Patterns of rural India

Insides rural India having consumer oases from the disguised and discernible pattern , apparent statistics speak a lot about the dysfunctional pattern which are driven by several series of localized happenings. The undertook activities and other market development functions have been switching between on and off which were meant to benefit the needy. In order to penetrate the villages and the remote areas of them the distribution and micro market marking have been working on their network. The eventual picture of rural conditions have the same assets just as the urban but the priorities haven’t been set in a fair and justifying manner. The disturbed vibe has created a lot of chaos and resulted in fiasco of plans that have been set to improvise the rural conditions. The consumer based plans like household planning are falling apart due to the lack of amenities.

ASSETS & AMENITIES – The clear and apparent winners are sanitation , water supply , electricity passage , health sectors. But the rural affluence segments , demand segments are still disguised and at tremendous stake. The study has made it clear that all the statistical numbers sound very counter-intuitive cause most of them know the penetration of most plans are actually poor. But the very marketers are surprised every time due to the poor and small penetration of a tremendous yet decent amount of population effects on a very large actual market size. Since the market knows what are the actual winners hope they’ll know what are the fiasco parts of the rural patterns.