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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-10_Part-3

List of Articles in Vol-1 Issue-10_IJR-4

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: Benefits Derived by Community-Driven Development Approach Beneficiaries of World Bank Assisted Projects in South Western Nigeria 1
Authors: P. A. Adeyemo
2 Title: Change Detection in Forest/ Non-Forest Cover Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques of PaturTaluka in Akola District, Maharashtra 8
Authors: KankaMoharir & ChaitanyaPande
3 Title: Effect of variance of geometric parameters and materials on poppet engine valve 14
Authors: Vidyadhar.C.Kale, Sagar.S.Deshpande
4 Title: Indian Tourism Industry under Economic Microscope 25
Authors: Dr. Sangram Bhushan and Lateef Ahmad Mir
5 Title: Designing a Drip / Trickle Irrigation System by Using IrriPro Software

(Case Study: Gharo Model Farm, Sindh – Pakistan)

Authors: Imran Arshad, Muhammed Muneer Babar, Muhammed Irfan, Paolo Savona, Wajiha Ali, Omair Farooqui
6 Title: Issues and Challenges of Human Resource Management 43
Authors: Dr. R. Venkatesh
7 Title: Heterogeneous Impact of Institutional Services on Input Use Intensity and Commercial Transformation among Smallholder Farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria using Heckman Two stage Estimation 49
Authors: M. O. Adio and L. O. Olarinde
8 Title: Lossless Implementation of NAND Flash Memory Architecture Using MERGE Scheme 66
Authors: Kota N V Tulasi Kumari, Y. Phani Kumar
9 Title: Influence of Water Soluble NPK Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of Greenhouse Pepper (Capsicum Annum L.) by Using Drip Irrigation Technology 75
Authors: 1Imran Arshad, 2Muhammed Irfan, 3Muhammed Muneer Babar, 4Wajiha Ali, 5Zaheer Ahmed Khan,
10 Title: Image Encryption Technique Based On Visual Cryptography 82
Authors: Mrunali T. Gedam
11 Title: Private investment of churches: A study of selected cases in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana. 87
Authors: A. B. K. Gyimah & M. Amoah
12 Title:Production of Neem Oil Methyl Ester by Using Two-Step Esterification Process 97
Authors: Ajay Gahadwal , Sanjay Yadav
13 Title:Re-Routing Roots: Narrative Trauma Of Exile In The Works Of Orhan Pamuk

Authors: ShaliniYadav

14 Title:A fusion Cloud approach for Certified Deduplication

S.Md.Samiullah, B.Jagadeesh. S.Md.Hafeez and D.Jayanarayana Reddy

Authors: YashikaArora; ShilpaYadav; Tanushree

15 Title:Sedimentology and Geochemical Characteristics of Upper Cretaceous Sediments of Imo Formation Around ArimogijaOkeluse, Southwestern Nigeria

Authors: Hakeem Bolaji Olawumi; Rafiu Babatunde Bale and SurajuAdesina Adepoju

16 Title:Stress, Stressors, Coping Techniques and Impact of Recession on the Level of Stress among Private Bank’s Employees: A Case Study of Dehradun

Authors: Dr. Pooja Jain, Mr. Amar Singh & Mr. AshishVishnoi

17 Title:The impact of perceived service quality dimensions on customer satisfaction in the airline industry in Ghana

Authors: Edward MarkweiMartey

18 Title: Determination of Trace elements in the groundwater in ThittakudiTaluk, Cuddaluredistric, Tamilnadu.

Authors: Thiruneelakandan, B., Jeyavel Raja Kumar, T., Senthil Kumar, M., Dushiyanthan, C., Suresh, R., Vasanth Raja, S

19 Title: Urban Poverty and Slums in India

Authors: Dr. Laxmi Narayan

20 Title: Use and Misuse of multiple Comparisons Procedures of Means in Factorials Experiments

Authors: Siraj Osman Omer & AbdelGadir Mohamed Abdellah

21 Title: Value creation through e-Human Resource Management

Authors: Mrs. GowthamiChinthala

22 Title: Water Santiation Practices In Obowo, Southeastern Nigeria

Authors: Osuji I.E., Azuamah Y.C., Amadi A.N., Esenwah E.C., Agu G.C. Nwal; O.R.


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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-10_Part-2

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: A Novel Approach for Indian Car Number Plate Recognition

Authors: Lalit G. Patil, Devasi H. Chocha

2 Title: An Analysis on the Efficacies and Drawbacks of Foreign Direct Investment with Particular Reference to India 4
Authors: Mr. Rajib Bhattacharyya
3 Title: An Assessment of Policy Implementation and Decision Making in Nigerian Public Service 17
Authors: Ajayi Adeola
4 Title: An Investigation Into The Personal Protective Equipment Used By Construction Workers In Northern Nigeria 29
Authors: Sani, S.G., Azuamah Y.C., Amadi A.N., Esenwah E.C., Agu G.C., Nwala O.R.
5 Title: Effect Of Different Diets On Body Length, Adult Life Span And Biomass Of Corcyra Cephalonica (Stainton) Under Laboratory Condition In Chitwan, Nepal 34
Authors: G. Bhandari, R. Regmi
6 Title: The Jurisprudence Of The Right To Cultural Identity In Nigeria 38
Authors: Emmanuel Okonkwo & Ikenga K.E. Oraegbunam
7 Title: Attitude And Practices Of Hospital Waste Management In Public And Private Sector Hospitals In Lahore 47
Authors: UsmanJaved Iqbal, Sheikh Asad Ali, Sarmad Mushtaq.
8 Title: Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs: The Nigeria Experience

