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To Jyotiba, from Savitribai Phule: These aren’t love letters, but tell you what love is all about,,In memory of this remarkable WOMAN… 🙌

To Jyotiba, from Savitribai Phule: These aren’t love letters, but tell you what love is all about,,In memory of this remarkable woman,

here are letters that Savitribai Phule wrote to her life partner, Jyotiba – her comrade-in-arms in the struggle for the emancipation of India’s disenfranchised people.Below are translations from the original Marathi,The first letter, written in 1856, speaks about the core issue: education and its transformative possibilities in a society where learning had for centuries been the monopoly of the Brahmins, who, in turn, used this exclusive privilege to enclave, demoralise and oppress. Away at her parental home to recuperate from an illness, Savitri describes in the letter a conversation with her brother, who is uncomfortable with the couple’s radicalism.October 1856The Embodiment of Truth, My Lord Jyotiba,Savitri salutes you!After so many vicissitudes, now it seems my health has been fully restored. My brother worked so hard and nursed me so well through my sickness. His service and devotion shows how loving he really is! I will come to Pune as soon as I get perfectly well. Please do not worry about me. I know my absence causes Fatima so much trouble but I am sure she will understand and won’t grumble.As we were talking one day, my brother said, “You and your husband have rightly been excommunicated because both of you serve the untouchables (Mahars and Mangs). The untouchables are fallen people and by helping them you are bringing a bad name to our family. That is why, I tell you to behave according to the customs of our caste and obey the dictates of the Brahmans.” Mother was so disturbed by this brash talk of my brother.Though my brother is a good soul he is extremely narrow-minded and so he did not hesitate to bitterly criticize and reproach us. My mother did not reprimand him but tried instead to bring him to his senses, “God has given you a beautiful tongue but it is no good to misuse it so!” I defended our social work and tried to dispel his misgivings. I told him, “Brother, your mind is narrow, and the Brahmans’ teaching has made it worse. Animals like goats and cows are not untouchable for you, you lovingly touch them. You catch poisonous snakes on the day of the snake-festival and feed them milk. But you consider Mahars and Mangs, who are as human as you and I, untouchables. Can you give me any reason for this? When the Brahmans perform their religious duties in their holy clothes, they consider you also impure and untouchable, they are afraid that your touch will pollute them. They don’t treat you differently than the Mahars.”When my brother heard this, he turned red in the face, but then he asked me, “Why do you teach those Mahars and Mangs? People abuse you because you teach the untouchables. I cannot bear it when people abuse and create trouble for you for doing that. I cannot tolerate such insults.” I told him what the (teaching of) English had been doing for the people. I said, “The lack of learning is nothing but gross bestiality. It is through the acquisition of knowledge that (he) loses his lower status and achieves the higher one. My husband is a god-like man. He is beyond comparison in this world, nobody can equal him. He thinks the Untouchables must learn and attain freedom. He confronts the Brahmans and fights with them to ensure Teaching and Learning for the Untouchables because he believes that they are human beings like other and they should live as dignified humans. For this they must be educated. I also teach them for the same reason. What is wrong with that? Yes, we both teach girls, women, Mangs and Mahars. The Brahmans are upset because they believe this will create problems for them. That is why they oppose us and chant the mantra that it is against our religion. They revile and castigate us and poison the minds of even good people like you.”“You surely remember that the British Government had organised a function to honour my husband for his great work. His felicitation caused these vile people much heartburn. Let me tell you that my husband does not merely invoke God’s name and participate in pilgrimages like you. He is actually doing God’s own work. And I assist him in that. I enjoy doing this work. I get immeasurable joy by doing such service. Moreover, it also shows the heights and horizons to which a human being can reach out.”Mother and brother were listening to me intently. My brother finally came around, repented for what he had said and asked for forgiveness. Mother said, “Savitri, your tongue must be speaking God’s own words. We are blessed by your words of wisdom.” Such appreciation from my mother and brother gladdened my heart. From this you can imagine that there are many idiots here, as in