Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-9_Part-4

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: 3-Dimensional Transformation 1
Authors: Priyanka Sahni & Nonika Sharma
2 Title: 5G Mobile Wireless Technology 6
Authors: Palak Sharma; Megha Verma; Neha Sundriyal & Jyoti Chauhan
3 Title: A New Procedure of Visual Cryptography for Maintaining the Security of Visual Information Transaction using Java Based Approach 9
Authors: Krishna Kumari   &   Shashi Yadav
4 Title: A New Mechanism of Dynamic Wireless Charging for Hybrid Electric Vehicles- Requirement of Electronic Era 14
Authors: Richa Karnani, Rahul Kumar, Mohit Kumar
5 Title: A Novel Approach on Image Compression based on Discrete Cosine Transform with MATLAB GUI Coding 19
Authors: Lalit G. Patil
6 Title: A Review of Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters for Photovoltaic generation system 23
Authors: Prakash Kumar Dewangan,   Prof. U.T. Nagdeve
7 Title: A Review on Biomedical Signal Processing 28
Authors: Rahul Kumar* Richa Karnani* Mohit Kumar
8 Title: A Review on ECG System Design 32
Authors: Rakesh Kumar, Rajvir Singh
9 Title: A Study of Cloud Computing Towards Rural Education 38
Authors: Mrs. Mili Patel1; Rakesh Patel2 & Anupam R. Chaube3
10 Title: A Study on Electronic Tattoos 43
Authors: Raji Pandurangan & K.B.Neelima
11 Title: An Analytical Study of Occupational Stress in Education Sector 46
Authors: Diksha Garg &Kavita Rani
13 Title: Avoiding Implication Attacks on Confidential Information 53
Authors: U.Mahender & Burri Naresh
14 Title: Cache and Its Performance 57
Authors: Preeti Chhabra, Radhika Gogia, Rupa Kumari
15 Title: Cache organization and Optimization 61
Authors: Sumit Yadav; Usha Verma & Chhavi Bhardwaj
16 Title: Cloud Computing- A New Reference. 67
Authors: Anuj Kumar Bishnoi & Priyanka Khatri
17 Title: Cloud Computing for Agriculture- An Incipient Technology 70
Authors: Rakesh Patel, Mrs. Mili Patel & Anupam R. Chaube
18 Title: Compiler Construction 76
Authors: Tapodhan Singla,Varun Vashishtha, Sumeet Singh
20 Title: Computer Aided Identification and Analysis of Fibroadenomas 81
Authors: Mousumi Chakraborty
21 Title: Data Communication: Overview of TCP/IP Protocol Suite in Security Complication and their Safeguard 86
Authors: Naveen Panwar; Pankaj Kumar & Chakshu Raj
22 Title: Design of Microstrip Rectangular Patch Antenna for Wireless Application 91
Authors: Ratan Pal Singh
23 Title: Detailed Study of RS-232 Serial Interface 94
Authors: Sarita Rani & Smridhi Malhotra
24 Title: Electrical power generation system Indian scenario and the vision 99
Authors: Prakash Kumar Dewangan & Prof. Umesh. T. Nagdeve
25 Title: Electronic Properties, IR and NMR Spectra of Pentacene and Some of Derivatives

Authors: DhiaHamdi Al-Amiedy, Zeyad Adnan Saleh, RajaaKhedir Al-Yasari, BasimHatim Al-Zaidi

26 Title: File Handling

Authors: Nonika Sharma, Priyanka Sahni

28 Title: Ftp- The File Transfer Protocol

Authors: Leena Rani; Preeti Narula & Neeti Panchal

29 Title: Hole Configuration Cooling Techniques for Gas Turbines Blades

Authors: Jaishri Dubey, Rajni Dewngan, Jaishri Patel, Prakash Kumar Sen, Shailendra Kumar Bohidar

30 Title: Hybrid Source Driven E-Ballasts by using Microprocessor-Controlled Switching Technique

Authors: Priyanka Sahni & Nonika Sharma

31 Title: Investigation of Risk factors Digestive System Cancer

Authors: Ehab Ahmed Mohammed,   Arbab Ismail Babiker.

32 Title: Irrigation Technology Adoption in Kwara State

Authors: O. A. Adeniyi and L. O. Olarinde

33 Title: Java Agent Development Framework

Authors: Sujeet Kumar,   Utkarsh Kumar

34 Title: Brain Box Machine Reading Brainwaves-Mind ReadingComputer

Authors: Manisha Yadav, Gunjan Chhillar & Jobin Abhrahm

35 Title: MLC NAND and Flash Memory

Authors: Tulasi Kumari

36 Title: Mobile Wimax

Authors: Vipin Shukla & Nikhil

37 Title: Modified Ratio Estimator-1

Authors: Asra Nazir, S.Maqbool & Rafia Jan

38 Title: Next-Generation Optical Fiber Network Communication

Authors: Naveen Panwar; Pankaj Kumar & Chakshu Raj

39 Title: Ocular Detection for Biometric Recognition Using Gamma Correction, Histogram Thresholding & PCA

Authors: Bhupinder Singh Batth, Er. Monica Rathee

40 Title: Overview and study of New Channel Coding Methods for Satellite Communication

Authors: Naveen Panwar; Pankaj Kumar & Abhijeet Ashish

41 Title: Performance Enhancements of IC Engines in Real-World Conditions

Authors: Aatif Shaik, Aditya Upadhyaya R, Gowtham K N, & Sachin B N

42 Title: Pioneering Compiler Design

Authors: Nikhita Upreti; Divya Bali & Aabha Sharma

43 Title: Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus in Clinical Specimens and its Antibiotic Susceptibility Profile

Authors: N A Abraham, C I Mboto and R A Raji

44 Title: Proportional Cram of Congestion Control Technique in High Fastness Network

Authors: S. Uma Rani (Guide) And   T. Lakshmi Narayanan

45 Title: Retroactive Data Structure

Authors: Nikhil, Vipin Shukla

46 Title: The Spit and their Morphological Changes of Coleroon River Mouth, Nagapattinam District, South India

Authors: Isai. R, Gurugnanam. B and Arun Kumar.M


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