Insights into wrongdoings

Watching the world acquire its bad karma through irrational and unethical things could be one of the worst processes ever. People being the prime subject regarding stereotyping every single reference and disguising it into a frequent repetition is making the upbringing of the future generations to believe that judging is the supreme way to stand out pompously. Exterior of today’s world is cold and lifeless and flexing the status by putting someone down is the new tactic. Shouting out as a kindness source is just a cyber obligation now , kindness costs nothing but the wrongdoings of the humans are price tagging everything with the whole point of just being the toxic superiority thing in the society. Value’s have been determined but stereotypes are gradually dropping their standards of moral and mental states by being a slave for the limelight.

Pomp & Possessions : The ultimate pretentious desperation has got the world go ahead with the superior flex of possessions. Pompous and splendid behaviour has become the frequent doing of the society where kindness and spreading happiness is just for the put up of social views. Every wrongdoing till date by the very humans of the world is no help. Every strong instinct of the judgements are either the ultimate truth or just turning out to be the obligation that today’s world has learnt to perform. Better world can be unleashed by strict scrutinization of what is highly moral and what is not.