Pune, who poison people’s minds and spread canards against us. But why should we fear them and leave this noble cause that we have undertaken? It would be better to engage with the work instead. We shall overcome and success will be ours in the future. The future belongs to us.What more could I write?With humble regards,Yours,Savitri1868The second letter is about a great social taboo – a love affair between a Brahman boy and an Untouchable girl; the cruel behaviour of the “enraged” villagers and how Savitribai stepped in. This intervention saves the lives of the lovers and she sends them away to the safety and caring support of her husband, Jyotiba. With the malevolent reality of honour killings in the India of today and the hate-driven propaganda around “love jihad”, this letter is ever so relevant today.29 August 1868Naigaon, Peta KhandalaSataraThe Embodiment of Truth, My Lord Jotiba,Savitri salutes you!I received your letter. We are fine here. I will come by the fifth of next month. Do not worry on this count. Meanwhile, a strange thing happened here. The story goes like this. One Ganesh, a Brahman, would go around villages, performing religious rites and telling people their fortunes. This was his bread and butter. Ganesh and a teenage girl named Sharja who is from the Mahar (untouchable) community fell in love. She was six months pregnant when people came to know about this affair. The enraged people caught them, and paraded them through the village, threatening to bump them off.I came to know about their murderous plan. I rushed to the spot and scared them away, pointing out the grave consequences of killing the lovers under the British law. They changed their mind after listening to me.Sadubhau angrily said that the wily Brahman boy and the untouchable girl should leave the village. Both the victims agreed to this. My intervention saved the couple who gratefully fell at my feet and started crying. Somehow I consoled and pacified them. Now I am sending both of them to you. What else to write?YoursSavitri1877The last letter, written in 1877, is a heart-rending account of a famine that devastated western Maharashtra. People and animals were dying. Savitri and other Satyashodhak volunteers were doing their best to help. The letter brings out an intrepid Savitri leading a team of dedicated Satyashodhaks striving to overcome a further exacerbation of the tragedy as moneylenders’ trying to benefit. She meets the local district administration. The letter ends on a poignant note where Savitribai reiterates her total commitment to her humanitarian work pioneered by the Phules.20 April, 1877Otur, JunnerThe Embodiment of Truth, My Lord Jyotiba,Savitri salutes you!The year 1876 has gone, but the famine has not – it stays in most horrendous forms here. The people are dying. The animals are dying, falling on the ground. There is severe scarcity of food. No fodder for animals. The people are forced to leave their villages. Some are selling their children, their young girls, and leaving the villages. Rivers, brooks and tanks have completely dried up – no water to drink. Trees are dying – no leaves on trees. Barren land is cracked everywhere. The sun is scorching – blistering. The people crying for food and water are falling on the ground to die. Some are eating poisonous fruits, and drinking their own urine to quench their thirst. They cry for food and drink, and then they die.Our Satyashodhak volunteers have formed committees to provide food and other life-saving material to the people in need. They have formed relief squads.Brother Kondaj and his wife Umabai are taking good care of me. Otur’s Shastri, Ganapati Sakharan, Dumbare Patil, and others are planning to visit you. It would be better if you come from Satara to Otur and then go to Ahmednagar.You may remember RB Krishnaji Pant and Laxman Shastri. They travelled with me to the affected area and gave some monetary help to the victims.The moneylenders are viciously exploiting the situation. Bad things are taking place as a result of this famine. Riots are breaking out. The Collector heard of this and came to ease the situation. He deployed the white police officers, and tried to bring the situation under control. Fifty Satyasholdhaks were rounded up. The Collector invited me for a talk. I asked the Collector why the good volunteers had been framed with false charges and arrested without any rhyme or reason. I asked him to release them immediately. The Collector was quite decent and unbiased. He shouted at the white soldiers, “Do the Patil farmers rob? Set them free.” The Collector was moved by the people’s plights. He immediately sent four bullock cartloads of (jowar) food.You have started the benevolent and welfare work for the poor and the needy. I also want to carry my share of the responsibility. I assure you I will always help you. I wish the godly work will be helped by more people.I do not want to write more.



