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Indians and their food

A person’s way to his heart is way through his stomach.

From the 1st century B. C. E Indians started off with the agricultural practices and they not only produced vegetables, but were also engaged in the production of herbs, spices and all kinds of cereals and pulses. At the same time, a lot of food, vegetables, cereals, meat, and other type of food was brought into the Indian subcontinent with each and every dynasty that ruled over this foodie country for hundreds of years. And India came to be known for it’s enormous variety of food – whether it is of the Indian origin or a mixture of Indi-foreign tastes – the country made it it’s own and presented it with a tinch of selfness. Centuries have passed away and the very essence of the Indianness of the Indian street and nobel cuisines.

It’s been years now, since we have been eating and experiencing a continuous change in a lot of local as well as foreign cuisines. The changing trend in this field has delighted both the restaurant chains as well as the connoisseur of food and new type of food. Not only, but Rajasthani, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, or South Indian food has gained love in every Indian plate but, cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, Thai and Mexican have made their way out and is loved all over the Indian subcontinent. Street food has taken over all of the towns and cities and people eat them with great pleasure;be it Indian or Chinese or any other type of meal, everyone tend to get more and more of dishes onto their plates.

The history –

Around 700 BCE, agriculture spread from the Fertile Crescent to the Indus Valley, a wheat and barely began to be grown. Sesame, and humped cattle were domesticated in the local farming communities. By 3000 BCE, turmeric, cardamom, black, pepper and mustard were harvested in India. The ancient Hindu text Mahabharata mentions rice and meat cooked together, and the word “pulao” is used to refer to the dish in ancient Sanskrit works, such as Yājñavalkya Smrti. These evidences are far enough to provide a great example of the historicity of India and the Indian food.

The mingling of cultures –

The coming of various dynasties and rulers over the Indian land has marked a great change in the way Indians looked at their food. The Mughals, the Persians, the Turks, Dutchess, Afghans and a large number of rules that ruled over this vast country brought with them new and delicious food that mingled with the flavours of Indianness. Travellers traveling to India during the 16th century or middle ages introduced new cooking methods and products to the region. These fusioned cuisines tend to adapt India cooking and seasoning techniques and made dishes well integrated.

Change in the eating habits –

Indian texts such as The Mahabharata, Bhagvad Gita and Buddhist texts focuses primarily on their eating of Saatvic, raajsic, or taamsic food, as consumption of beef was considered taboo, due to cows being considered sacred in Hinduism. It was only after the coming up of Afghans, Mughals and Turks that eating beef or meat became an integral part of every Indian kitchen.

Today, street food have gained a lot of popularity among the youngsters as well as enthusiasts of food. Every Indian and foreign meal has taken over the Indian streets and made people fall for them. Apart from the restaurants, every dish is made available at the small shops and street vendors’ stalls, that has made the food cheaper and everyone can taste the food available at every part of the world

Indians have always been known for their food and eating habits that makes them shine on the world level. It is it’s historicity and the use of spices that has helped the Indian cuisine to be one of the favorites in the world that according to a report on Food Tourism issued by the UN World Tourism Organization states that

Over a third spending is devoted to food which shows how important the Indian cuisine has become.

Top 7 kinds of Instagrammers

1) The PDA-Grammers

The lovey-dovey duo of Instagram is 24/7 found engaged in PDA and some of their followers find it “too cute to handle” “OMG you both are just perfect together” etc while the others who are single and ready to mingle find it very annoying but again who cares?! Cause the couple that grams together stays together!

2) The FOOD-Grammers

Commonly found, Foodies have earned a name in the industry for capturing every single ounce of spice flavoured in each and every exotic dish they’ve eaten since Instagram was presented in 2010. As much as 70% of the Foodie’s financial plan goes to sushis, momos and what not. They don’t leave any stone unturned in posting mouth watering dishes specially at late night so as to give rise to the cravings in their followers and then replying back as “tum bhi banakar kha lo na”.

3) The Travel-Grammers

This couple/ girl gang/group of friends is consistently on an extended get-away, continually posting pictures from those excursions. For sure they may be some secret agents? How on earth, do they manage to bear the cost of these numerous get-aways? You detest them, their appealing appearances, conditioned bodies and flawless lives. And they have their story highlights named with endless number of countries and you just speak to your phone screen and desperately want to switch lives with them. Haha! But it’s only because of them, that we visit such lavish countries virtually.

4) The perfect Photo-Grammers

They have an account on Instagram at the make another account to plant or not coming to offensive Mega showcase their photography skills everything ranging from clouds flowers butterflies to building Sun Le Sun their own house the bridges they are accustomed to clicking picture of this everything from n number of angles and what’s the purpose of it cause there in everything that we do something is also give me some places to a heart so go ahead you photo grammars.

5) The Selfie-Grammer

On Christmas day, on New Years Eve, the evening of her best friend’s neighbour’s wedding and so on— this Instagrammer takes selfies constantly. Be it a pout, the smiling face, resting bitch face or a duck face to all sorts of tooth-flashing faces, this lady is a pro at clicking selfies with all of the multiple poses and that is the reason why she has so many followers and is termed commonly known as selfie queen.

6) The Bad-news Grammer

Doing drugs, selling firearms, recording 15 seconds of his latest poaching trip; this Instagrammer is always out there on Instagram, posting stories about the bad which is happening in the world. An animal being shot, a person dead at the accident, the government not functioning in a proper way, any other mishap happening etc. You want to get a daily dose of negativity? Go head to his profile!

7) The Meme-Troll Grammer

Did you take a social media detox for a week and so you are not well up-to-dated with the latest kind of memes. Don’t worry this kind of instagrammer’s profile is going to serve your purpose. Just go ahead to his profile and check out his stories filled with the memes and mockery everyday. There might be 0 posts but will get a number of memes posted everyday so that way you are never outdated in your Meme knowledge.