When the the ‘COVID-19′ was disvovered as pandemic then almost everywhere the lockdown has been announced. Here, in India people faced the crisis of lockdown due to this deadly virus started in the last weeks of March. When the cases were under control and people had the fear as the crucial consequences faced by China, Italy, USA,,,people were really afraid back then to come out of the houses. This lockdown have the positive consequences as well. These days just seemed like olden days where after 7 o’ clock people were not used to come out of the house, Spending time with family.., Watching epics of India ‘Ramayan and Mahabharat’ alleviating junkies and outside food..! Enjoying the pure home made food by our beloved mother.., Helping mother cleaning the house etc., Which taught us how to stick at home, how to avoid outside food, mingling well with family, watching some old Epics etc., The home looks proper home as everyone are home and sit together to have meals. The nature got healed it self, less of air pollution, the animals which were last seen in the late 80’s and early 90’s were yet again discovered. The animals again had the freedom… birds chirping were heard again..people were utilizing there terrace which were not given consideration before. People have less work load as work from home has been introduced and can work as per our convenience. Students has no tension as its vacation time..a long..long vacation..! But is a trouble for parents at the same time :/ 4 months has been completed of being home with some sort relaxation outside to buy essentials and to open shop for partial hours. Back then, when cases were less the fear of it was on peak and now the cases are crosing millions worldwide where the fear is almost nil for some people. The vaccination has been introduced and has got approval to test it on humans but the virus isn’t vanished..still the precautions has to be taken and almost for a year and half the mask and the sanitation has to be mandatorily followed.

Till then stay home, stay safe!!