“Diet And Its Effect On Human Psychology”

Diet or food has been an important and essential source for survival of mankind. It provides the basic energy and elements helping us to perform day go day activities and keeping ourselves healthy and fit. Humans have been traveling since times in search of better food resources along with clean and pure water resources and better shelter opportunities. With time humans’ diets have transformed and have seen a greater impact on their behaviour as well as their health. Today most of the people try eating vegetarian and vegan food as compared to non vegetarian food. But along with that the concentration if junk food or food lacking basic nutrients have increased in the market as they offer better taste. This has surely resulted in a rise of aggressive behaviour and less level of patience especially among the youth. 

Scientists have researched on the topic of “How diet affects human psychology and What are the associated behavioural aspects as well”. They did find a great link between food and human psychology. There are various tests and experiments which show that eating junk food brings out more and more aggression among people , reducing patience level and filling them with feelings like anxiety and stress. There was an experiment testing the decision capacity of individuals after giving them both a nutrients rich diet and a nutrient deficit diet. It was recorded that the person who ate health was able to think and decide better as compared to other people. There were many other experiments which did show that people do get fascinated towards these junk food because of the it’s ingredients. It came up in studies that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and any other drug. Junk food has a good amount of sugar in it, so whenever people see these junk foods, they have an urge, which truly drives them to eat it. 

Scientists relate this aspect of humans with the food they eat as most of the just k food lacks essential proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and omega-3. Omega 3 is essential as it reduces blood pressure, heart related disease and prevents stroke. Other proteins, calcium and iron help the body to grow and remove daily muscle fatigue. Junk food contains sugar, which increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and most probably heart related diseases. That’s The reason why heart attacks and other problems related to cardio have seen a hike. People usually prefer these things so as to calm their Taste buds which they often do not get by eating healthy food, since most of it lacks taste. 

People should understand that especially in today’s era of pandemic  we need to make our immune system strong and make ourselves fit and healthy  but eating these unfit and junk food won’t let us grow better and healthier. One can have them but in a limit. Everybody has their own daily protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin limit  and if it’s not fulfilled, the body goes on degrading and the body seems dull and unhealthy. So one should try to eat better, healthier food, along with exercising on a daily basis, which will not only make them fit but also encourage other people in their surroundings to get fascinated by the results and will shift towards betterment and thus a better way of living with healthy humans all around.