandemic, have you ever wondered where the masks, the gloves wore by the doctors, and the essential PPE suits end up? Although the hospitals do have an incinerator, a common man litters without any safety precaution, which may affect others if someone comes in contact with the items. However, if it finally makes its way to the water bodies, those can act as the medium to contaminate not only the virus but other diseases too.

What can we do on our end? We can follow the 3R’s or there are more: the commonly known are reduce, reuse, and recycle. By this, if we start sorting the waste and use them effectively, there won’t be a global issue when it can start with you. One step a wise man takes can save others on the way. Be that person and save the planet.

A person is sorting the bottle caps.

Icy planets with rains of diamond

Ever wondered why diamond is so precious? What makes it so unique? Is it a marketing strategy or rarity in nature as around 250 tons of Earth ­­­­­get removed to find a carat of a diamond? We don’t know exactly, but we do know that both diamond and graphite are pure carbon. What exactly makes it distinguishable is the internal molecular structure. A diamond can be so powerful that it cannot cut by any other object; instead, it gets cut by another diamond, which makes it so unique. These diamonds made it reach everywhere, making it globally like a social status to show.

A hypothesis says that the information collected from Voyager 2 depicts the abundance of diamond-like structures on the planets Neptune and Uranus. This phenomenon happens due to extremely high pressure and temperature on these icy planets and maybe found in deep in the core too. More than 40 years after the mission, now finally can demonstrate the same by the researchers under similar conditions and factors in the controlled environment.

Diamonds or crystals?

These diamond formations can be due to methane present, and also, it can be found on other planets too in the form of pure diamond, even in the stars. Why are we restricted then? This problem is because the Milky Way itself has many undiscovered planets, and it is almost 3-4 billion kilometers away from the Earth. Also, Uranus is nearly four times the Earth in size.

Imagine you gather diamonds, but how do you distinguish between a fake one out of a bunch of collected objects? The answer is simple, and there are many methods, one of them is a fog test; blow a few times to the diamond, if it doesn’t remain foggy for long, you can keep it in your collection. The findings mention about high powered optical lasers to heat polystyrene to its maximum. But there is no such item in the actual planets, and it was a substitute to the methane deep down at 8 thousand kilometers or more, by using two shockwaves to generate heat up to 5 thousand Kelvin and pressure close to half of the force present at the core of the Earth at 150 GPa.

The solar system

As diamonds are more massive in density, it isn’t easy to find them, and so now the artificial diamonds are being created by explosives, although lasers can help if there are some new findings. The gemstone made artificially is perfect in shape. Marvin Ross, in 1981 wrote the article describing the possibilities of diamonds on these planets.

To conclude, diamonds can be shiny bright, but the actual component is still black. Carbon itself has so many usages, it is one of the major parts on Earth found abundantly, but a diamond is always rare. Be a diamond, not to discriminate, no matter how dark your future is, you can still outshine and be a model. You won’t need diamond rains when life itself is showering diamonds in your life when you’re successful.

The near-destruction: Asteroids

The destructive object, as you must have seen in different sci-fi movies, it is even forecasted that it might destroy the planet Earth. There were several discussions about the asteroids that are near, and we’ve finished along with this pandemic. Hopefully, there weren’t such incidents. 30th June, the world celebrates this day as World Asteroid Day. Let us know why.

The day after the declaration by UN General Assembly in December 2016, now it will be observed every year as a remembrance to the Tunguska impact in Siberia, presently Russia, in the year 1908. The effect was so powerful by flattening over 2000 area. The trees fell all over the village; it was a spark all of a sudden, and a loud sound filled in the nearby area equivalent to giant bomb detonated, but this is by nature itself.

A visualization of an asteroid approaching the Earth.

Asteroids, sometimes described as minor planets and some are called planetoids when they’re more substantial in size. Ceres, being the first asteroid noticed in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi, was discovered as a planet. Sir William Herschel, an astronomer, coined the term asteroid. Most of them found in the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. Even you might have heard about the Kuiper belt, the home to three dwarf planets, including the Pluto. It is similar to the asteroid belt.

Few asteroids are more than 100 km in diameter, which can be a threat, but hardly an asteroid hits the Earth so massively once in 2000 years or more. There is a possibility that the dinosaurs could have wiped away due to a colossal asteroid. The thing to consider is that comet, meteoroid, meteor, and meteorite aren’t the same. Hence, you might know a meteor is also a shooting star, which is said to fulfill your wishes when you see it up in the sky.

Meteorites in the space.

These NEOs or near-Earth objects can be a significant threat, although many small objects hit the Earth daily. According to an estimate, almost 17 meteors every day, and this can increase in the future exponentially. If you saw the movie, Ice Age: Collision Course, the film has a scene where an asteroid hit Earth. There are almost more than 600 thousand asteroids present in the space. The first asteroid, as described, did an explosion occurs at an altitude of around 5-10 kilometers, which resulted in wiping out 80 million trees and a glow spread about far from 700 kilometers. The sound could be audible from a thousand kilometers from the origin.

The most massive asteroid has a diameter of 900-1000 kilometers, with a mass equivalent to 32 percent of the entire belt between Mars and Jupiter. One of the documentaries by W.D. Hogan can release in the theaters on 8th October 2020. It has explanations about the origin, what risks can get involved, and how can we save against them. Luckily, the first asteroid fell in a barren land. If it were a living habitat, a lot of people would lose their life; they’ll have almost no time to escape. Prepare well in time, and sometimes the rumors may also turn true.

An illustration of possible destruction of dinosaur species by an asteroid.