Salute to the soldiers.

During this lockdown the more of the suffering is to the Indian army..both mentally and physically!! Serving at the border even in this crucial crisis.., The risk of their life at the border as well mingling with the people in this horrific circumstances as the cases are growing rapidly. Indian army has always lended help whenever and whereever needed whether it be natural disaster or manly disasters, they are suppose to help as its their duty as well as responsibility being a soldier. Serving to the nation and for the nation even after knowing that the next second they will be alive or not..! The risk of that is always on the peak as they don’t know when the uncertainties may arise and they would lose ending up their lives. I know, death is uncertain for everyone…we don’t know what may happen to us the immediate second but the difference is that they know, there life is at highest risk and any second the bullet may hit them! From surving in the hottest temperatures to the coldest and risking their life’s for those whom they don’t even know but as a responsible Indian soldier and citizen of the nation they risk their lives. In the other countries..their army and the soldiers are treated with the respect and are disciplined towards them, but here in India they didn’t get recognition for what they did.., they didn’t get any respect and despite of that they get disrespected as the shameless citizens starts pelting stones on them!! The so called stars of Bollywood are called the heroes but these heroic gestures aren’t even taken into consideration. Even the current situation shows how the nation addresses the reel hero and the real heroes. The reel heroes should be addressed as star or just actors as they didn’t risk their lives and except for few who donated and served nation others didn’t even get affected by what is happening out of their artificial world. Talking about Sushant Singh Rajput, to be honest he was genuinely a true gentleman and humble natured person..I am sorry to take this topic..I am not at all disrespecting Sushant singh rajput..instead even I am deeply saddened by his sudden demise and is in utter shock while I heard this news but at the very next evening we were reported with the death of 20 martyrs of indian army. We just mourned for a day and then finished..yes finished, no one talked about it lateron. And till today their is hype all over for Sushant Singh Rajput…(Even for him the justice has to be surved as the sources are coming it to be as the planned murder and not suicide and people are demanding for CBI justification and it has to be done!! Sorryfor including this topic as it has to be heard). With this don’t conclude that I am against people who are worried about SSR’s death but I am comparing so as to how the people are treated here. There will be security all over for actors but there is no place for a soldier while they are travelling in the trains and are made sit on the floors. This has been so far we didn’t recognised the true heroes..I request you to show some respect and help them whenever they need as our small help is nothing when compared to theirs. I hope we start reapecting those who truly deserved and stop faking respect to the undeserving stars.

Thank you!