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Limits are just self imposed I have learned to view challenges as opportunities to show case results!!

The earth is what all we have in common…

Environment is the surrounding or conditions in which a person, plant lives or operates.The natural World is a whole geographical area.Mens and Environment are are closely interlinked with each other to maintain a balance or equilibrium in nature.Hence environment may be defined as the sum of all social,cultural, economical, biological, physical and chemical factors surrounding the man to give necessary protection.Two types of environmental found are natural and man made.Natural environment comprises of air,water,solid wastes,noise radiation, soil timber,wild life and living space.The second is the man made environment that deals with housing, technology, transportation, settlement, urbanization etc .The environment keeps a close check on the environment and it’s functioning.It regulates the vital system that are essential for the ecosystem.It maintains the culture and social.Our mother Earth is currently facing a lot of environmental concerns such as global warming,acid rain,air pollution,waste disposal,ozone layer depletion water pollution, climate change and many more.Environment protection act was passed in 1986 it was inacted to provide the protection of environment.Our Planet alarm is going off, and it’s time to wakeup and take action.

What is More dangerous than the death-(Mental_health).

Stress mental or emotional strain caused when the ego overrides the rational mind with the ridiculous assumption that absorbing everyone’s problems and taking on more tasks than humanly possible will somehow results in greater love and appreciation..Mental health problems these days are rising like anything specially in adolescents and you adults , social media might be the reason.With the increase in mental health problems people get into depression which someone quotes rightly that is more dangerous than death itself. According to American Psychological Association, rates of mood disorders, and suicide related outcomes have increased significantly over the last decade among these age groups, impacting humans mental health.The increase in adolescents major depressive episode began after 2011 concurrent with the increased ownership of smart phones and concomitant increase in digital media in the age group.In many ways mental health is just like physical health everybody has it and should take care of it.Good mental health is necessary in order to think,feel and react in the ways that you what to live your life.Mental health problems leads to depression, anxiety to rarer problems such as ‘Biopolar Disorder’.Few days back the famous Bollywood star ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’ have his life by doing sucicide according to sources he was facing mental issues since last few months which proves that mental should be given priority over career, and social acceptance.So take a deep breath it’s just a bad day not a bad life.After every storm there is a Sunshine.

Think and wonder,wonder and think..

Wonder is defined as a feeling of amazement and admiration caused by something beautiful, remarkable, unfamiliar. Someone has rightly quoted that “Mystery creates wonder and the wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand”.The campaign to search 7 World started in (2000 -2007) to select out of 200 existing monuments. In which “The Great Wall Of China” was selected it was built around 5th an 16 th Ce BC. It is a stone built wall to protect the borders of Chinese empire from invading Mongols. “Christ The Redeemer Statue”was also the part of 7 Wonders the statue has been looming over the Brazilians from over Corcovado mountains this statue is mesmerizing to see. “Machu Picchu (Peru) which exist in Incan city of sparkling granite precariously perched between 2 towering Andean peaks.The beautiful view of the site can be taken by reaching through foot,train, or helicopter.The “Chichen Itza” (Yucatan Peninsula , Mexico) is the great work of Mahan culture is the genius work of art.This was a powerful city, a trading centre for cloth ,slaves , honey and cloth.It was one of the largest cities.”The Roman Colosseum” which stands in Rome was built between AD 70 and 80.The elliptical structure was constructed in a way so that 50k people could gather and watch the traditional events. The most beautiful can be called heavenly beauty “The Taj Mahal” which is in India (Agra) was built by the Mughal Emperor ‘Shah Jahan” in the memory of his beloved wife ‘ Mumtaz Mahal’.The white marble structure represents number of architectural styles which includes Persian,Islamic, Turkish and Indian. The “Petra” ( Jordan) which was originally known as Raqmu it is a historical city in Jordan the city is carved with rose red standstone rock facades, tombs and temples it is the most visited tourist attractions in Jordan.

The era of artificial intelligence.

With the development of science and technology a great change came in working of human life. The development of artificial intelligence which refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like human and mimic their actions.Nearly 20 years into the 21st century, our World has dramatically reshaped into modern computing and now every company is using Artificial intelligence(AI).The introduction of AI to different technologies such as industrial production, robotic replacing workers, virtual assistant,creating a centralised device for all your information and autonomous vehicles that will see human driving along side.The best known example of (AI) is in the emerging field of autonomous car.Big companies like Google and Tesla their self driving car and Autopilot system respectlly.It is being used in e-commerce business to expand their circullum.It plays a great role in protecting the cyber security.With (AI) and automation is a concern and fear for good reason. A two year study from MC Kinsey global institute suggest that by 2030 robots could replace as much as 30% of the current labour.So the development of (AI) could spell the end of human race it would take of its own re-design itself at increasing rate.

Sport is the greatest physical poetry.

Sport is an activity which involves physical strength and skills. It helps to build character and personality of a person. It is a tool which help the body to keep fit.Sport is always been a great interested topic since generations.Few of the most interested sports are Cricket, Football, Basketball, ,Table teniss, Hockey etc. Cricket was originated in England and now is played all around the Globe.There is no end to surprises, and the uncertainties of the game lend to it in the eyes of any of its chief glories.Few famous personalities in cricket are Virat Kohli,Brain Lara ,Adam Gilchrist, Wasim Akram, Sanath Jaisurya. Football originated in Scotland it is a game of excitement and thrill as knowbody knows when the match will take turn. International authority [FIFA] is the caretaker of the football as. Worldwide.Cristanio Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Pele , David Beckham are few famous footballer. Basketball originated in US by James Naismaith.The game has truly become famous in last few years across the Globe. Micheal Jordan, LeBron James,Magic Johnson are few personalities who are famous for playing basketball. Table Teniss is also know as ping-pong and whiff -whaff is a sport it is easy to play. One of the skills which is required is spin which every should be masterd in. Ma Long, Xu-Xin, Tino Boll are famous in playing tennis.

