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Mental health as paramount

The absurd stigma that is attached to mental health has become the paramount subject to focus on because of the unfinished business that untreated illness has. Apparently , fifty percent of the statistical records say that mental illness isn’t taken seriously and half the people are left untreated in a sane and safe process. Accepting the fact that physical illness of the brain causes disturbances in thinking, behavior, energy or emotion that make it difficult to cope with the ordinary demands of life. The undivided attention or energy isn’t perpetual at all the stages of mood disorders. Mental health illness has its own subdivided sections which are going unnoticed and underrated. Typically , as people will tell you , “in those days we used to sit and talk which resulted in peace and compressed our tensions” not mocking but stating facts. As of now when we propose to talk people just come up with more of tremendous amount of toxic energy when the talk about compressing depression or anxiety comes up. In such of an unhealthy and toxic generation there are no quality talks which lead to peace. The heart-to-heart talk is now a “once upon a time” thing , now it’s just toxic gossiping , unhealthy narcissism and what not.

Anxiety and panic attacks aren’t joke material – There will be a chance of getting better about the mental illness factors when people start seeing it through the complex lens of what it actually can do to a stable person. For a normal being , depression , anxiety and impulsiveness are just a flexing thing for therapy whereas , they are for real and very much a thing these days when compared to the old days. Mental illness doesn’t require therapy sessions which cost you a bomb , sometimes it’s just an authentic person who can listen to all your problems and try to fix them by peace-talking you. It’s not gossiping and sulking about things which makes you feel better it’s the quality time that you take out to put yourself out there in the raw and real world to find your exposure with the people you share closure with. Therefore , repeating isn’t a crime so , depression isn’t a joke and don’t make it one.


Evolvement of businesses in India

Understanding plurality in the concept of India markets and the games it takes up with the complex business issues , there isn’t one definite or singular point of view about that. To shape the India into the distinctive , consumer characterized and economic consumption patterns it takes several methods of application on what forces affect them. The fickle and capricious behavior of consumer patterns and splendid business activities that are been conducted in the same ceremony since years as a business tradition resulted in sudden shift and sales volumes start escalating or suddenly zooming downwards. It is not an unusual placement to be happening but several quarters of the study growth and statistics started following the healthy growth ways to develop Indian markets and their business economics. The erratic behaviour or new errants into the market shocks the state and condition of how the healthy market is running. The very functioning of the business and their ways of adoptions , evolvement have tremendous yet unnoticed impact on the India’s markets.

BEYOND HETEROGENEITY – Marketing the sets of consumer base of social cultures , diversifications of food habits , climatic behaviours , languages according to the religion , orientations of cultural bliss and the list follows. In order to extract most of the value from the Indian market , they need to develop certain strategies and build healthy competencies. However , it all depends from the social , political and economics lens we use to view the perspective of the evolvement in the business games. At the end of the day the forecasted behavior of Indian markets and their business proves it erratic and indecisive behaviour.

Is brand conscious actually brand conscious ?

Highlighting the pragmatic and success seeking aspect of the today’s ensembles shouting out with the overrated to the core tag “brand conscious”. The companies believe that being brand conscious is the ultimate solution for all the queries raised and skepticism asked. Very value sensitive factors effect in the choice of product growth and creates glitch in the views about the company which raises the expectations. There opens an interesting window of opportunity that will stay sane and perpetual while longer for companies to establish dominant positions in the masses of Indian markets and their statistics. But at the same time Indian markets are capable of seizing their own golden opportunities by focusing on phony subjects like brand and price consciousness , they lose their powerful and authentic market and consumers who are genuinely into their ensembles. Brand consciousness has just become the need to have a gradual repetition as a social obligation whereas , there’s a lot of gambling and brands aren’t even been scrutinized about their pricing levels which aren’t monetary friendly. There’s so much beyond brand conscious aspect which benefits the stakeholders in a non ethical way.

