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On 7 July, the HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal announced a major 30% reduction in the CBSE syllabus. A slight reduction in the syllabus was done in April 2020 too, but as the lockdown is extend and the Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse, the studies are getting affected and now a bigger reduction is finalized. CBSE states that “although the syllabus has been reduced, but care has been taken so that the learning outcomes remains the same”. CBSE also stated in its notification ,” though 30% syllabus has been reduced from the new academic year, teachers should ensure that the students understand these topics so that they can use the information in connection with other topics”. There’s no doubt the reduction of syllabus is a welcome move, but the actual thing here is that whether the chapters which have been eliminated by CBSE were really not that important? I personally think some of the chapters which CBSE eliminated were of great worth and shouldn’t have been eliminated.The list of some of those chapters and their importance are listed below:

DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS(9th Std.) – This particular chapter talks about all the Democratic and Fundamental rights of an Indian Citizen. It explains how a democratic government has to be periodically elected by the people in free and fair manner. These Fundamentals and Democratic rights should be know by every citizen so that it can be utilized when required. The students could had learned about the basic rights , such as Right to Freedom, Right to Equality, Right against exploitation and many more along with their significance.

CONSTITUTIONAL DESIGN(9th Std.) – India is a democratic country and there are certain rules and regulations which the citizen and the government must follow, all these rules are together called Constitution. This chapter is about this only. This chapter discusses the need to have a constitution, the making of the Indian Constitution and the guiding values of the Indian Constitution. Every Indian should know how our country’s constitution is being made and what all it consists.

DEMOCRACY AND DIVERSITY(10th Std.) – India being a democratic and diversified country itself makes this chapter more powerful.This chapter teaches that the existence of social diversity does not threaten democracy. The political expression of social differences is possible and sometimes quite desirable in a democratic system.

GENDER, RELIGION AND CASTE(10th Std.) – India is a secular country where every citizen has the freedom to choose their religion. No one can be discriminated on the basis of their caste and religion. This chapter talks about the religion differences , caste inequalities, communalisim, women’s political representation etc. I personally think this chapter is very important, as children are the future of our country and we would definitely not want if someone will suffer due to their caste or religion in the future.

MONEY AND BANKING (12th Std.)– This chapter of economics talks about the money operations which are operated by the RBI and the central government. Children learn about the functioning of Cash Reserve Ratio(CRR), Statutory Liquidity Ratio(SLR), Repo and Reverse repo rate and the control of credit through bank rate. According to me this particular chapter is very beneficial to know more about how our cash related operations are handled by the RBI and government.


CBSE result declared -what are the positives & negatives?

13th, july, 2020, the day CBSE declared the result of class 12th board examination, which were held haphazardly, only due to the ongoing series of a pandemic called the Novel Coronavirus. Students gave their sweat and hearts to perform gloriously in the examinations, some passed away with flying colors, but unfortunately some were unable to stand up to their own and the family’s expectations.

The total passing percentage of students has been recorded an incredible increase of 5.38% compared to 2019, and it touched the parameter of 88.78%. Where girls outshine the boys.

But, it was not the end of the session, as CBSE decided not to announce the merit list, which is a great step indeed. People were still worried and dumbstruck listening about a girl getting 100% pass percentage.

Consequently, every body have their opinion about the results declared. While some applaud the efforts made by students,as well as CBSE for declaring such positive results, some other group of people reckon that, it is an unfair decision or way to promote the students, i.e. without taking any examination.

The positives –

Amid the pandemic, when everyone panicked about the completion of the remaining examinations. The Central Board of Secondary Education, decided not to mention the names of the meritorious students, in order to lower the burden of competition among students, and more importantly the parents.

Also, it has miraculously swept away the mental pressure that earlier alarmed as a bell in the students’ ears. Along with lowered burden of competition, the news have not been exposed by the media like a wild fire, consequently avoiding all the stuff that was heard from the neighbors, relatives, family members, friends, and the teachers. Let’s take in other way, the pandemic proved to them, a saviour, a Messiah, the escape from all the problems that could have possibly bumped into them, then.

