Changing trend in the market.

Change is the prominent factor in any business and the ability to master and exploit has become one of the most important sought in today’s environment if a business want to sustain. Change gets costlier every day yet not changing be costliest still.So the need of the hour for every business is to adapt to the changes and work accordingly. In the context, of new and emerging trends the basic principles of marketing need to be considered when making any decisions.’Customers satisfaction’ is the key factor which should be kept in mind before launching a product in the mind. Both the social and environmental aspects should be given utmost importance.Now the customised marketing is being promoted by the companies ie, (one to one) marketing. And with the digitalization of the economy and penetration of internet has largely affected the working and operation of the companies.And the last trend in pricing is the flexibility which is dependent on demand and has growing importance in online trading, while being applied more frequently in retails stores such as Amazon. A part from that content creation,social media and video marketing are changing the trends the way brands market to consumers.