Authors: Ajayi Adeola

9 Title: Constitutionality of Extra-Territorial Taxation of Off-Shore Services of Non-Residents under Income Tax Act, 1961 56
Authors: Nainy Singh & Dinkar Gitte
10 Title: Covert Conviction: “Sweet Despotism” Of The Media 60
Authors: Ana ZdravkovskaIlievska
11 Title: Cyber Crimes in India: A Study

Authors: Dr. MalabikaTalukdar

12 Title: Economic Analysis of Resource Use and Productivity: A Case Study on Agriculture Farm 82
Authors: Dr.A.Saravanadurai; Mr. J.Suresh Kumar
13 Title: Empowerment of Women in Bangladesh: From Different Perspective

Authors: Jannatul Ferdous

14 Title: Family support for Higher secondary students in Dindigul District

Authors: Senthilkumar R, Meenakshi R and Sivapragasam C

15 Title: Study on common Profile alike in Mobile Social Networks

Authors: VemulaKondoju Saiteja, K.Sashi Kiran, Kuruva Naveen Kumar, and N.Parashuram

16 Title: Financial Portfolio management: Overview and Decision Making in investment Process 108
Authors: NeelamKapoor
17 Title: Globalization and Muslims 115
Authors: Razia Khan
18 Title: Impact of Product attributes on Competitive Advantages in the bottled water industry   in Ghana 119
Authors: Edward Markwei Martey; Bernice Korkor Nartey Gligah
19 Title: Incidence of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from armpits of students of University of Abuja, Nigeria. 129
Authors: Ojih, Felix Eleojo, Okon, Okon Godwin, Nwanna, Vivian Nkemjika, Udosen, Imo Joseph and Abraham, Nsikak Andrew.
20 Title: Indian Judiciary On Prevention Of Oppression And Mismanagement Vis A Vis Companies Act 1956 138
Authors: Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari
21 Title:Innovative Methods of Teaching English Language to School Students Using Teaching Aids 149
Authors: Dr. Chirag M. Patel
22 Title:Internet as Need or Addiction amongst Pakistani Youth; Exploring the Use of Internet at University Level Students

Authors: FaysalAzeez; SayedaMehwishDildar; Muhammad SherJuni; Ch. Aqeel Ashraf; Javeria Kareem,

23 Title:Mass Communication according to Islam and Islamic Perspective of Ethics and Responsibility in Journalism

Authors: Muhammad Makhdom Ali; Faisal Azeez; Ch. Aqeel Ashraf; Muhammad SherJuni; JaveriaKarim; IrfanHaider

24 Title:Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake: An Ecocritical Approach

Authors: Ambika Bhalla, Dr. Jap PreetKaur Bhangu & Dr. Manmohan Singh

25 Title: Evaluation Of Protective Potentials Of Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract On Testes Of Adult Male Wistar Rats

Authors: Akudu, L. S.; Ezejindu, D. N.; Nnama, T. N.; Ezejindu, C. N.

26 Title: Rural Employment And Sustainable Livelihood Through Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act: An Analysis

Authors: TauffiquAhamad & Jitendra Kumar Pandery

27 Title: Sal: Slavery in the Lushai Hills

Authors: Lalhrilmoi Hrangchal

28 Title: Social Safety Net Programmes for Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh: An Overview

Authors: Jannatu Ferdous

29 Title: The United States Approach to Peacebuilding in Afghanistan: Problems and Prospects

Md. Farijuddin Khan

30 Title: Women Empowerment their Participation and Challenges in Panchayati Raj Institutions

Jitendra Kumar Pandery & TauffiquAhamad

31 Title: Youth Employment as Catalyst for Nigerian Growth Recovery

Ajayi Adeola & Olayungbo David Oluseun


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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-10_Part-1

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: A Contemporary Arrogant Study on Martin Amis’s- “Money-A Suicide Note” 1
Authors: Abdul Saleem
2 Title: The Role of the People in the Republic of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar 7
Authors: Eva Sharma
3 Title: Corruption as Way of Life – An Old Problem Taking New Dimensions 11
Authors: Meet & Laxmi Narayan
4 Title: HTML5 – the new standard for Interactive Web 20
Authors: PriyaTrivedi & Sanya Harneja
5 Title: ICT need for Teacher Educator for effective Teaching and learning 23
Authors: M. Sankarmoorthi & Dr. L. Raja
6 Title: Preparation of Low Cost Adsorbents: A Review 30
Authors: Sunil Jayant Kulkarni
7 Title: 33
8 Title: Lifi- Light Fidelity Technology- A Review 42
Authors: Kanchan Gupta; Kajal; Ashish Saini
9 Title: Literary Criticism & Journalistic Writings: A Case Study of a News Story of Daily the New York Times (AUG. 19, 2014 ) 46
Authors: Muhammad Usman Khan
10 Title: Military Subjugation and Cultural Imperialism during the Post-Colonial Era 50
Authors: Ripu Sen
11 Title: Mobile Social TV Streaming in MANET 54
Authors: Chandu DelhiPolice & T. Rajendra Prasad
12 Title: High speed silicon Mach-Zehnder modulator 63
Authors: Ashish Bharti; Ekansh Beniwal; Himanshu Kaintura
13 Title: Overcome Information implication Attacks and defending public Data in OSN 68
Authors: K.Sai Mouni Sri, B.Pravallika, N.Nandhitha And

