What is world without media in it ?

Putting through the object of shouting out to any sense of news in the world also known as media by all its means. What would the world look like without media in it ? Being oblivion of everything that’s happening round the world just makes people in it numb. Stating the very topic into all the chaos and peace media is entitled to its literal meaning and obligation disguised as responsibility in all its phases its scattering.

MEDIUMS OF BROADCAST AT ITS BEST – Stating to “best” isn’t just amplifying the frequencies , setting records of forms of radios . Accessible is the new appealing subject in the eyes of people. Rooting to the older ways has forgotten and long lost by its own. No one’s seeking for the talk intended platforms of approaching people with the news. Intensification of media through its nodes of history and contemporary can bring tremendous amendments in its way of reaching out to the robust news out there in the world.

Acknowledgment to the today’s media : It requires people , cyber subjects , communication skill set and of course a world to accept the underrated blessing to the less oblivious minds in order to be up with all the news revolving around. Conceding , valuing the media and saving it by all our approaches keeps the world sane and less to worry about a world without media in it. At the end of the day we say “something is better than nothing” and call it a day.