FRAMEWORK OF BRANDING & PRICING – There’s a lot of statistical date and math involved in the very clean process of pricing which involves the hint of branding. Many companies are reluctant enough to retest the “tried-and-tested” business tactics to make sure that brand conscious actually works. Modest-sized and family strategies are no more a healthy choice of building or laying a stronger foundation to the business economics , it’s all bad money and gambling which brings glory according to the business magnates. Since the class market strategies are the subtle yet rapid growing market consumer groups in the economy all the influential and wealthy business groups stared to follow and take the brand conscious as a must which is apparently just an obligation. Therefore , there are so many other money deprived magnates who try brand conscious just like it and they are up for the grabs.

Patterns of rural India

Insides rural India having consumer oases from the disguised and discernible pattern , apparent statistics speak a lot about the dysfunctional pattern which are driven by several series of localized happenings. The undertook activities and other market development functions have been switching between on and off which were meant to benefit the needy. In order to penetrate the villages and the remote areas of them the distribution and micro market marking have been working on their network. The eventual picture of rural conditions have the same assets just as the urban but the priorities haven’t been set in a fair and justifying manner. The disturbed vibe has created a lot of chaos and resulted in fiasco of plans that have been set to improvise the rural conditions. The consumer based plans like household planning are falling apart due to the lack of amenities.

ASSETS & AMENITIES – The clear and apparent winners are sanitation , water supply , electricity passage , health sectors. But the rural affluence segments , demand segments are still disguised and at tremendous stake. The study has made it clear that all the statistical numbers sound very counter-intuitive cause most of them know the penetration of most plans are actually poor. But the very marketers are surprised every time due to the poor and small penetration of a tremendous yet decent amount of population effects on a very large actual market size. Since the market knows what are the actual winners hope they’ll know what are the fiasco parts of the rural patterns.

Crisis of demand stagnation

In all fairness , some of the unsaid scepticism is with good deeds of the Indian logic of economies. Since the liberalized India has happened there have been the major disappointments caused lacking in sufficient understanding of the pattern of this gradual progress of Indian economy. Digging into the handsight , to review the India’s economic demand strategies it may help in putting some past bogeys to rest. Just after the very liberalization , there has been desperation for money and desire in a very tremendous range. But resulting of the demand boom , the initial kick start off the good five years of liberalization was a phenomenal and a red herring. Briefing about the demand stagnation does not leave stock keeping units at the stake. The share of trouble has spread out to consulting firms and commendable shareholders who had interests in the business of economic strategies.

PSYCHOGRAPHIC DETERMINANTS : The consumption behavior by the distinct needs that drive the self-employed people in India have been granted easy access to all the economical sectors which were typically built strong. Very mainly traders like power , pick-up and visual dominance as well as the “dominators” people with big toxic egos had a follow up survey and a brief segmentation study about the psychographic determinants design in order to have a clear picture about how and which way is demand stagnation effecting in the moulding of psychographics of the economy. As a consequence of the crisis about the demand India stands as the arrived yet striving consumer India in its economy strategies.

Insights into wrongdoings

Watching the world acquire its bad karma through irrational and unethical things could be one of the worst processes ever. People being the prime subject regarding stereotyping every single reference and disguising it into a frequent repetition is making the upbringing of the future generations to believe that judging is the supreme way to stand out pompously. Exterior of today’s world is cold and lifeless and flexing the status by putting someone down is the new tactic. Shouting out as a kindness source is just a cyber obligation now , kindness costs nothing but the wrongdoings of the humans are price tagging everything with the whole point of just being the toxic superiority thing in the society. Value’s have been determined but stereotypes are gradually dropping their standards of moral and mental states by being a slave for the limelight.

Pomp & Possessions : The ultimate pretentious desperation has got the world go ahead with the superior flex of possessions. Pompous and splendid behaviour has become the frequent doing of the society where kindness and spreading happiness is just for the put up of social views. Every wrongdoing till date by the very humans of the world is no help. Every strong instinct of the judgements are either the ultimate truth or just turning out to be the obligation that today’s world has learnt to perform. Better world can be unleashed by strict scrutinization of what is highly moral and what is not.

