Sport is the greatest physical poetry.

Sport is an activity which involves physical strength and skills. It helps to build character and personality of a person. It is a tool which help the body to keep fit.Sport is always been a great interested topic since generations.Few of the most interested sports are Cricket, Football, Basketball, ,Table teniss, Hockey etc. Cricket was originated in England and now is played all around the Globe.There is no end to surprises, and the uncertainties of the game lend to it in the eyes of any of its chief glories.Few famous personalities in cricket are Virat Kohli,Brain Lara ,Adam Gilchrist, Wasim Akram, Sanath Jaisurya. Football originated in Scotland it is a game of excitement and thrill as knowbody knows when the match will take turn. International authority [FIFA] is the caretaker of the football as. Worldwide.Cristanio Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Pele , David Beckham are few famous footballer. Basketball originated in US by James Naismaith.The game has truly become famous in last few years across the Globe. Micheal Jordan, LeBron James,Magic Johnson are few personalities who are famous for playing basketball. Table Teniss is also know as ping-pong and whiff -whaff is a sport it is easy to play. One of the skills which is required is spin which every should be masterd in. Ma Long, Xu-Xin, Tino Boll are famous in playing tennis.