Nothing is more precious than “School Days” 🥰

Really. I am missing my school so much so that, tody I Would like to write something about my school. On first day if school., every child feel like we are going in ‘Monstars Mouth’ but after some days the child dosen’t want to back from that mouth. On my first day of school, really I was not cried. My parents droped me and they are expecting that I will cry but they was totally wrong. I was happiely entered in school. After some days, I was become class monitor & upto 10 th std I wouldn’t given my post to anyone. I was favorite student of my every teacher. At the age of 10 I use to deliver speech in front of 1000 people. I won many compilations but thats not matter for me too much. The real happiness is making crimes with your school friends. We did lot of nautankis and caught by our teachers. One day, our teacher was giving lecture of history. We were getting too much boared at that time we used to sit on ground because there was no classrooms for our 7th So, I and my 3 friends sat in our line. After some time suddenly one of my friend startedCrumbling pages of histories books and throw on my friends face. Whenever teacher turns towards blackboard we are throwing all that crumbles hear and there. This all tasks happening for completly one hour and our history books is totally got empty and there was hips of my crumbling infronts of blackboard we were enjoying that movements very much. After sometime these all was going on at the same time our principal mam passing fd corridoor and she noticed all our classroom and called our name sakshi, shruti, namita and rutuja please stand up . We was shoked treambling our hands and we stood up. She told us to go out of the classroom. We crying go out of classroom. That was really very embrassing moment. She told us I took your names into black list. We were shocked & started crying, specially I felt really bad because I was class monitor. After some days, the whole senario was totally different, I was become favorite student of my headmistress. Like this, we did many crimes. Some of them I can’t express. So, I advice those students who are in schools please enjoy each moment of your school days because this days never return back. Today I am leaving with memories that we were created in school days. Really, I am missing that days so much 🥺. #VoDinBhiKyaDinThe😌

An Old Man

An old man lived in the village. He was one of the most unfortunate people in the world. The whole village was tired of him; he was always gloomy, he constantly complained and was always in a bad mood.The longer he lived, the more bile he was becoming and the more poisonous were his words. People avoided him, because his misfortune became contagious. It was even unnatural and insulting to be happy next to him.He created the feeling of unhappiness in others.But one day, when he turned eighty years old, an incredible thing happened. Instantly everyone started hearing the rumour:An Old Man is happy today, he doesn’t complain about anything, smiles, and even his face is freshened up.”The whole village gathered together. The old man was asked:Villager: What happened to you?Nothing special. Eighty years I’ve been chasing happiness, and it was useless. And then I decided to live without happiness and just enjoy life. That’s why I’m happy now.” – An Old Man

Moral of the story: Don’t chase happiness. Enjoy your life.

Who is Happy? 🤔

Must Read,

Who is Happy?

A WONDERFUL STORY.A Crow was absolutely satisfied in life..But one day he saw a swan. This swan is so white and I am so black, crow thought. This swan must be the happiest bird in the world. He expressed his thoughts to the swan. “Actually,” the swan replied, “I was feeling that I was the happiest bird around until I saw a parrot, which has two colors. I now think the parrot is the happiest bird in creation.”.The crow then approached the parrot. The parrot explained, “I lived a very happy life—until I saw a peacock. I have only two colors, but the peacock has multiple colors.”.The crow then visited a peacock in the zoo and saw that hundreds of people had gathered to see him. After the people had left, the crow approached the Peacock. Dear Peacock, You are so beautiful. Every day thousands of people come to see you. When people see me, they immediately shoo me away. I think you are the happiest bird on the planet..The peacock replied, I always thought that I was the most beautiful and happy bird on the planet.But because of my beauty, I am entrapped in this zoo..I have examined the zoo very carefully, and I have realized that the crow is the only bird not kept in a cage. So for past few days I have been thinking that if I were a crow, I could happily roam everywhere..That’s our problem too..We make unnecessary comparison with others and become sad. We don’t value what God has given us. This all leads to the vicious cycle of unhappiness..Value the things God has given us..Learn the secret of being happy and discard the comparison which leads only to unhappiness.

Behind every successful man, is a woman that pushes him”.☺🤞


A group of tourists visited a Crocodile Farm and was on a floating structure in the middle of a pool with many huge crocodiles. The owner of the Crocodile Farm threw a challenge to his guests: “Whoever dares to jump in, swim to the edge and survive, will be awarded with 1 thousand dollars”.The silence was deafening… “No one dares to move.” Suddenly, a man jumped into the pool.. he was chased by the crocodiles.. but with luck, he eventually made it out of the pool, to the admiration of the other guests. The owner of the Crocodile Farm announced.. “We have a brave winner” After collecting his reward and all was over, the couple went back to their hotel room. The “brave man” asked his wife.. “I did not jump in… SOMEONE PUSHED ME ???” His wife smiled and coolly said, ” it’s me” So now you know.”Behind every successful man, is a woman that pushes him”.

