Is brand conscious actually brand conscious ?

Highlighting the pragmatic and success seeking aspect of the today’s ensembles shouting out with the overrated to the core tag “brand conscious”. The companies believe that being brand conscious is the ultimate solution for all the queries raised and skepticism asked. Very value sensitive factors effect in the choice of product growth and creates glitch in the views about the company which raises the expectations. There opens an interesting window of opportunity that will stay sane and perpetual while longer for companies to establish dominant positions in the masses of Indian markets and their statistics. But at the same time Indian markets are capable of seizing their own golden opportunities by focusing on phony subjects like brand and price consciousness , they lose their powerful and authentic market and consumers who are genuinely into their ensembles. Brand consciousness has just become the need to have a gradual repetition as a social obligation whereas , there’s a lot of gambling and brands aren’t even been scrutinized about their pricing levels which aren’t monetary friendly. There’s so much beyond brand conscious aspect which benefits the stakeholders in a non ethical way.

FRAMEWORK OF BRANDING & PRICING – There’s a lot of statistical date and math involved in the very clean process of pricing which involves the hint of branding. Many companies are reluctant enough to retest the “tried-and-tested” business tactics to make sure that brand conscious actually works. Modest-sized and family strategies are no more a healthy choice of building or laying a stronger foundation to the business economics , it’s all bad money and gambling which brings glory according to the business magnates. Since the class market strategies are the subtle yet rapid growing market consumer groups in the economy all the influential and wealthy business groups stared to follow and take the brand conscious as a must which is apparently just an obligation. Therefore , there are so many other money deprived magnates who try brand conscious just like it and they are up for the grabs.