Yoga is the journey of self, through the self to the self

In the busy schedule of the lives where people don’t have time to rest and relax there comes the original of a very peaceful activity named as ‘Yoga’. It has came into existence in ancient India which is provides a way to engage yourself towards the harmony.The original meaning of the World is “Union” it is one the six Aatika (Orthodox) school teaching of hindu tradition. It provides mental and spiritual peace to the body where one can surely relax himself and attain peace. Now this practice is famous all around the World which initially originated from India it is a kind of art that connects mind and body.few significance of yoga are that when we practive several asanas ,and postures it strengthens our body and give our body felling of well being and wealthiness. Furthermore it helps in sharpening the mind and improving intelligence.It also connect us with the nature like never before and enhances our social well being.In addition you develop self discipline and self awareness if it is practiced regularly. 21 st of June is celebrated as ‘International Day of ‘Yoga’ where people are made aware of the importance of ‘Yoga’. The father of modern ‘Yoga’ is Tirumalal Krishnamacharya he has both the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurvedic.The founder of Patanjali company Baba Ram dev is yoga Guru he conducts yoga classes.Someone has rightly said Yoga does not change the way we see things ,it transforms the person who sees