Why history as a subject is taught to us.

History is the major reason when boredom hits us hard in school premises. If the history period is after the recess then you are finished, you have to listen just theory that too the past of some random country which will in turn make you fall sleepy. As a school student I wondered why history is added as a subject, why we need to know about the thing which already happened..,moreover why do we need to learn the history of other countries!?? This is the most difficult task for some student’s and other side some student’s love this subject(kaise karte ho bhai..??…sigh!). Let me ask you why history is taught to us, also of other countries which doesn’t matter to us in the first place!?(this is what i used to think and hated the concept of studying history.) Do students really need to know about the history of their nation as well as the other nations? Well, as far as I think, history is important if it’s of our own nation. Studying history can provide us with insight into our culture of origin..getting facts of our own country will add up to our knowledge so as to how people used back then. We get to learn about the culture, the revolution, the disasters, the ruling of emperors, etc.,

Our own nation:-

We can get the better understanding of ourselves only the way when we get to know about the past..minding not only about ourselves but of others. What we are now, is the representation and modification of the past as others lived back then. We are the modified version of the past. We get to know about the ancient era their habitats, how they earned for their livelihood and all the sort of works which were manly and manmade as machines were not discovered. Understanding past gives quick idea about the norms, social instincts, rituals which were practiced back then and are still in consideration but we are slowly backing off. To enlight the culture then there is high time we need to know about the then culture which were in practice(not being superstitious but which are necessary as to our religion.) The relaxations and facilities we have for the transportation didn’t existed back then..so after knowing the situation and resources available at that time…here at present people discovered and introduced many sources. Not only transportation but there are various things other than this. The source of entertainment, sources for education, breaking Linguistic barriers, eventually availability of resources but lacking in utilising them and many more. This was all about our nation (for ones own nation if you are from abroad).

Learning about foreign countries:-

Is there really a need to know about the history of other countries?? Then the answer has the probability of 50-50. Firslty why my answer is 50-50 is because it depends on the interest of the individual. One may find it boring while the other might find it interesting to know about the other countries. Secondly getting knowledge will do no wrong but will eventually add up more. We will only and only get more knowledge which is no harm and will made you more knowledgeable. It is not important that others might follow the same culture as we do. When we study about the past of the world then only we understand as to why the world os the way it is! By studying who they are and suffering through different situations made them what they today. By seeing them ‘as they are’ without judging by our own mental standards. We can learn through others mistake not just individually but as a whole nation(we are taught that we should learn from others mistake and try not to committhe same.) Talking about Indians who are at high position in foreign nation would have thoroughly gone through the history of those countries to deal with their situation, which can be done by understanding them from the start, from the basic which is why learning world history tend to be important. If we don’t focus on histort then ultimately we will end up recreate the history.., as it is said that history repeats itself. So we should not be self-centred, and try to learn other countries culture too.

“We study the past to understandthe present, we understand present to guide the future. ” -William lund