Understatement of Art

Starting off from atom to antimatter , regardless of imperfections everything is art. The condensed situation of why art is slipping into the underrated part of senses of world. Art which stands as the pursuit of captivating yet aesthetically drawn aspect is fading away from the good deeds and the slow disappearance of Art is creating a whole pangs of melancholy in the hearts of artists who live for art. No lack of erudition , no scornful subjects yet Art is being frittering away.

ARTIST WAS AN AMATEUR – Perceptions of an artist isn’t about earning big bucks and float in filthy and tremendous finances. Artists portrays the best out of every serene and a mournful state of scenic routes. Artist was once an amateur turned to the beautiful sight of the world addressing him as the most supreme title “ARTIST”. Artist waits for the right frame of mind to put things out to the world in a charming manner. People don’t just say “Romanticism handles with discipline” , not without any piece of art that appealed them to take art as more than just an obligation. Human is art , Art runs through a cycle not stoppage and there is no room for vandelism in the state of art.