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“Automobile – Field For Human Investment”

Technology and it’s advancement has helped humans to make their life more easier and comfortable. All the commodities and facilities have led humans to a phase of ease to life. Automotive or automobile vehicles are one of them. Vehicles be it TWO- Wheelers or Four Wheelers  or airplanes or ships, rickshaws and many more have helped humans to travel around the world and made this world an easy to reach destination at any time. These have not only helped people to acknowledge places around the world, but even interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.These vehicles help us send things from one place to another,carry heavy loads both men and material from one place to another and even help us feel relaxed while travelling in them. The industrial revolution and its initiation provided a boon to the automobile and aviation industries. But considering the ground vehicle, these have really proven to be beneficial for people and helped them by providing them with ease to work. 

There have been various advances in vehicles and the mode of ignition and power to them. These have been considered so as to bring much more efficiency, speed and cost effectiveness to these models. But we do see till date that these automotive models are not much safer. These have been comfortable and have made life of humans easier but still fail to provide 100% safety for the traveller travelling in it. These models are usually made through materials which do provide strength to structure but are less impact resistant. These models do resist much shock impact but still transfer most of it, which does harm the person in it. Many people lose their life every year in accidents while their automobile fails to provide them security. 

Various companies are bringing up many products and models which are safer and impact resistant but these do cost a lot for individuals.The material we still use in manufacturing these automotive are same as were used in the earlier times. This is due to the lack of companies investment in new material. Also the materials do cost more to the company which directly reduces the profits. While some new materials have been added into manufacturing of different components for these vehicles, the major structure and frame still comprises the similar material. 

Companies should invest in their research and development techniques and new ideas must be initiated and funded by both companies as well as the government so as to bring out the best and impact resistant materials and structure so as to resist any kind of damage and harm to the individual or individuals traveling in it. While the safety in two Wheeler is much less compared to that in a car, but still cars are not completely safe. The rights of customers lies in the fact of providing them type safety along with comfort and ease to operate. 

Travelling has been a part of our life and safety in it is the first priority to be taken care of. While we do invest a lot of investment in adding features to our automotives and different accessories, we should be investing in making those vehicles. More secure. Maybe we can see better alternatives and resources in future which could prove to be much secure and safer for individuals to travel through it. While there is still investment going to shift to flying cars and vehicles, we should be investing much of our resources in making any vehicle secure enough to provide better and secure travel. 



“The Future With Flying Automotives”

Science and technology have changed the world it earlier used to be. Lot more comforts, facilities , commodities and thus ease in life. The inventions of cars brought a wider benefit to humans in various aspects. Be it travelling, or shifting of goods and material or sometimes even for relaxing. These automotives have changed the world completely and brighter a better and comfortable phase to life of humans. These went in great demands  as soon as they are brought on ground. People became very fond of these and used these as a source to travel to even nearby distance. But as the decades passed, the population saw a great hike,leading to more requirements for resources, more food, more water, more facilities and this increased the number of cars in the roads. Automotive sector saw a great profit in this and many companies came into the business of manufacturing cars and its products so as to earn profit. 

But sooner there were many problems faced by the people which do exist even today, the tension of traffic, high petrol and diesel cost and global warming. As the number of vehicles increased, the consumption of fuel and thus emissions from them increased significantly , leading to increase in the amount of carbon content in the air and thus global warming and climate change were born. But also there are some other factors which do have a greater impact on the resources. In today’s era, where we see increasing population, this is leading the resources to scarce. We do not have enough land for making houses and other necessities like hospitals and schools and various others, so we do not have much land left to make roads, also cutting of trees for building roads is not acceptable. So what would be the scenario in the future?

We know that we do require vehicles for travelling as they not only save our time but also helps us provide ease while travelling. So ,What could be the possible solution? Various new  companies are coming with an idea of flying cars and Eco friendly fuel. This could surely be a better way out distributing  the load between land and air. These vehicles would help us to fight the  problem of traffic and fuel emissions. Also no more trees would be cut down and enough land would be available to fully fill the needs of humans. 

But is this the better alternative? Is there no danger shifting to the idea of flying automotives and is it possible? We cannot assume the safety of these vehicles until we bring a few of them in the market, test them and then analyse them. But it is 100%  possible. Companies are investing most of their money in these engines to provide enough thrust to maintain a vehicle in air with an Eco friendly fuel. Research work is in the run to find better fuel which could be effective and Eco-friendly to use and also budget friendly. 

We surely need to understand the fact that there are various environmental issues prevailing at current times. We cannot stop our operations suddenly in a way to stop these but we can surely find out the ways to reduce them by shifting towards better and cleaner resources, clean fuel and safe technologies so as to provide the easy to humanity as it is and save our earth from the increasing damage