Think good for others 😇

Must Read…. Think good for others..

President Xi Jing Peng of China said:

When I was a small child, I was very selfish, always grab the best for myself. Slowly, everyone left me and I had no friends. I didn’t think it was my fault but criticize others.

My father gave me 3 sentences to help me in life.

One day, my father cooked 2 bowls of noodles put the 2 bowls on the table…
One bowl has one egg on top and the other bowl does not have any egg on top…
He said,
”My child. You choose. Which bowl do u want.
”Eggs were hard to come by those days! Only get to eat eggs during festivals or New Year. Of course I chose the bowl with egg! As we started eating.
I was congratulating myself on my wise choice/decision and wallop up the egg. Then to my surprise as my father ate his noodles, there were TWO eggs at the bottom of his bowl beneath the noodles! I regretted so much! And scolded myself for being too hasty in my decision…
My father smiled and said to me ,”My child.. You must remember what your eyes see may not be true. And if you intent on taking advantage of people, you will end up losing!”

The next day, my father again cooked 2 bowls of noodles: one bowl with an egg on top and the other bowl with no egg on top. Again, he put the two bowls on the table and said to me
,”My child. You choose. Which bowl do you want?
This time I am smarter. I chose the bowl without any egg on top. To my surprise, As I separated the noodles on top, there was not even a single egg at the bottom of the bowl!
Again my father smiled and said to me,”My child. You must not always rely on experiences because sometimes, life can cheat you or play tricks on you. But you must not be too annoyed or sad, just treat this as learning a lesson .You cannot Learn this from textbooks.

The third day, my father again cooked 2 bowls of noodles, again one bowl with an egg on top and the other bowl with no egg on top…
He put the 2 bowls on the table and again said to me ,”
My child. You choose.. Which bowl do u want? ”This time, I told my father,”
Dad, u choose first.
You are the head of the family and contributed the most to the family,”My father did not decline and chose the bowl with one egg on top. As I eat my bowl of noodles, Sure in my heart that there is no egg inside the bowl. To my surprise! There were TWO eggs at the bottom of the bowl.

My father smiled at me with love in his eyes,”My child, you must remember! When you think for the good of others, good things will always naturally happen to you!”

I always remember these 3 sentences of my father and lived and do my business accordingly. True Enough , my business was a roaring success…..

Rip saroj mam💔

Noted choreographer Saroj Khan was hospitalised after she complained of breathing trouble. The 71-year-old has been admitted in Guru Nanak Hospital, Bandra, since Saturday.

Veteran choreographer Saroj Khan passes away of cardiac arrest. Saroj Khan was hospitalized due to breathing problems on June 20. She had tested negative for Covid-19.

mindset for sciensation TEXTBOOKS📒

Who are the leaders? What job they peforms? The answer is , they provide us right path and vision. They develop our clarity of mind and while developing this, textbooks plays very important role. Usually many great people uses conventional textbooks but now a days, students are using many interesting platforms to learn like sciensation. Usually people asks, why sciensation? The answer is learning from sciensation is very interesting and craziest using sciensation students are going to become researchers. The difference between conventional and sciensation learning is, conventional techniques gives us only Therotic knowledge but on the other hand sciensation get kids to travel inside others. There soul and mind both visualise s the topics. Sciensation make students to feel real life applications. If we see, generally what happens, if you solved one example on board and tell students to solve another one, at that time students are unable to solve it but meanwhile if you told them real life example and make them imagine they will never forget the actual concept. This is the benefit of sciensation. After that, some people asks, what about grades of students? The grades from conventional education is better than sciensation? The answer is no, becoz if students are understanding each and every concepts minutly so what’s the problem. They can easily write appreciate answer according to their imagination. The main vision & perspective of sciensation is improve teaching, analysing ideas, thinking out of box, developing multiple interaction & remind ourselves what we have to do? And time management all this visions can improve our educational values. One day sciensation become worldwide only we have to follow pattern of thinkers. Having positive attitude towards sciensation will make our future BRIGHTER ✨.

