Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-8_Part-1

List of Articles in Vol-1 Issue-8_IJRSeLL

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: A Survey of the Mangrove Vegetation in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria 1
Authors: *Amadi, J.E , Adebola, M.O. and Eze, C.S.
2 Title: A Survey on Security Threats in Cloud Computing Technology 7
Authors: Harpinder Singh & Sheetal Kalra
3 Title: Adoption of Mobile Commerce in Malaysia:

A Generation Y Perception

Authors: M. Krishna Moorty, Chan Wai Sann, Chan Yee Ling, Tee Pei Yin,   Wan Kah Yan and Yip Yuin Ee
4 Title: Capital Structure: A Comparative Study of Cooperative Society

(With Special Reference to Gujarat State in taluka Dharampur and Kaprada taluka)

Authors: Patel Dilipkumar Chunilal
5 Title: Sellar Region Keratinizing and Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst: Case Report 37
Authors: Mohamed AR Arbab ; Sawsan AH Deaf ; Lamyaa A.M El Hassan; Ahmed M El Hassan
6 Title: E-Governance and RailNet 41
Authors: Deepak Kumar, Anita Bindal and Monika Sharma
7 Title: Heidegger on Destructi 46
Authors: Chung Chin-Yi
8 Title: Imagist Socialist Poetry and Objective Reality 57
Authors: Serkan Engin
9 Title: Internet Usage in Cyber Café and Human Sustainability in Kedah 58
Authors: Noraniza Yusoff
10 Title: Life Skills through Collaborative Learning 68
Authors: Dr .C. V .Padmaja
11 Title: Macbeth and Divine Order 71
Authors: Chung Chin-Yi
13 Title: Open and Distance Learning System as a Mean for Catering Learners’ Need 74
Authors: Hemanta Kr. Baruah
14 Title: Parsing – A Brief Study 78
Authors: Tanya Sharma, Sumit Das & Vishal Bhalla
15 Title: Role of Retail sector in India 85
Authors: Anita Bindal Phulia and Monika Sharma
16 Title: The Emergence of Blues Aesthetic in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye

Authors: Dr Arvind Kumar Sharma

17 Title: Urbanism as A Way of Life

Authors: Dhanashree Dilip Raut & Mohit U Kothawade

18 Title: Utilization of Mobile Banking Facilities with Special Reference to Salem District

Authors: Dr. M. N. Periysamy1, A.Amsa2


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