“Food – The Next Big crisis For Humanity?”

Humans have been living on this planet for many centuries and the prior need for their survival is food, water and a place to live. For these necessities they have been traveling for places and working hard to find them. All these factors are an important part for human survival and a disbalance caused by either of them, can lead humans to a condition of uncertainty and a question to their survival. Humans do need energy so as to perform all their basic day to day activities. These foods provide any individual basic proteins, vitamin, carbohydrates and fibres to remain fit and healthy.Food and its need is the important need for human survival, but with the increase in population tHe need for it has increased but production relative to it is significantly less and the resources we do have, humans hardly care and most if it gets wastage. This is an area of concern especially when we do acknowledge the need for it. 

Food wastage has been an area of concern for humans and humans are quite aware for the same, but still we hardly take any action in reducing it but the main question do arises is that why and where do this Food wastage occur:

  1. The prior places are marriage and various other functions, where Food is prepared in heavy quantities, while people eat less, most of the food gets wasted. 
  2. Hostel, where the taste is the major issue. Since students don’t like the food they consume, it results in wastage. 
  3. People usually prefer to take more food initially, which if it doesn’t taste good, goes in the bin. 
  4. People do not know their ideal eating food quantity. So they usually prefer to take note of it. 
  5. There are various other places and reasons for the wastage of these food resources which surely needs to be addressed and taken care of. 

We do know and discuss that food is an essential part for our life, and we want to save it. But there are hardly any steps taken in these areas. Various NGOs and other organizations as well as government policies are working in order to save this essential resource. But people need to be aware of their approach and their deeds. These organizations and policies would be effective enough if people do perform and do activities on their own so people do need  to:


  • Next time approach which would include small quantities initially and if they like it, they can prefer taking it again. 
  • Taste would be the prior thing which needs to be cared for.
  • People must test their eating abilities and the amount they can have at a time. Which surely directs them to be a water of the quantity which best suits them and need to take the same quantity so as to prevent any wastage.
  • More and more awareness must be increased in the places of more wastage and people must be made aware for it to stop.
  • Also the places where the most food is wasted, must be given to people or places where people lack food.


So it’s time to understand that this resource is an essential component for our survival and this we need to take the desired steps in order to save these. Any wastage must be prevented and in case food wastage, it must be restored for future use or given to people in need for the same. Future is an era of possibilities and humans would be able to see a better and improved phase of life but it’s only possible if we do have resources to feed them. So we must work together in this area and this will save humanity and save this essential and important resource. 



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