21st century Vs platonic love

The insanely developing hostility of 21st century towards platonic love is too evidently hard to accept. Old school rituals might have disappeared from the books of history but the dense population of the very existing 21st century is the flipping on to the side of consumerist-oriented relationships which only leave the mark of objective stuff but no question of platonic love. The very tendency of today’s world is characterized by falling for money grubbing subjects which makes one a phony and damages their authenticity. Platonic love might sound a bit too inordinate and extreme but that’s how all the relationships were less complicated and effortlessly portrayed as genuinely heart felt.

ALTRUISTIC > MATERIALISTIC – 21st century has slipped into falling into materialistic things leaving the authentic love behind with ease. People are no more choosing humans over exorbitant things. Humans were once a priority , now it’s all about less thrifty financial decisions and more of decisions comprising of attention seeking things. Limelight has become paramount for every human in the 21st century times. Superiority complexities is the new normal to be flexing statuses which are fake and unsatisfactory subject. Believe it or not platonic love is fading in the times of unbelievable 21st century.

Understatement of Art

Starting off from atom to antimatter , regardless of imperfections everything is art. The condensed situation of why art is slipping into the underrated part of senses of world. Art which stands as the pursuit of captivating yet aesthetically drawn aspect is fading away from the good deeds and the slow disappearance of Art is creating a whole pangs of melancholy in the hearts of artists who live for art. No lack of erudition , no scornful subjects yet Art is being frittering away.

ARTIST WAS AN AMATEUR – Perceptions of an artist isn’t about earning big bucks and float in filthy and tremendous finances. Artists portrays the best out of every serene and a mournful state of scenic routes. Artist was once an amateur turned to the beautiful sight of the world addressing him as the most supreme title “ARTIST”. Artist waits for the right frame of mind to put things out to the world in a charming manner. People don’t just say “Romanticism handles with discipline” , not without any piece of art that appealed them to take art as more than just an obligation. Human is art , Art runs through a cycle not stoppage and there is no room for vandelism in the state of art.

What is world without media in it ?

Putting through the object of shouting out to any sense of news in the world also known as media by all its means. What would the world look like without media in it ? Being oblivion of everything that’s happening round the world just makes people in it numb. Stating the very topic into all the chaos and peace media is entitled to its literal meaning and obligation disguised as responsibility in all its phases its scattering.

MEDIUMS OF BROADCAST AT ITS BEST – Stating to “best” isn’t just amplifying the frequencies , setting records of forms of radios . Accessible is the new appealing subject in the eyes of people. Rooting to the older ways has forgotten and long lost by its own. No one’s seeking for the talk intended platforms of approaching people with the news. Intensification of media through its nodes of history and contemporary can bring tremendous amendments in its way of reaching out to the robust news out there in the world.

Acknowledgment to the today’s media : It requires people , cyber subjects , communication skill set and of course a world to accept the underrated blessing to the less oblivious minds in order to be up with all the news revolving around. Conceding , valuing the media and saving it by all our approaches keeps the world sane and less to worry about a world without media in it. At the end of the day we say “something is better than nothing” and call it a day.


New yet bygone generation in the blues of society. Since the baby boom generation , Millennials stand as the largest age to be emerging in today’s world. Speaking of which , millennials is the term of whole new world of itself. The concept of evolving millennials have engagement with all sorts of characteristics involving corporate hierarchies, cycle of work enforced in the multi-tasking categories and carefully considered about the needs and deeds which embroil certain intakes which are rationally helpful to the society. The stakeholders subjecting to be business factors or the millennials who put themselves out there into the robust yet welcoming society with all the bravery. Hands down , acknowledgment to the best generation ever made in the books of history and which is still in the making.

GETTING USED TO THE LINGO : The millennials helped many remote and numb sectors of the society get embroiled and self sufficient with cyber connections. The tolerant , diverse and ideology oriented generation stands itself into the society as a world by its own. Since the millennium term has turned out to be the object of superiority amongst one of the generations in the bygones , it conventionally brings out its newness even though it’s been years since the millennials and the idea has made its mark.

“OK , BOOMER” Does it ring any bell? Yes , it’s whole and solely the invention of the millennial lingo which dispersed itself widely in all the aspects of cyber platforms. Keeping it in moderation , millennials are in their guts & glory.