Ch Shasikala

14 Title: Determining diseases influencing mortality of under 5 years children in Gazira state “Sudan” 2003-2012 73
Authors: Dr. Abdalla Ahmed Alkhalifa Abdalla
15 Title: NaCl and Cd stress effect on shoot growth of potato cultivar 79
Authors: Govinda, Asha Sharma and Sandeep Singh
16 Title: Enhancing Competitiveness of Carpet Industry using ICT platform:

Implementation of Computer Software in Carpet Designing & Weaving

Authors: Dr. Suresh Kumar Pandey
17 Title: Effective Video Streaming and Sharing in the Cloud 87
Authors: Kiran Mysa & U.Mahender
18 Title: Privacy Augmenting for Fingerprint detection using RSA 94
Authors: S. Swathi, A. Poojitha Reddy, M. Karuna Pavani and

B. Devendra Naik

19 Title: Innovative Methods of Teaching English Language to School Students Using Teaching Aids 98
Authors: Dr. Chirag M. Patel
20 Title: Study Of Spring Framework 102
Authors: Rohan Khanna, Piyush, Puneet Bhalla
21 Title: Syntactic Empty Categories in Nigerian English newspaper headlines 107
Authors: Taiwo Ehinenai
22 Title:   The Role of the People in the Republic of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Authors: Eva Sharma

23 Title:     Theme of Partition in indo-Anglian Fiction

Authors: Dinesh Kumar

24 Title:Efficient Data Access in Disruption Tolerant Networks using Network Central Locations

Authors: B.Kiranmai, N.Urmila and T.Sireesha

25 Title:Various Data Quality Issues in Data Warehousing

Authors: Sujeet Kumar & Utkarsh Kumar

26 Title:Vector Processor- A Study

Authors: Achin Pal ;Tanya Sharma; Sumit Kumar Das


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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-8_Part-4

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: A Study of Hydrotherapy and Its Health Benefits

Authors: Mozhdeh Bahadorfar

2 Title: Anonymizing Data records in Distributed Data mining over Horizontal partitioned data 12
Authors: Dr. Ch G.V.N. Prasad, Katkam Gaurav, Nunavath Yakaiah & R Bharath Kumar
3 Title: Cystic Cranial Meningioma; Unusual Imaging Features 20
Authors: Mohamed A.R Arbab, Sawsan A.H. AL deaf, Lamyaa A.M E Hassan, Alsadig Gassoum, Abd Allah Dafa Allah   Ahmed M. El Hassan.
4 Title: Detection of Bacteria Associated with the Spoilage of Ready-To-Eat Instant Noodles 27
Authors: Okafor, A. C. and Sunday, T. C.
5 Title: Effect of Different Levels of NPK Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of Greenhouse Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) By Using Drip Irrigation Technology 31
Authors: Imran Arshad, Wajiha Ali & Zaheer Ahmed Khan
6 Title: Effect of Maize Variety and Legume, Non Legume Intercropping On Yield and Yield Attributes Of Maize in Foot Hills of Nepal 38
Authors: S. Dhakal, N.K. Chaudhary, K.R. Pande and L. Yadav
7 Title: Enhancement of Heat Transfer Rate in Heat Exchanger Using Nanofluids

Authors: S Kannan, Dr T Vekatamuni and P Vijayasarathi

8 Title: FPGA Implementation of an FFT Processor

Using Cordic Algorithm

Authors: Niveathasaro V,Vijayasaro V

9 Title: Implementation of TCSC on a Transmission Line Model to analyse the variation in Power Transfer Capability

Authors: Prof.Sushil Kumar

10 Title: Isotherm and Kinetics of Phenol Removal by Adsorption- A Review

Authors: S.J. Kulkarni, Dr.J.P. Kaware

11 Title: Modeling and Harmonic Analysis

of Turning Operation

Authors: Pramod Kumar N, Avinash N V ,Sudheer K V and Umashankar K S

13 Title: Perception and Ranking of Internet Banking Service Quality from Banker perspective in Public and Private Banks in Egypt

Authors: Miran I.Hussien, R. Abd El Aziz, O.Giles

14 Title: Perceptive Functions and Memory in Neural Network Model 85
Authors: Sumit Kumar, Tanya Sharma, Vishal Bhalla
15 Title: Photoproduction of Hydrogen by Vishakapatnam Photosynthetic Bacteria and their effect on different cultural conditions

