Table of Content: Vol-1 Issue-9_Part-3

Sr. No. Title of the Paper and Authors Page No.
1 Title: A Study on Perception of Bank Customers towards the Communication Competency among Bank Employees with Special Reference to Nationalized Bank at Dharmapuri 1
Authors: Dr. S. Sekar & Mrs. R. Shenbagam
2 Title: A Study on Socio – Economic status of Dalit Christians in Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu 4
Authors: Mr. S. Yesu Suresh Raj, &   Dr. R. Mani
3 Title: An Empirical Study of Educators’ Inclination towards Entrepreneurship 10
Authors: Ms. Saumya Singh & Mr. Abhijeet Biswas
4 Title: Community and tourism in Uttarakhand- its Challenges and Opportunities 20
Authors: Dr. Reenu Rani1 & Arti Arora
5 Title: Deadlocks in Distributed Systems 24
Authors: Yogesh Bhatia Sanjeev Verma
6 Title: Debugging- A Higher Approach 27
Authors: Anuj Kumar Bishnoi & Priyanka Khatri
7 Title: Econometric Analysis of the Effect of Climate Change on Crop Insurance in Oyo State, Nigeria 31
Authors: Ajiboye B.O, Amao S.A , Abass,A.O & Adeagbo,T.A
8 Title: Green Computing and Its Importance 42
Authors: Shweta Saini & Neha Yadav
9 Title: Gross Margin Analysis of Small Scale Cassava Processing Activities in Surulere Local     Government Area of Oyo State 46
Authors: M. O. Adio
10 Title: ICT Applications to Library Sector 52
Authors: Jayant Deshpande
11 Title: Impact of E-commerce on Cost and Productivity 55
Authors: Ms. Bhupinder Kaur
13 Title: Importance and Problems of E- Recruitment 61
Authors: Dr. R. Ramaabaanu & M. Saranya
14 Title: Cache and Its Performance 57
Authors: Preeti Chhabra, Radhika Gogia, Rupa Kumari
15 Title: Cache organization and Optimization 61
Authors: Sumit Yadav; Usha Verma & Chhavi Bhardwaj
16 Title: Integrating Research and E-Learning in Advanced Computer Architecture Courses 66
Authors: Rahul Rapariya, Surbhi Miglani, Sakshi Kohli
17 Title: JMF player 71
Authors: Sumit Yadav; Usha Verma & Chhavi Bhardwaj
18 Title: Mass Rapid Transit 76
Authors: Sejal Mathur & Saurabh Papadkar
20 Title: On the Systematic Development of Domain-Specific Mashup Tools for End Users 82
Authors: Shweta Thakur, Kunal Deswal
21 Title: Profitability of Watermelon to Farmers in Ibarapa Central Local Government Area of Oyo State 87
Authors: S. A. Amao, B. O. Ajiboye, T. A. Adeagbo and O. A. Akinyemi
22 Title: Protection of Geographical Indication and Legal Framework in India 92
Authors: Mrs. Paramita Ray & Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha
23 Title: Quantitative Morphometric Analysis of a Watershed in the Region of Bangar Area Dewas District, Madhya Pradesh, India. 98
Authors: Mohammad Rizwan, and Pramendra Dev
24 Title: Reversible Data Hiding in Color Images Using AES Data Encryption System 109
Authors: Sreelatha G
25 Title: Rising Expenses on Data Mining

Authors: Kunal Deswal & Shweta Thakur,

26 Title: Risk Management

Authors: Yashika Arora; Shilpa Yadav; Tanushree

28 Title: Role Of ICT In Teaching Biology

Authors: Senthilkumar R, Sivapragasam C and Senthamaraikannan B

29 Title: Role of Mobile Marketing in Business

Authors: Dr. M. N. Periysamy &   S. Mageswari

30 Title: An Investigation Of The Problems Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria

Authors: Ajayi Adeola

31 Title: Software Risk Management and Risk Mitigation Technique

Authors: Kunal Deswal & Shweta Thakur

32 Title: Tsunami Early Warning System through Bottom Pressure Recorder and Data Transmission through Satellite Communication Network

Authors: O. A. Adeniyi and L. O. Olarinde


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