O Tiktok kabhi mat aana!!

Tiktok, tiktok, tiktok! I am literally happy as tiktok got banned permanently. Now will be reported with the real unemployment rate.(If you understand sarcasm) I personally hated this app as people were so much into it that they didn’t know if something like this happened then how would they respond. Tiktok was getting on nerves of those people. They have lost their senses and stared behaving with the immense insanity. Not only youths but the aged people were no less than giving their part of share. No wonder why India still is a developing nation even with the high technological development. Tiktok was dominating everyone in every possible way. When I say tiktok then the only thing I can imagine is the ‘cringe content.’ Then Musical.ly now Tiktok has really made the half of the nation go insane and made them play on their fingertips. The so called lip sink which they called as their talent or content has been stopped for real.(The same struggle as of Ananya pandey did has finally come to an end.) They were living the fake lifes as of actors. Imagination is for sure a real thing, as imagining never stops us to get us utter disappointment. But for now what bothered me was their reaction on the ban of tiktok and the hate they are spreading towards Our Honourable Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. You may have heard the popular saying ‘beating the fool is always better then explaining'(well, emotions can be better explained in Hindi only.., Murkho ko marna sora, samjhana dora!)

Tiktokers after its ban!

29th of June 2020 is the real pandemic day for Tiktokers which really hit them harder than this coronavirus. This virus which still can be cured but the other one couldn’t unless it was uprooted permanently. As the news were announced people felt pathetically ill, as if oxygen supply has been stopped for them. People got so mad at Modiji that they started disrespecting him. Are they for real a citizen of India!? Have they gone mad or what? What they are thinking of themsleves.., have they totally lost as soon as they heard the ban of this shitty app.(sorry to use harsh words over here but really they are getting on the nerves.)

Have seen some reaction videos after the ban of this app. They are acting as if someone have had scammed them and took away their property their inheritance. They no longer are the heir of that app which only and only gained false/ fake publicity. People were absurdly investing their time in creating their so called talented videos which takes hours to shoot for. Dear brother and sister..If you are this talented then why don’t you try in Bollywood! In the near future probably others will be lip sinking your video’s but only if you had talents. And those who really were talented as in drops in the huge ocean then they surely will find a place as no one can stop the real talent to flutter. They will get their share of recognition for sure, whichever the platform they perform on.!!

Tiktokers showing their disappointment over ban on other online platforms by creating videos. Heard people say that it might be a small criteria for Modiji but for them it matters alot, they are crying like anything man..seriously this much it affects them irrespective of how China and India are having disputes. Some wants to leave this country over this matter.., then please leave no one will stop you(Pehli fursat mein niklo.., koi zarurat nahi hai is desh ko tumhari! Instead you are the one pinning hole in the plate you ate!), not even your parents as for such small issue you created a big mess, a big fuss. Some says that as they banned tiktok that’s alright but will never use the Indian alternative apps. Then you only be doing good to yourself, living a real life other than the fake world, you will be facing the reality and that’s equally good for the nation as well as for you and your family. Even your parents would feel happy that their kids are not just absurdly wasting their time changing the dresses multiple times, purchasing unwanted stuffs, dancing and lip sinking foolishly.

Read a comment in a YouTube comment section where a daughter of a soldier wrote her heart out as how people without considering the conflicts over India and China dispute are struggling over this silly topic. Her father is a soldier in the Indian army and she feels ashamed as her father is struggling for those who don’t care in the first place and are ready to leave the nation over a banning of app. Even after China allegedly stabbing hardly, it doesn’t matter to them as they don’t have anyone to loose other than their fake followers. This should have been the other way round. Tiktokers should have been sent to the Borders to experience how it feels to serve to the nation and take bullets for those whom they don’t even know! Truly speaking, from each house one should stand to serve the nation.(I myself is a coward and don’t find enough courage to go but I will really try my best if given a chance) This is why reel life heroes are given more respect.., they are overrated and the real life heroes doesn’t even get the consideration they deserve.

Ps:- Wrote more than enough on this topic..,blabbering over this topic feels relieved. Find Peace and live with peace. Thank you : )