21st century Vs platonic love

The insanely developing hostility of 21st century towards platonic love is too evidently hard to accept. Old school rituals might have disappeared from the books of history but the dense population of the very existing 21st century is the flipping on to the side of consumerist-oriented relationships which only leave the mark of objective stuff but no question of platonic love. The very tendency of today’s world is characterized by falling for money grubbing subjects which makes one a phony and damages their authenticity. Platonic love might sound a bit too inordinate and extreme but that’s how all the relationships were less complicated and effortlessly portrayed as genuinely heart felt.

ALTRUISTIC > MATERIALISTIC – 21st century has slipped into falling into materialistic things leaving the authentic love behind with ease. People are no more choosing humans over exorbitant things. Humans were once a priority , now it’s all about less thrifty financial decisions and more of decisions comprising of attention seeking things. Limelight has become paramount for every human in the 21st century times. Superiority complexities is the new normal to be flexing statuses which are fake and unsatisfactory subject. Believe it or not platonic love is fading in the times of unbelievable 21st century.