Jahnavi Alwala1, M.P.Pratap Rudra*1, Ramchander Merugu2

Authors: Sejal Mathur & Saurabh Papadkar

16 Title: Pyramidal Algorithm for Image Sharpening & Edge Detection Using DWT-UM

Authors: Sakshi Setia & Mr. Sajjan Singh

17 Title: Software Testing

Authors: Varun Vashishtha, Tapodhan Singla & Sumeet Singh

18 Title: Speaker Identification using Mel-frequency Cepstrum Coefficient 104
Authors: Lalit G. Patil
20 Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Microspheres of Trigonal Selenium

Authors: Sr. Francisco Nirmala F.M.M & Dr. Joe Jesudurai

21 Title: The Effect of Salinity on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Chick Pea 113
Authors: Arshi Kausera & Dr. Ashok Kumarb
22 Title: Transient Control Techniques of Variable Speed Wind Turbine

Authors: Prof. Sushil Kumar

23 Title: Universal Multiplication Equation for Efficient and Faster Multiplication

Authors: Prasad J Shetty

24 Title: Use of Information and Communication Technology for Creative Learning

Authors: Dr. Shivakumar, G.S & T. Manichander

25 Title: Porosity, Permeability and Darcy’s Law

Authors: Dr.Vivek Parkash


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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-8_Part-1

List of Articles in Vol-1 Issue-8_IJRSeLL

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: A Survey of the Mangrove Vegetation in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria 1
Authors: *Amadi, J.E , Adebola, M.O. and Eze, C.S.
2 Title: A Survey on Security Threats in Cloud Computing Technology 7
Authors: Harpinder Singh & Sheetal Kalra
3 Title: Adoption of Mobile Commerce in Malaysia:

A Generation Y Perception

Authors: M. Krishna Moorty, Chan Wai Sann, Chan Yee Ling, Tee Pei Yin,   Wan Kah Yan and Yip Yuin Ee
4 Title: Capital Structure: A Comparative Study of Cooperative Society

(With Special Reference to Gujarat State in taluka Dharampur and Kaprada taluka)

Authors: Patel Dilipkumar Chunilal
5 Title: Sellar Region Keratinizing and Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst: Case Report 37
Authors: Mohamed AR Arbab ; Sawsan AH Deaf ; Lamyaa A.M El Hassan; Ahmed M El Hassan
6 Title: E-Governance and RailNet 41
Authors: Deepak Kumar, Anita Bindal and Monika Sharma
7 Title: Heidegger on Destructi 46
Authors: Chung Chin-Yi
8 Title: Imagist Socialist Poetry and Objective Reality 57
Authors: Serkan Engin
9 Title: Internet Usage in Cyber Café and Human Sustainability in Kedah 58
Authors: Noraniza Yusoff
10 Title: Life Skills through Collaborative Learning 68
Authors: Dr .C. V .Padmaja
11 Title: Macbeth and Divine Order 71
Authors: Chung Chin-Yi
13 Title: Open and Distance Learning System as a Mean for Catering Learners’ Need 74
Authors: Hemanta Kr. Baruah
14 Title: Parsing – A Brief Study 78
Authors: Tanya Sharma, Sumit Das & Vishal Bhalla
15 Title: Role of Retail sector in India 85
Authors: Anita Bindal Phulia and Monika Sharma
16 Title: The Emergence of Blues Aesthetic in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye

Authors: Dr Arvind Kumar Sharma

17 Title: Urbanism as A Way of Life

Authors: Dhanashree Dilip Raut & Mohit U Kothawade

18 Title: Utilization of Mobile Banking Facilities with Special Reference to Salem District

Authors: Dr. M. N. Periysamy1, A.Amsa2


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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-8_Part-3

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: A Study on Consumer Awareness of green products and its Impact on Green Buying Behavior 1
Authors: Rouf Ahmad Rather and Dr. R Rajendran
2 Title: Aerial Image Analysis Using Dynamic Bayesian Network 9
Authors: L.D.Rani1, Dr.Ch.G.V.N.Prasad, CH. Kedari Rao
3 Title: An Appraisal of ICT Adoption in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria 15
Authors: Ajayi Adeola
4 Title: An Experimental Investigation on Strength Properties of Concrete by Replacing Cement with GGBS and Silica Fume 20
Authors: Sowmya.S.M; Premanand Kumbar; Amar.R
5 Title: Analysis of Trickle / Drip Irrigation Uniformity by IRRIPRO Simulations 27
Authors: Imran Arshad, Paolo Savona & Zaheer Ahmed Khan
6 Title: Consumer Protection in the Era of E-Commerce 37
Authors: Dr. Rama Sharma1, Srivastava2, MS.Gargi Bhadoria & Ms.Vibha
7 Title: Economic Feasibility Assessment of Audit Firms in Bhutan 46
Authors: Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma
8 Title: Effect of Copper Slag as a Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate on the Properties of Cement Concrete 62
Authors: Jayapal Naganur, Chethan B. A.
9 Title: Effect of Copper Substitution on the Structural,