Sustainable buisness management practices.

Someone has rightly quoted that “Being a good human is being a good business” taking into consideration this fact a business should perform.The 3 most important P’s in today’s era are ‘People’, ‘Profit and the ‘Planet’ which every buisness person should keep in mind before launching a buisness. These 3 P’s are connected with each other. Suistanbility in a buisness can be regarded as the s uccess of the company in both short term and long term. Suistanbility encompass social,financaial, environmental opportunities and threats that are in business facet.When buisness incorporate healthy, social, and economic strategies they are likely to face any challenge in present or in future.Now the company has adopted a way to engage with people living around the community one of the widely used strategy is ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR).It can be defined as acheiving commercial success in methods that are ethical and protect the environment.So the best way to create future is to predict it.

Yoga is the journey of self, through the self to the self

In the busy schedule of the lives where people don’t have time to rest and relax there comes the original of a very peaceful activity named as ‘Yoga’. It has came into existence in ancient India which is provides a way to engage yourself towards the harmony.The original meaning of the World is “Union” it is one the six Aatika (Orthodox) school teaching of hindu tradition. It provides mental and spiritual peace to the body where one can surely relax himself and attain peace. Now this practice is famous all around the World which initially originated from India it is a kind of art that connects mind and body.few significance of yoga are that when we practive several asanas ,and postures it strengthens our body and give our body felling of well being and wealthiness. Furthermore it helps in sharpening the mind and improving intelligence.It also connect us with the nature like never before and enhances our social well being.In addition you develop self discipline and self awareness if it is practiced regularly. 21 st of June is celebrated as ‘International Day of ‘Yoga’ where people are made aware of the importance of ‘Yoga’. The father of modern ‘Yoga’ is Tirumalal Krishnamacharya he has both the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurvedic.The founder of Patanjali company Baba Ram dev is yoga Guru he conducts yoga classes.Someone has rightly said Yoga does not change the way we see things ,it transforms the person who sees

Adventure is a worth while in itself..

Adventure is the experience of some exciting activities.It is the unusual experience which comes from the activities full of courage, excitement and joy.Somebody has rightly quoted that adventure is either daring or nothing. The most dangerous yet the most exiting is the ‘Sky Driving’ in Australia is one of the most reputable sky driving in the World. Driving into the deep blue sea to witness the Great Barrier Relief, jumping out of the helicopter to experience the great beauty of the great ocean road is mesmerizing and sizzling.One of the most speculated Cliff driving is at the Red Bull it dives into natural deep pools swimming down rivers slipping and sliding through this amazing activity. It really drives people crazy and is amazingly awsome.Water grappling is a adventure where you come down a huge rock pack along with the cascading waterfall.The fast beating heart shouts like a truck horn.As you reach down, you just can’t urge shouting.Well somebody has rightly said that you had the best experience of life.Talking about Water rafting is one the most thrilling experience one can get in life the Futalefu river in China is one of the best places for rafting the experience will let you explore huge waves, the amazing cliff and thunder.So those who can take risk can possibly go far and enjoy the life.

There is a no limit to what we as a woman can achieve!![Women empowerment]

Wo-men a big word in itself through which a men came into existence so talking about today’s era where women are playing crucial role in every aspect of life. From the vicious grisp of social, economical, political, business or entrepreneur everywhere women has proven themselves and cset an example for the whole World. As the times evolved women, realised their power since that time the revolution came. A latest trending news New-Zealand prime minister ‘Jacinda Ardin’ has proven herself that women can handle and trackle any situation which is really mesmerizing. Talking about Mother Teresa who work for the social cost and dedicated her life for the welfare of the humanity truly a gem to be remembered. So it’s the time to talk about the F-World in 2020 it’s no about the scarlet letter it’s a time to brand yourself as a feminist. A girl with strong views and will power ‘Malala Yosuafgai became the youngest to win the noble prize laureate now is education advocate.GD Anderson an Australian activist and writer who was a member of American osteopathic association.So to all the girls who are reading this never doubt that you are valuable and powerful you are capable of pursuing every dreams.

Changing trend in the market.

Change is the prominent factor in any business and the ability to master and exploit has become one of the most important sought in today’s environment if a business want to sustain. Change gets costlier every day yet not changing be costliest still.So the need of the hour for every business is to adapt to the changes and work accordingly. In the context, of new and emerging trends the basic principles of marketing need to be considered when making any decisions.’Customers satisfaction’ is the key factor which should be kept in mind before launching a product in the mind. Both the social and environmental aspects should be given utmost importance.Now the customised marketing is being promoted by the companies ie, (one to one) marketing. And with the digitalization of the economy and penetration of internet has largely affected the working and operation of the companies.And the last trend in pricing is the flexibility which is dependent on demand and has growing importance in online trading, while being applied more frequently in retails stores such as Amazon. A part from that content creation,social media and video marketing are changing the trends the way brands market to consumers.