Extroverts vs Introverts.

Introversion and extroversion is beyond the categories of one being talkative and other being quiet..,one being outgoing and other being shy. There’s always this comparison as to which category you fall into, an introvert or an extrovert!? A person tend to have these tendencies…either introvert or extrovert, or may be both probably depending on the situation i.e., Ambivert(one who falls in between both the spectrum). Personality of a person is based on how one is responding in public and private.., Extroverts tend to be outgoing in nature and adjust themselves in the crowd where as introverts can’t stand out in public, it exhausts them. Extroverts are good at mingling and love to gain attention on the other hand introverts are reserved and hate having cynosure. Well, in terms of consideration of society an extrovert tends to be an asset as they are mingling, full of enthusiasm, outgoing and fun loving person. While the introverts looks kind of boring, out of the world, lost in thoughts, taking time in mingling etc., They presumes them to be a slow-witted person.

You may fall in either of the categories.

~Extroverts wants to be in the limelight to get the attention in the public and wants everyone to lend their ears towards them. Introverts are always anxious about being the centre of attention, they hate cynosure. They are the great listeners and a great adviser. They may go numb and blank if they gets unwanted attention, this is why they avoid gatherings.

~Extroverts easily gets hit with the boredom when left alone, that’s why they can’t be alone, they always wants some or the other person to be around them and have a matter of conversation. Introverts wants solitude, spending time alone and recharging themselves, minding their own business.

~ Extroverts may be outgoing in nature but they might not mingle with opposite gender. While gender isn’t the barrier for introverts as soon as they find a company alike.

~Extroverts articulate by speaking their heart out and ideas, they are expertise putting forward to their ideas. Introverts articulate themselves by writing their heart out as it is the best way for them to put forward any ideas.

~Extroverts may initiate the conversation and have a quick exchange of convos. Introverts aren’t easy going. They takes time to mingle. Analysis and interpreting the person first will let them have the conversation.

~Extroverts can have a casual conversation, they can talk literally about any topic, also, if they doesn’t know much about it they keep bragging their opinions. Here the small and normal conversation annoys introverts, they love deep conversations. They don’t speak until it’s necessary, or the topic is of their interest or they really want to interact to.

~Extroverts may have a group to enjoy with and rely on, but introverts will have only two or three by their side whom they really rely on, or probably just their family.

~Extroverts can multitask things and in leisure time they may show upto their friends home or party out. Where as introverts believe in doing one task at a time with core perfection, and spend leisure times recharging in solitude.

~Extroverts may not have any stage phobia as they already have an idea of dealing with the centre of attention and attraction, while an introvert may faint, and go numb straightaway as they didn’t encounter cynosure. Only in exceptional cases. It may be other way round.

Its not always mandatory that these all will be the cases with extroverts simultaneously with introverts.

Other than Introverts and Extroverts there are two other spectrums too, which can be performed according to the situation.

Ambivert:- Ambivert is someone who slant in between introverts and extroverts. Someone who has the charismatic personality to speak and put forward their ideas simultaneously good at listening too.

Omnivert:- Omnivert means they can be both Introvert as well as extrovert. As in party or outing they can be intrigued as Introverts, while at home being comfy they can be themselves as Extroverts.


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