Talking with ratan tata ✨

My life has been for and about growing the company. When I was appointed Chairman, it was widely believed that it was my surname that got me the position, but my focus was on creating something that was bigger than us all and on giving back, which has been entwined in the TATA DNA since the very beginning.
With Jamshedpur for instance, we realised that while our workers were thriving, the surrounding villages were still suffering. It became our goal to uplift their quality of life as well… things like these came naturally to us.
Even with the Nano – I remember seeing a family of 4 on a motorbike in the heavy Bombay rain — I knew I wanted to do more for these families who were risking their lives for lack of an alternative. By the time we launched the Nano, our costs were higher, but I had made a promise, and we delivered on that promise… Looking back, I’m still proud of the car and the decision to go ahead with it.
That’s what my life has been about — work became a lifestyle. I was either always at Bombay House or travelling, I guess that’s why even though on the personal front I came close to marriage with 2-3 different partners, but I couldn’t go through with it because they would have to really change and adjust to my lifestyle and that didn’t sit right with me.
Now that I’m retired, that lifestyle has changed again. People often ask if I’m truly ‘retired’ — and to that I say — there’s no doubt about it. I’m enjoying the separation from the company — I don’t look at newspapers and worry about the bad stuff anymore. But let me tell you, retirement isn’t about playing golf, or lying on a beach, reading whilst sipping on a cocktail. In fact, never before has the urge to do more, been greater. From affordable cancer treatment, to looking into making the lives in rural India easier — I’m looking forward to this chapter of making it happen at the Tata Trusts. I’m trying to enjoy myself to be honest — I’m spending time with friends — old and new, across all age groups, who I’m constantly learning from.
At 82, I’m still learning, so when you ask me to give a piece of advice, I feel like the ‘right advice’ changes over a period of time — but the one thing that remains unchanged is the desire to do the right thing. So I’ll say this — leave the advice aside and do what is the right thing, even if it isn’t the easiest thing to do. When you look back at your life, that’s what’s going to matter the most. Doing the right thing.”“I had a happy childhood, but as my brother and I got older, we faced a fair bit of ragging and personal discomfort because of our parent’s divorce, which in those days wasn’t as common as it is today. But my grandmother brought us up in every way. Soon after when my mother remarried, the boys at school started saying all kinds of things about us — constantly and aggressively. But our grandmother taught us to retain dignity at all costs, a value that’s stayed with me until today. It involved walking away from these situations, which otherwise we would have fought back against.
I still remember, after WW2, she took my brother and I for summer holidays to London. It was there that the values were really hammered in. She’d tell us, ‘don’t say this’ or ‘keep quiet about that’ and that’s where, ‘dignity above everything else’ really embedded in our minds.
And she’s always been there for us. It’s difficult now to say who’s right or wrong. I wanted to learn to play the violin, my father insisted on the piano. I wanted to go to college in the US, he insisted on the UK. I wanted to be an architect, he insisted on me becoming an engineer. If it weren’t for my grandmother, I wouldn’t have ended up at Cornell University in the US. It was because of her that even though I enrolled for mechanical engineering, I switched majors and graduated with a degree in architecture. My father was quite upset and there was a fair bit of rancour, but I was finally my own, independent person in college, and it was my grandmother who taught me that courage to speak up can also be soft and dignified.
After college, I landed a job at an architecture firm in LA, where I worked for two years. It was a great time — the weather was beautiful, I had my own car and I loved my job. It was in LA that I fell in love and almost got married. But at the same time I had made the decision to move back at least temporarily since I had been away from my grandmother who wasn’t keeping too well for almost 7 years. So I came back to visit her and thought that the person I wanted to marry would come to India with me, but because of the 1962 Indo-China war her parent’s weren’t okay with her making the move anymore, and the relationship fell apart.”

Upon the road of my life🖤

Upon the road of my life ✨

by Stephen Crane😇

Upon the road of my life,Passed me many fair creatures,Clothed all in white, and radiant.To one, finally, I made speech:”Who art thou?”But she, like the others,Kept cowled her face,And answered in haste, anxiously,”I am good deed, forsooth;You have often seen me.””Not uncowled,” I made reply.And with rash and strong hand,Though she resisted,I drew away the veilAnd gazed at the features of vanity.She, shamefaced, went on;And after I had mused a time,I said of myself,”Fool!”