Morphological and Magnetic properties of Nickel Ferrites

Authors: M.Maria Lumina Sonia, S.Blessi , S. Pauline
10 Title: Financial Services System Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Nepal 74
Authors: Narayan Sharma Rimal
11 Title: Finite Element Analysis of Seepage through an Earthen Dam by using Geo-Slope (SEEP/W) software 84
Authors: Imran Arshad1 & Muhammed Muneer Babar
13 Title: Growth and modernization of Agriculture in Jammu and Kashmir 96
Authors: Samir-Ul-Hassan., Dr. Kanhaiya Ahuja, Munasir hussain
14 Title: India’s Look East Policy: Its Origin and Approach 110
Authors: Mohamad Tasadaq Illahi
15 Title: Urbanization and Development 116
Authors: Dr. Laxmi Narayan

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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-9_Part-3

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: A Study on Perception of Bank Customers towards the Communication Competency among Bank Employees with Special Reference to Nationalized Bank at Dharmapuri 1
Authors: Dr. S. Sekar & Mrs. R. Shenbagam
2 Title: A Study on Socio – Economic status of Dalit Christians in Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu 4
Authors: Mr. S. Yesu Suresh Raj, &   Dr. R. Mani
3 Title: An Empirical Study of Educators’ Inclination towards Entrepreneurship 10
Authors: Ms. Saumya Singh & Mr. Abhijeet Biswas
4 Title: Community and tourism in Uttarakhand- its Challenges and Opportunities 20
Authors: Dr. Reenu Rani1 & Arti Arora
5 Title: Deadlocks in Distributed Systems 24
Authors: Yogesh Bhatia Sanjeev Verma
6 Title: Debugging- A Higher Approach 27
Authors: Anuj Kumar Bishnoi & Priyanka Khatri
7 Title: Econometric Analysis of the Effect of Climate Change on Crop Insurance in Oyo State, Nigeria 31
Authors: Ajiboye B.O, Amao S.A , Abass,A.O & Adeagbo,T.A
8 Title: Green Computing and Its Importance 42
Authors: Shweta Saini & Neha Yadav
9 Title: Gross Margin Analysis of Small Scale Cassava Processing Activities in Surulere Local     Government Area of Oyo State 46
Authors: M. O. Adio
10 Title: ICT Applications to Library Sector 52
Authors: Jayant Deshpande
11 Title: Impact of E-commerce on Cost and Productivity 55
Authors: Ms. Bhupinder Kaur
13 Title: Importance and Problems of E- Recruitment 61
Authors: Dr. R. Ramaabaanu & M. Saranya
14 Title: Cache and Its Performance 57
Authors: Preeti Chhabra, Radhika Gogia, Rupa Kumari
15 Title: Cache organization and Optimization 61
Authors: Sumit Yadav; Usha Verma & Chhavi Bhardwaj
16 Title: Integrating Research and E-Learning in Advanced Computer Architecture Courses 66
Authors: Rahul Rapariya, Surbhi Miglani, Sakshi Kohli
17 Title: JMF player 71
Authors: Sumit Yadav; Usha Verma & Chhavi Bhardwaj
18 Title: Mass Rapid Transit 76
Authors: Sejal Mathur & Saurabh Papadkar
20 Title: On the Systematic Development of Domain-Specific Mashup Tools for End Users 82
Authors: Shweta Thakur, Kunal Deswal
21 Title: Profitability of Watermelon to Farmers in Ibarapa Central Local Government Area of Oyo State 87
Authors: S. A. Amao, B. O. Ajiboye, T. A. Adeagbo and O. A. Akinyemi
22 Title: Protection of Geographical Indication and Legal Framework in India 92
Authors: Mrs. Paramita Ray & Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha
23 Title: Quantitative Morphometric Analysis of a Watershed in the Region of Bangar Area Dewas District, Madhya Pradesh, India. 98
Authors: Mohammad Rizwan, and Pramendra Dev
24 Title: Reversible Data Hiding in Color Images Using AES Data Encryption System 109
Authors: Sreelatha G
25 Title: Rising Expenses on Data Mining

Authors: Kunal Deswal & Shweta Thakur,

26 Title: Risk Management

Authors: Yashika Arora; Shilpa Yadav; Tanushree

28 Title: Role Of ICT In Teaching Biology

Authors: Senthilkumar R, Sivapragasam C and Senthamaraikannan B

29 Title: Role of Mobile Marketing in Business

Authors: Dr. M. N. Periysamy &   S. Mageswari

30 Title: An Investigation Of The Problems Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria

Authors: Ajayi Adeola

31 Title: Software Risk Management and Risk Mitigation Technique

Authors: Kunal Deswal & Shweta Thakur

32 Title: Tsunami Early Warning System through Bottom Pressure Recorder and Data Transmission through Satellite Communication Network

Authors: O. A. Adeniyi and L. O. Olarinde


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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-9_Part-2

