“Guru purnima”

Wanted to write about Mother since the long time but was just waiting for the right time… What can be more appropriate day than today ‘Guru purnima.’

A brief note for Guru purnima as how it all started. Guru purnima is celebrated to express our gratitude and respect towards our Gurujan(Guardian). A guru/ guardian can be in any form and in any field, they will always have your back till the end. Guru’s are worshiped and are tributed with ‘Guru dakshina’ on this day. The word guru has been derived from Sanskrit, ‘gu’ means the darkness,negativity and ‘ru’ means light, removal of darkness and positivity. Our guru enlighten us with the light of positivity. Guru’s are those who make our aura fill with the positivity and opportunities.

Your first Guardian is your mother no doubt. As she has been there since the day you took birth. The day you are born your mother becomes your Guru your Guardian angel. The basic etiquette are taught by our mother. She has the true essence of guru. Guru’s are known for their professionalism. But its not that they should be literate enough to teach us the lessons as life lessons are more important than the bookish knowledge which we are receiving now.

The word Mother has such a elegant beauty in itself that it feels pure bliss. The one who is closest to your heart and have been in the hard times with you standing erect as a wall for you. Your hard times are directly proportional to her hard times. Also she may scold you but its her right, she scolds because she doesn’t want you to fall into any cliche. She has such pure heart that small gesture from you will makes her immense happy. She doesn’t want you to purchase any luxurious things for her but to spend some quality time with her and talk to her about her favourites, likes and dislikes. On her birthday and on Mother’s day posting on social media for the show off purpose will bring you nothing..is she viewing your story on Instagram, facebook, or any other uploads by you!? Your time and your compliment is all what she needs! This is what makes her happy and not those posts and stories which only your friends would be viewing which ultimately means to show off. There have been many books written on the glory, love, affection of a mother towards her child. When its about her child then economic or financial crisis doesn’t seem to break her away, She does every possible thing irrespective of the status of their living. Even her biggest problem turns out to be nothing when her child come up with ‘their problems.’ No matter wherever you are she will call you and always ask you about your well beings and will ask if you had your meal. Sometimes you might forget to ask her about her wellness but that’s not in her case. Try to spend some quality time with her before it turns out to be your biggest regression. Show her that you love her. Your post will only show your love to your friends and followers not to your mother so instead show her that you genuinely do care and love her.

PS:- Me and my mother shares a strong bonding. We are like tom and jerry(Don’t take it in wrong conception, talking about the bonding they share) we do fight with each other like them; ) & give back to back answers to each other and laugh at it. She is extremely savage in giving answers with sarcasm..no not the meme’s one but the real life sarcasm. She is a true role model for me.