You,me & water.

One of the major threat to our mankind is that of water scarcity. Though we are surrounded with the 70% of water of which only 2.5% is fresh, rest other is saline and ocean water. Water demad is expected to drastically increase by 2050, people would be running out of fresh water. Agricultural sector would be using 70% that of fresh water as the population is increase rapidly and is expected to overtake China in the near future. Water is one of the essentials for the survival of life which we are taking for granted until we really face the crisis in the coming decade or two. Mega cities, and metropolitan cities may surely be developing in the IT sectors, but the slum areas are facing the water crisis.

Water scarcity has always been the one of the underrated problem as no genuine steps are taken from the government to over come this situation which may turn hazardous in the future. Its reported that almost by 2025, 2/3rd of the population here in India will be facing the immense water shortage. Even in this fast growing era of technologies, innovation, infrastructure facilities.., we are lacking in reservations of water, we are lacking in restoring water. People are misleading and wasting water as they have water facilities available in their area. It doesn’t affect them in the first place as soon as they are having their part of share. People living nearby to the river bank find it difficult as the water are contaminated with the industrial wastes, drainages, water pollution, and those practicing spiritual prayers to the dieties by offering flowers and what not.(No personal hate over religion or anything. But people should understand that that will be taking years in filtering). Those living in the cities with the good water supply will never understand the value of drops others are craving for. Some part of India is facing shortages, on the other hand some places are having good fortunate monsoon weather and relatively no shortages are faced. While the part of the country may suffer under drought on the other hand part gets flooded.

Speaking globally, back then the war would be declared over the resources available in countries looting them to their respective countries by winning over them and seemingly in the future that might turn up for the shortages of water. The countries may run into the wars over the water resources and it might turn into a huge disaster. Globally, around 850 million people are short falling for the clean drinking water, and millions are from India. Because of it women’s and children are suffering in the first place. Women’s has to travel miles to meet the water needs which results in affecting their health. And due to the unavailability of clean and fresh water.., kids are suffering from the diseases such as diarrhoea and dying out of it.

Whatever comes for free are taken for granted. And whatever is taken for granted will eventually be taken away- Tiny buddha.