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: Impact of School Environment on Academic Achievements of Children: (A study with special reference to middle class students of Indore district, M.P., India) 1
Authors: Shubham Ojha
2 Title: A Review of the Impact of Public Relations on Tourism Industry: Developed Model of Public Relations in Macedonian Tourism 6
Authors: Ana Zdravkovska – Ilievska
3 Title: Evaluation Of Staff Performance In Cocoa Research Institute Of Nigeria Ibadan (Crin) 20
Authors: Ajayi Adeola
4 Title: The Problems And Characteristics Of Succesful Nigerian   Women Entrepreneurs 40
Authors: Ajayi Adeola
5 Title: Administrative Reform in Bangladesh- Trend of Failure 55
Authors: J. Ferdous
6 Title: An Assessment of the Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity of Commercial Vehicle Drivers in Rivers State, Nigeria 65
Authors: Azuamah, Y.C., Obeme-Ndukwe, O. , Esenwah, E.C. , Bazuaye, K.N., Ikoro, N.C., Agu, G.C. and Nwala, O.R
7 Title: Anxiety Among Adolescent Students in Relation to their Intelligence and Family Climate 70
Authors: Dr. Mandeep Kaur
8 Title: Churches in Ghana and their Stewardship role to the Environment 74
Authors: Kwabena Abrokwa Gyimah and Charles Owiredu
9 Title: Consumption of Fish in Ona-Ara Local Government Area 82
Authors: O. A. Ajetunmobi
10 Title: Contribution of Women in Agriculture 86
Authors: S. Sangeetha & Dr. R. Rajendran
11 Title: Controlling Suicides in Indian Metro Railway by Implementing a Laser Driven Automatic Mechanical Prey Catching System 89
Authors: Ratan Pal Singh
13 Title: Cyber Grooming and Bullying of Children 91
Authors: Nainy Singh1, Dinkar Gitte2
14 Title: Effect of Caffeinated Coffee on Tear Production 97
Authors: Juddy A.U., Esenwah, E.C., Ikoro N.C., Azuamah Y.C., George G.O., Okorie M.E., Daniel-Nwosu E.M., Nwakamma G.
15 Title: Gender and Culture 101
Authors: Khutheibam Farook Ali
16 Title: Gender Difference in Self Concept among Homeless Individuals of Pakistan 105
Authors: Yaqoob, N. and Zaidi, S. M. I. H.
17 Title: ICT Adoption In Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria: An Assessment

Authors: Olayungbo David Oluseun (PhD); Ajayi Adeola


18 Title: Impact of Parent’s Occupation and Family Income on Children’s Performance 115
Authors: Muhammad Akbar Ali Shah1, Mahreen Anwar2
20 Title: Majority Rule and Minority Protection under Companies Act 1956 with special reference to Foss vs. Harbottle 120
Authors: Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari
21 Title: Online Harassment: A Virtual Crime With Real Consequences 129
Authors: Ashutosh Kumar Pandey
22 Title: Prisoner-Of-War Status after September Eleven: Need for Amending the Laws of War in the Context of Transnational Armed Conflicts 136
Authors: Pritam Kumar Ghosh
23 Title: Protecting the Sensitive Information on Online Social Networks 146
Authors: N.Anjaiah1 & CH.Ravi2
24 Title: Public Interest Litigation in India- Judicial Activism or Judicial Overreach 152
Authors: Pritam Kumar Ghosh
25 Title: Public-Private Partnership

Authors: Monika Sharma and Anita Bindal

26 Title: An Examination Of The Roles Of Government, Financial And Support Institutions To Nigerian Small And Medium Scale Industrialists

Authors: Ajayi Adeola

28 Title: Role of Religion and Spirituality in Civilizing Human Society: A Contemporary Perspective

Authors: Dr. J.S. Anand1 & Prof. M.S. Anand2

29 Title: Security Protective Data Allocation with Anonymous ID Consignment

Authors: P. Shivaprasad & CH. Anuradha

30 Title: Signed Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement of Deaf Children in Special and Integrated Primary Schools in Addis Ababa

Authors: Dr. Tesfaye Basha Ludago

31 Title: VLAN & Its Implementation Over ATM

Authors: Kunal Deswal, Shweta Thakur

32 Title: Voters Turnout- The Veins of Democracy

Authors: Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari1 & Rangam Sharma2

33 Title: Women Security by Usage of Touch Screen Process

Authors: Nisha Trisal; Geeta & Anshul Sharma

34 Title: Water Quality Assessment during the Pre-Monsoon Season in Salem Block, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India

Authors: P. Arulbalaji & B. Gurugnanam


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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-9_Part-4

