“Body shaming”

People find it as humour to body shame a person. Not just probably a girl but a boy too. Both the genders in some or the other way gets trolled. Everyone says that ‘No one has the right to judge someone’ but does it anyways. We are not taught to minding our own business. Some or the other way we find the way to the judgement criteria. We are bound that way, heard our elders directly or indirectly criticising the people around us…the content which is shown in the TV is highly focused on the body shaming. Shows like The Kapil sharma show, koffee with karan, and various Indian shows focuses more on that of the physical appearance and outer beauty. The actor and actresses are choosed on the basis of their appearance, and we as a viewer are responsible..there profession is that and they have to be as such. When we choose our role models as the actors and the actresses then its pretty obvious that we will be bound to look the same kind of beauty around us. From the tender age the meaning of beauty is shown us (women as) the perfect zero size figure, with curves wherever required, fair complexion with the pretty lashes, brows and lips, and the other side(Men as) with 6 pack abs, macho look, manly shoulders, with perfect cut biceps, fairer from skin, with moustaches and beards…Irony is if men doesn’t have moutaches and beards then they are no longer called as men..height of stupidity. If they lack in any of these then should spend on ‘plastic surgeries.’ When the veteran actors and actresses themselves need to get surgeries done then how we can compare the ordinary people with them to be with same postures. Are you getting what am I trying to say!? Our mind has the inbuilt scenario created as to how the perfect beauty will look like. Since, that is what we are seeing from our childhood.

Even sometimes our parents fail to understand us..not in all cases but in some. They in the pressure of the society and ‘4 log milenge toh kya kahenge‘ mentality are trying to change their children’s mindset and postures. This society sucks I am telling you..if you are fat, they be like don’t just concentrate on eating; when you are thin they be like don’t you eat enough or are you going through depression..suffering from malnourishment; if you are tall enough then you will hear them saying you will not look good, simultaneously goes with when you are short and they be like you’ll not the find perfect match…,Yes here we are, this is the last phase where everyone comes to. When ‘Kundli milan’ or matching the appropriate ‘gunn’ of the boy and the girl then that speaks just about the sacraments of both, then just deal with it, why focussing on the outer appearances. I know this generation is all about the outer beauty and the physical appearance and all thanks to the social media and fakeness all over it.

We fail to understand our friends who suffers through such kind of trauma. Instead we are somewhere the culprit too to encourage such kind of behaviour. Sometimes even we criticise them for their appearance and try to make fun out of them but only those who gets bullied know how it feels. You make others suffer unless you become the real sufferer. This generation is all about these topics with some exceptions..and it is really out of hand to change the mentality of the people until they themselves really want to change. But from now on teach your kids to not to differentiate among the people and to stop making fun of others as kids learn whatever they see around them so teaching them from the very young age will probably bring the change in the future if not now. And talking about Now then it has been ruined. We look upto it as humour unless we ourself suffers through it. Try to stop yourself and even your friends from judging others on the basis of their appearance as you will be doubting the creation as the creator is none other than God!!

Ps:- To those beautiful people around there..how it feels to be Gods favourite ; )