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Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-9_Part-1

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: Autobiographical Elements in Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls 1
Authors: Dinesh Kumar
2 Title: An Insight into Local Government in Bangladesh 7
Authors: Jannatul Ferdous
3 Title: Communicative Approach in Teaching English as a Foreign Language 9
Authors: Shahrbanoo Hajian Asrami
4 Title: Comparative Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) with Traditional Instruction at the Teacher Training Level 14
Authors: Dr. Sushma Tyagi
5 Title: Culture Clash in Things Fall Apart 20
Authors: Rahul Singh Sundram
6 Title: Distributed Operating System 23
Authors: Shilpa Yadav; Tanushree & Yashika Arora
7 Title: Eco Conscious reading in P.K. Page’s Poem the ‘Adolescence’ 28
Authors: L. Santhosh Kumar
8 Title: Elements of Network and System Administration 32
Authors: Smita Srivastava, Shweta Kurda & Priya Dubey
9 Title: Empowerment of Women and Role of State in India 38
Authors: Mrs. Suman Gupta
10 Title: Constraints Of Entreppreneurship Education In Nigeria 42
Authors: Ajayi Adeola & Omoleke
11 Title: Eve Teasing: A Societal Epidemic in India 46
Authors: Mr. Rajib Bhattacharyya
13 Title: Excavating Strategies to Bridge up The Industry – Institute Gulf in South Asian Higher Education System 58
Authors: Ashish Siwach, Dr Sudhir Narayan Singh
14 Title: Exception Handling 63
Authors: Jaiveer Singh & Raju Singh
15 Title: Expectations and Misgivings at Decolonization in Ngugi wa Thiongo’s novel A Grain of Wheat Nasreddin Bushra Ahmed 69
Authors: Al Jouf University, Saudi Arabia
16 Title: Female Psyche and Empowerment of Jane Austen and Lakshmi’s Select Novels 71
Authors: Dr. V. Asokkumar
17 Title: Eministic Perspectives in Indian LiteratureAuthors: MrDinesh Kumar  75
18 Title: George Bernard Shaw- As an Iconoclast 77
Authors: Dr. Chirag M. Patel
20 Title: Imagery and Figurative Language in Wordsworth’s Poem’s “the World is too much with us” and “My Heart Leaps Up” 80
Authors: Dr. Chirag M. Patel
21 Title: Journey of the Universe from Birth to Rebirth with Insight into the Unified Interaction of Elementary Particles with Spiral Structure 83
Authors: Suraj Kumar
22 Title: Karnaugh Map 94
Authors: Jaiveer Singh & Raju Singh
23 Title: Kate Millet and the Sexual Politics 98
Authors: Dr. Pradnyashailee Bhagwan Sawai
24 Title: Limbic-based artificial emotional neural networks 100
Authors: Tanushree, Shilpa yadav, Yashika arora
25 Title: Man And Superman : As Tragi – Comic Love ChaseAuthors: Dr. Chirag M. Patel 103
26 Title: Nano-electronicsAuthors: Jaiveer Singh & Raju Singh 107
28 Title: Network SecurityAuthors: Anuj kumar Bishnoi & Priyanka Khatri 113
29 Title: Network Security: Roll of FirewallAuthors: Yogesh Bhatia & Sanjeev Verma 119
30 Title: Overview of Multidimensional Data Model – OLAPAuthors: Siddhant Mehta,   PoonamRawat, Prerna Malik 121
31 Title: Process Intensification and Nano-materials: A Short ReviewAuthors: Sunil Jayant Kulkarni 125
32 Title: Professionalism in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the SeaAuthors: Mohammad Ehsanul Islam Khan 129
33 Title: Spintronics: A New Era in ElectronicsAuthors: Rahul Kumar* Richa Karnani* Mohit Kumar 141
34 Title: Spiritual Humanism in Tagore’s GitanjaliAuthors: Dr. Babu Lal 145
35 Title: StrutsAuthors: Bibhuti Bhusan; Harsh Chawla; Ashutosh Bhatt 149
37 Title: Stylistic Analysis of the poem “Ode to Nightingale” by John KeatsAuthors: Abdul Bari Khan; Iram Zehra and Ghulam Hafsa 152
38 Title: Survey on Information Hiding in Audio and Video FileAuthors: Vaishali Bhagat,Prof.P.Kulurkar 162
39 Title: Tara as a Paradigmatic Indian Consort in Desirable Daughters by Bharati Mukherjee                SAuthors: A. Rajalakshmi; K. Muthupandeeswari & B. Soundarya 168
40 Title: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Job SatisfactionAuthors: Dr. Khalid Mahmood; Mobeen Fatima; Muhammad Arshad & Imran Haider Zaidi 173
41 Title: TransistorsAuthors: Mohit Yadav & Bittu Kumar 179
42 Title: Wi-Fi Technology Goes Hi-fi TechnologyAuthors: Preeti Narula, Leena Rani, Neeti Panchal 182
43 Title: PTS and CCM Based PAPR Reduction in OFDMAuthors: Lalita & Sajjan Singh 185

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