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: 3-Dimensional Transformation 1
Authors: Priyanka Sahni & Nonika Sharma
2 Title: 5G Mobile Wireless Technology 6
Authors: Palak Sharma; Megha Verma; Neha Sundriyal & Jyoti Chauhan
3 Title: A New Procedure of Visual Cryptography for Maintaining the Security of Visual Information Transaction using Java Based Approach 9
Authors: Krishna Kumari   &   Shashi Yadav
4 Title: A New Mechanism of Dynamic Wireless Charging for Hybrid Electric Vehicles- Requirement of Electronic Era 14
Authors: Richa Karnani, Rahul Kumar, Mohit Kumar
5 Title: A Novel Approach on Image Compression based on Discrete Cosine Transform with MATLAB GUI Coding 19
Authors: Lalit G. Patil
6 Title: A Review of Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters for Photovoltaic generation system 23
Authors: Prakash Kumar Dewangan,   Prof. U.T. Nagdeve
7 Title: A Review on Biomedical Signal Processing 28
Authors: Rahul Kumar* Richa Karnani* Mohit Kumar
8 Title: A Review on ECG System Design 32
Authors: Rakesh Kumar, Rajvir Singh
9 Title: A Study of Cloud Computing Towards Rural Education 38
Authors: Mrs. Mili Patel1; Rakesh Patel2 & Anupam R. Chaube3
10 Title: A Study on Electronic Tattoos 43
Authors: Raji Pandurangan & K.B.Neelima
11 Title: An Analytical Study of Occupational Stress in Education Sector 46
Authors: Diksha Garg &Kavita Rani
13 Title: Avoiding Implication Attacks on Confidential Information 53
Authors: U.Mahender & Burri Naresh
14 Title: Cache and Its Performance 57
Authors: Preeti Chhabra, Radhika Gogia, Rupa Kumari
15 Title: Cache organization and Optimization 61
Authors: Sumit Yadav; Usha Verma & Chhavi Bhardwaj
16 Title: Cloud Computing- A New Reference. 67
Authors: Anuj Kumar Bishnoi & Priyanka Khatri
17 Title: Cloud Computing for Agriculture- An Incipient Technology 70
Authors: Rakesh Patel, Mrs. Mili Patel & Anupam R. Chaube
18 Title: Compiler Construction 76
Authors: Tapodhan Singla,Varun Vashishtha, Sumeet Singh
20 Title: Computer Aided Identification and Analysis of Fibroadenomas 81
Authors: Mousumi Chakraborty
21 Title: Data Communication: Overview of TCP/IP Protocol Suite in Security Complication and their Safeguard 86
Authors: Naveen Panwar; Pankaj Kumar & Chakshu Raj
22 Title: Design of Microstrip Rectangular Patch Antenna for Wireless Application 91
Authors: Ratan Pal Singh
23 Title: Detailed Study of RS-232 Serial Interface 94
Authors: Sarita Rani & Smridhi Malhotra
24 Title: Electrical power generation system Indian scenario and the vision 99
Authors: Prakash Kumar Dewangan & Prof. Umesh. T. Nagdeve
25 Title: Electronic Properties, IR and NMR Spectra of Pentacene and Some of Derivatives

Authors: DhiaHamdi Al-Amiedy, Zeyad Adnan Saleh, RajaaKhedir Al-Yasari, BasimHatim Al-Zaidi

26 Title: File Handling

Authors: Nonika Sharma, Priyanka Sahni

28 Title: Ftp- The File Transfer Protocol

Authors: Leena Rani; Preeti Narula & Neeti Panchal

29 Title: Hole Configuration Cooling Techniques for Gas Turbines Blades

Authors: Jaishri Dubey, Rajni Dewngan, Jaishri Patel, Prakash Kumar Sen, Shailendra Kumar Bohidar

30 Title: Hybrid Source Driven E-Ballasts by using Microprocessor-Controlled Switching Technique

Authors: Priyanka Sahni & Nonika Sharma

31 Title: Investigation of Risk factors Digestive System Cancer

Authors: Ehab Ahmed Mohammed,   Arbab Ismail Babiker.

32 Title: Irrigation Technology Adoption in Kwara State

Authors: O. A. Adeniyi and L. O. Olarinde

33 Title: Java Agent Development Framework

Authors: Sujeet Kumar,   Utkarsh Kumar

34 Title: Brain Box Machine Reading Brainwaves-Mind ReadingComputer

Authors: Manisha Yadav, Gunjan Chhillar & Jobin Abhrahm

35 Title: MLC NAND and Flash Memory

Authors: Tulasi Kumari

36 Title: Mobile Wimax

Authors: Vipin Shukla & Nikhil

37 Title: Modified Ratio Estimator-1

Authors: Asra Nazir, S.Maqbool & Rafia Jan

38 Title: Next-Generation Optical Fiber Network Communication

Authors: Naveen Panwar; Pankaj Kumar & Chakshu Raj

39 Title: Ocular Detection for Biometric Recognition Using Gamma Correction, Histogram Thresholding & PCA

Authors: Bhupinder Singh Batth, Er. Monica Rathee

40 Title: Overview and study of New Channel Coding Methods for Satellite Communication

Authors: Naveen Panwar; Pankaj Kumar & Abhijeet Ashish

41 Title: Performance Enhancements of IC Engines in Real-World Conditions

Authors: Aatif Shaik, Aditya Upadhyaya R, Gowtham K N, & Sachin B N

42 Title: Pioneering Compiler Design

Authors: Nikhita Upreti; Divya Bali & Aabha Sharma

43 Title: Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus in Clinical Specimens and its Antibiotic Susceptibility Profile

