‘Hyderabad’ the best city to live in!

The capital city of Telangana ‘Hyderabad’ has been declared as the best city to live in. Proud to say that it has been ranked as the best city to live in since five straight year’s in a row according to the survey held by Mercer’s quality of living. Often called as the city of pearls. Why Hyderabad is best city to live in? Lets find it out.

Reasons as why it is the best city.

1) Weather:- It has the pleasant weather. Whether it be any season it serves you plentiful. You can enjoy the weather to the fullest. Be winter days, rainy days, or monsoon you have to bear with the sunny days(April to June). Since 10 years or more, hyderabad has been reported to have the increased temperature in the summer. As its metropolitan city and is developing rapidly in terms of infrastructure, technology, and seemingly increase of industrial sector leads to the deforestation which in turn is causing such weather.

The sapling plantation is covering the greenery yet needs to be covered fully. GHMC is planning to have 27 parks across the city. Also people should take a stand too to share their part of job as a responsible citizen.

2) Safest city:- No wonder hyderabad is safest city as compared to other metropolitan and mega cities. Hyderabad has become lesser safe as compared before. Eventually there is no such place where crime doesn’t takes place. But comparatively here we have less crime rate.

This city is also safe for kids and women and they can travel alone during the day time as well the early evening. (And personally myself being living here, then I feel safe side here.)

3) Quality of living:- For the past 3 years it has also been ranked as best Indian city for the quality of living in Hyderabad. Talking about essentials and groceries then, the prices are quite reasonable. The rental rate is not high in addition the electricity units are less. But in the old city people might face the water scarcity.

HI-TEC city is an abbreviation of Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City is the major attraction as its the IT hub.

4) Cuisine:- Hyderabad is best known for its Biryani basically non-veg, but it doesn’t disappoint you as it serves with the best dosa, idli , sambhar vada..perks of living in south! You can find it in each and every corner available to you even in the mroning at 4 am. And trust me people visits in the cars in the early morning to have the brunch.

Be it veg or non-veg, Hyderabad doesn’t fail in serving you with the best food. Its also famous for the ‘Karachi biscuits’ and ‘Paradise biryani’

5) Heritage:- Hyderabad is famously know as the city of pearls which once were ruled by the Nawabs. It has become the major tourist attraction for both the Indians and the foreigners. The monuments and the historical places defines the true culture and the essence of the city.

There are several places to visit to insight the historical monuments and the glory of Hyderabad. Charminar is the most famous place, following the Golkonda fort, Chowmahalla palace, Mecca masjid (the largest mosque in the India) Qutub shahi Tombs, Falaknuma palace has the elegant beauty, Hussain sagar lake where the twin cities meets.

Lastly, people around here. They have the friendly and mingling nature towards the visitors, they’re humble and approaching and no racism can be find here. The language(Telugu) is quite complicated. But if you are good at Hindi then there is no language barrier as every other person knows hindi here. And the Hyderabad has its Hyderabadi language which is indeed impressive and humorous.

Give a chance to yourself to visit this city. Trust me it will not disappoint you.