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UNLOCK 2.0 , state the key holder.

Rules have been passed , guidelines have been put up but where does the skepticism lie ? Apparently the movement of the public has been put under control but the state is the ultimate key holder to the indecisiveness and functions.

(1) THE PERMITTED & BARRED : – The motion of international air travel passengers have been held onto the barred and the exception of permitted by MHA lies in disguise. – Metro rail , cinema halls which counts all sorts of entertainment and travel entitlements into the barred zones. – All categorization of social / political / sports / academic / press conference/ gatherings are not be entertained.

SUBJECTION TO CURFEW – Motion of public will be strictly remained prohibited between 10:00 PM to 5:00. Acknowledging the fact of Government having to post night curfew which stands as a question to most of the factors effecting night shifts and resulting in the employment crisis. Is it really worth the prerogative? Listing to all the factors night curfew and the unlock 2.0 are two perceptions in the eyes of Government. Both the perceptions are been held up close to the scrutinization. Attention to all the synthesizing with the strands of the curfew. Henceforth , key is in the hands of the state. Geared up for the big reveal , theories enclosed.