Authors: N A Abraham, C I Mboto and R A Raji

44 Title: Proportional Cram of Congestion Control Technique in High Fastness Network

Authors: S. Uma Rani (Guide) And   T. Lakshmi Narayanan

45 Title: Retroactive Data Structure

Authors: Nikhil, Vipin Shukla

46 Title: The Spit and their Morphological Changes of Coleroon River Mouth, Nagapattinam District, South India

Authors: Isai. R, Gurugnanam. B and Arun Kumar.M


Link to Access Print Version of October Issue of IJR

Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-9_Part-1

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: Autobiographical Elements in Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls 1
Authors: Dinesh Kumar
2 Title: An Insight into Local Government in Bangladesh 7
Authors: Jannatul Ferdous
3 Title: Communicative Approach in Teaching English as a Foreign Language 9
Authors: Shahrbanoo Hajian Asrami
4 Title: Comparative Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) with Traditional Instruction at the Teacher Training Level 14
Authors: Dr. Sushma Tyagi
5 Title: Culture Clash in Things Fall Apart 20
Authors: Rahul Singh Sundram
6 Title: Distributed Operating System 23
Authors: Shilpa Yadav; Tanushree & Yashika Arora
7 Title: Eco Conscious reading in P.K. Page’s Poem the ‘Adolescence’ 28
Authors: L. Santhosh Kumar
8 Title: Elements of Network and System Administration 32
Authors: Smita Srivastava, Shweta Kurda & Priya Dubey
9 Title: Empowerment of Women and Role of State in India 38
Authors: Mrs. Suman Gupta
10 Title: Constraints Of Entreppreneurship Education In Nigeria 42
Authors: Ajayi Adeola & Omoleke
11 Title: Eve Teasing: A Societal Epidemic in India 46
Authors: Mr. Rajib Bhattacharyya
13 Title: Excavating Strategies to Bridge up The Industry – Institute Gulf in South Asian Higher Education System 58
Authors: Ashish Siwach, Dr Sudhir Narayan Singh
14 Title: Exception Handling 63
Authors: Jaiveer Singh & Raju Singh
15 Title: Expectations and Misgivings at Decolonization in Ngugi wa Thiongo’s novel A Grain of Wheat Nasreddin Bushra Ahmed 69
Authors: Al Jouf University, Saudi Arabia
16 Title: Female Psyche and Empowerment of Jane Austen and Lakshmi’s Select Novels 71
Authors: Dr. V. Asokkumar
17 Title: Eministic Perspectives in Indian LiteratureAuthors: MrDinesh Kumar  75
18 Title: George Bernard Shaw- As an Iconoclast 77
Authors: Dr. Chirag M. Patel
20 Title: Imagery and Figurative Language in Wordsworth’s Poem’s “the World is too much with us” and “My Heart Leaps Up” 80
Authors: Dr. Chirag M. Patel
21 Title: Journey of the Universe from Birth to Rebirth with Insight into the Unified Interaction of Elementary Particles with Spiral Structure 83
Authors: Suraj Kumar
22 Title: Karnaugh Map 94
Authors: Jaiveer Singh & Raju Singh
23 Title: Kate Millet and the Sexual Politics 98
Authors: Dr. Pradnyashailee Bhagwan Sawai
24 Title: Limbic-based artificial emotional neural networks 100
Authors: Tanushree, Shilpa yadav, Yashika arora
25 Title: Man And Superman : As Tragi – Comic Love ChaseAuthors: Dr. Chirag M. Patel 103
26 Title: Nano-electronicsAuthors: Jaiveer Singh & Raju Singh 107
28 Title: Network SecurityAuthors: Anuj kumar Bishnoi & Priyanka Khatri 113
29 Title: Network Security: Roll of FirewallAuthors: Yogesh Bhatia & Sanjeev Verma 119
30 Title: Overview of Multidimensional Data Model – OLAPAuthors: Siddhant Mehta,   PoonamRawat, Prerna Malik 121
31 Title: Process Intensification and Nano-materials: A Short ReviewAuthors: Sunil Jayant Kulkarni 125
32 Title: Professionalism in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the SeaAuthors: Mohammad Ehsanul Islam Khan 129
33 Title: Spintronics: A New Era in ElectronicsAuthors: Rahul Kumar* Richa Karnani* Mohit Kumar 141
34 Title: Spiritual Humanism in Tagore’s GitanjaliAuthors: Dr. Babu Lal 145
35 Title: StrutsAuthors: Bibhuti Bhusan; Harsh Chawla; Ashutosh Bhatt 149
37 Title: Stylistic Analysis of the poem “Ode to Nightingale” by John KeatsAuthors: Abdul Bari Khan; Iram Zehra and Ghulam Hafsa 152
38 Title: Survey on Information Hiding in Audio and Video FileAuthors: Vaishali Bhagat,Prof.P.Kulurkar 162
39 Title: Tara as a Paradigmatic Indian Consort in Desirable Daughters by Bharati Mukherjee                SAuthors: A. Rajalakshmi; K. Muthupandeeswari & B. Soundarya 168
40 Title: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Job SatisfactionAuthors: Dr. Khalid Mahmood; Mobeen Fatima; Muhammad Arshad & Imran Haider Zaidi 173
41 Title: TransistorsAuthors: Mohit Yadav & Bittu Kumar 179
42 Title: Wi-Fi Technology Goes Hi-fi TechnologyAuthors: Preeti Narula, Leena Rani, Neeti Panchal 182
43 Title: PTS and CCM Based PAPR Reduction in OFDMAuthors: Lalita & Sajjan Singh 185

Link to Access the Print Version of the October Issue of IJR.