Writing leads to peaceful mind.

Why people are asked to maintain diary? Why people ask to make writing as a habit? How writing helps us? These questions might pop up in your head once in a lifetime. So I’ll try to answer as per my opinion.

~When we pen down something, we use the selectable words and form up the sentences with minding to keep words at right place. There is a boom in our intelligence and imaginagion when we write. We tend to use more of our brain while writing.

~ Writing helps add up our vocabulary, we can have fluency in that language. (I am not asking you to write only in english…use your own convenient language)

~ When you feel that no one is there to listen to you, then you can pen down irrespective of the fear of being judged. It will calmly listen to you but will not be able to advice you.

~ We can express our emotions and can give it time as per our need. It will always be there anytime, anywhere to listen upto you.

~ We can write our ideas, as our mind carries heavy traffic inside which may turn up loosing important factors.

~ Expressing gratitude towards non-listeners…thanking and being grateful is never out of fashion and should be practiced.

~ New ideas, thoughts genrates in our mind. Writing leads to the origination of taglines, proverbs, motivational thoughts.

~ Writing always needs not to be professional. It can be both formal and infornal accordingly. (Needs to be formal in case of professional, officials articles)

~ Writing tend to increase optimistic behaviour. Positive thoughts and vibes arouses around us.

~ Writing and learning are parallel lines which goes hand in hand. When one learns, they can express it via writing, and the one who writes can learn through it.

~ At the end it helps as a relief for us and make us feel happy.