A story has no end- sister from another mother!

Friendship is such a beautiful word that evolves entire world around it. A friend is someone when in tough times we have them as our back. ‘A friend in need is a friend in deed,’ Is a true saying. No wonder why friendship matters a lot to some people, they sacrifice every possible thing for their friends(only in exceptional cases but still people do sacrifice for their friends.)A friend can be your childhood friend who knows everything about you or someone whom you have known for a year or less. Their is no judgement criteria in between friends. They can say straight to their face, and may get a reply in more sarcastic way. Friends need not to have a matter of conversation everyday, but you know that it will not affect your friendship. May be they cannot help you but they make sure that atleast they listen upto what you are going through. They may not have solutions to your problems but you can make sure that their is always a person who I’ll lend their ears to us. Every doesn’t need a 3am friend but they do need a 3pm friend to whom they can go and cry their heart out. They can burst literally into any emotions without being judged.

There is always this comparison between the friendship of boys and girls. No wonder boys play their role as a friend perfectly, they may show up at anytime you call even at night. They may probably fall into any kind of mess for you. They have a strong bonding with you as of real brother. Simultaneously girls too have great bonding. They may not show up at night but will surely understand your emotions. From sharing clothes to sharing secrets they’re standstill by your side. Even they fall into mess for their friends.

Presenting you a sweet story of two friends.

It was very difficult for her to leave Rajasthan and live in Hyderabad as they were shifting states. She was just nine, when her parents decided to shift the state for the business pupose. It was a complete different surrounding which she was encountering with. New city, new school, new class, and most importantly
new friends. It was the toughest job for her to handle all these things as she was introvert. It was the year 2009, late july when she took admission and was in 4th class. The time when school had done with there unit test 1(UT1). She was facing difficulty for each
and every thing starting from completing notes to making friends in the school. As she was new in the class, a girl seemed to help her out and make her comfortable.
That friend helped her in completing notes as well as introducing to other friends. She was full of enthusiasm and was a fun loving person, kind of extrovert, and joyful. That gave strenth to that new girl. Both were from the same state Rajasthan. But she grew up in Hyderabad itself. So here come’s the main factor which has connected both the girl’s. Both were good at studies, and did well in their finals. Days passed and the friendship between them grew stronger. Social media and apps were not so popular back then, but calling absolutely was in trend. Called each other multiple times a day. Her friend worked as alarm to her. New girl got eyesight and had to wear spectacles and to acompany her, her friend lied to have minor eyesight and brought specs as well. They decided to take same tuitions and stay side by side. But nature had different plans. The new girl again had to shift to different place but in same city, simultaneously even changed school, both parted their ways and lived a different life without each other. Still they had connections and shared the same bonding..all thanks to the mobile. Even after that nature didn’t seemed to have them side by side..,they always ended up parting paths in either ways. Fast forward to adolescence..,they couldn’t get along to take admissions in the same colleges and ended up in different colleges. Still as time passes their bonding becomes more stronger than before. And are best friends forever..,yes bff goals

Okay., so, this is basically me and my bestfriend Hemakshi. This is my acknowledgement towards her. The story might sound silly, ordinary and have several loopholes and fast forwards but want to be thankful and grateful to her to stand by my side when no one stood. Thank you, and love you to the core.


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