Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-8_Part-2

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: Impact of Divorce on Academic Performance of Senior Secondary Students in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State 1
Authors: Muritala Ishola AKANBI
2 Title: Corruption in Education – Nature and Causes 7
Authors: Dr. Meet & Dr. Laxmi Narayan
3 Title: The Myth of International Rule of Law – In context to the Kadi Decision 27
Authors: Om Prakash Gautam
4 Title: Influence of Social Media Usage on Self-Image and Academic Performance among Senior Secondary School Students in Ilorin-West Local Government, Kwara State 20
Authors: Muritala Ishola Akanbi, Anyio Bahago Theophilus, Ajelabi Ebenizer Oluwaseyi, Said Toyin Akeem, Mohameed Abbas Ibrahim
5 Title: Jesus is a Dalit 36
Authors: Mr. S. Yesu Suresh Raj& Dr. R. Mani
6 Title: Reality Check –Understanding and Adopting ICT Tools 43
Authors: Rose Anthony& Kadvekar Shravan
7 Title: PIL and India: A Judicial Diagnosis 61
Authors: Dr. Malabika Talukdar
8 Title: Use of Information and Communication Technology for Creative Learning 74
Authors: Dr. Shivakumar, G.S & T. Manichander
9 Title: International aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility in Trans-Boundary Pollution 79
Authors: Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari&Rangam Sharma
10 Title: The Delhi Gang Rape: The role of Media in Justice 91
Authors: Rishikesh Kumar Gautam & Sonalee Nargunde
11 Title: Future Prospects of Online vs Traditional Media in Marketing Communication 103
Authors: Anita Bindal Phulia, Monika Sharma and Pooja Rani
13 Title: Sexual Harassment of Women Employees at Workplace: An Analytical Approach in View of the Present Indian Working Society 121
Authors: Mr. Rajib Bhattacharyya
14 Title: Wal-Mart: Can It Succeed In India 114
Authors: Mr. Y. Shafee & L.Jamuna
15 Title: A Comparative Study of Scientific Attitude of High and Low Achievers of Secondary Schools 135
Authors: Mr. Ashish Garg
16 Title: Corporate Social Reporting and Disclosure Practice in India: An Empirical Investigation 140
Authors:ACMA Dr. Meenu Maheshwari & Puja Kaura
17 Title: Influence of Socio Economic Status on Achievement Motivation among Science Students of Private Senior Secondary Schools in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State 196
Authors:Muritala Ishola AKANBI,   Anyio Bahago Theophilus & Godwin Augustina
18 Title: Importance of the Information required by the Artisans of Clay-based Handicrafts of West Bengal for their Product Development 158
Authors: Dr. Sibsankar Jana
20 Title: Hezbollah and Israel: Deterrence in the Face of Mutual Hate 168
Authors:Marques Watson
21 Title: Social Audit- A Social Instrument Ensuring       Public Accountability at Local Level 181
Authors:Md Munazir Alam
22 Title: Mobile Internet 185
Authors: Dr. R. Ramaabaanu & S. Lalitha
23 Title: Use of Cell phones in classroom Teaching: Boon or Bane 192
Authors:Dr. Reena Mittal
24 Title: Basaveshwara’s Thoughts on Social Equality and Social Justice 155
Authors: Swapna Kashinath Jadhav
25 Title: Impact of Parental Involvement on Child’s Achievements and Adjustment in School: With Special Reference to Agra City of Uttar Pradesh, India 147
Authors: Shubham Ojha

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