The negatives –

While there were many things that made everyone very happy and light headed. The other flip of the coin has to reveal something else;since teachers were the unable to gather at the centers to check out the copies,due to the norms set up by the government, the sheets were directly sent to them at their respective homes to fulfill the same,without any eye keeping a check on them, leniency was at its best. Therefore making it easy for the students to score more than what they really deserved.

It is clear that, the earlier batches who gave their sweat and heart to achieve the highest score, but, instead, the present batch was passed without any pressure among them,doing injustice to the previous ones. Ease in the checking criteria, will definitely result in an increase in cut off in many of the top universities of the country,making it difficult for them to nail the admission criteria in the top universities of the country.

Despite there being so much hubbub about the examinations and the consequences of those, the pandemic has proven the humans that, conducting the exams, along with classes, and many other things online is a new way to live our lives.

CBSE 12th Result 2020 updates

CBSE Board formally declared the CBSE 12th Result 2020 for Senior Secondary Students by 12 PM today. The official Result portal of CBSE is cbseresults.nic.in, crashed for nearly 4 hours at that time due to some technical bug, later on it get sort out.  Alternatively, students can also opt to check CBSE Class 12 Results 2020 online via DigiLocker App, Umang App and through IVRS Telephone Line. To make the CBSE i students check their results easily.


After UPSC , JEE is the most toughest exams in the country. it requires ones dedication and hard work with some pinch of smart work too. many students had a lot of questions about JEE . in this block i will answer all your questions. and also about how you can crack jee.

Is Coaching is mandatory for JEE ?

many students had a doubt in their minds about a coaching for JEE. the answer is that , it depends on you. if you think that you need a extra help or guidance in your jee preparations then join a coaching. but it is not necessary that after joining coaching you will probably succeed. i remember one of my friend who joins a popular coaching of Kota for his jee preparations but still land on a all india rank of 100,000 and plus…so coaching has not any jadibutti that after drinking you will surely succeed. it is a totally wrong concept. Cracking jee simply needs a dedication that means a regular study for atleast two hours. cracking jee solely depends on you and not on coaching.

Plan a Schedule

we know that it is hard to stick on a particular thing but preparing a fix schedule for study is the basic need for cracking a competitive exam. what you have to do is , choose any two hours from your schedule and do study regularly in those two yours. and do whatever you want to do in whole day. but just study in those two hours in a regular basis. it will surely improve your patience level.

Practice last 15 years questions paper

one of the key to succeed in any competitive exam is to practice last year papers. same applies for IIT JEE. if you regularly practice last year question paper , then you will get to know about the difficulty level of exam. practicing last 15 years question paper will be enough to crack the entrance exam. because there is enough variety in papers. mostly concepts have been repeated in the exam. always remember question can be changed but concept can’t.

Solve Conceptual problems and numericals.

In JEE, mostly questions are in the form of numericals. jee main has a simple variety of numericals but jee advanced has conceptual numericals which works on only on concept. and they are bit complex too. try to complete HC Verma for physics(both parts). it has plenty of numericals that works on concept making. Remember only concept will help you. so build your concept first. and for maths N.C.E.R.T is enough for basics and for chemistry N.C.E.R.T is like a god. once you done with all subject N.C.E.R.T textbook, then go for any higher level book.

Attempt various sample papers

suppose if you try well but didn’t succeed because you don’t know how to use computer. then that will be the worst thing for sure. so practice ample of sample questions paper on your computer. because not only JEE but all exams are usually in online mode. so make your speed on online computer and whenever you give a sample online test. make your environment like a proper jee exam hall environment. sit for proper three hours. this will surely help you in your exam.

Lastly Revise, Revise and Revise

The most and important step is to do a proper revision of what you have learned so far. forget all the things that you not study for any kind of reason just make your revision on the things that are important and also those things that you have noticed many times in previous question paper. this things would be enough for revision.


Anyone can crack this exam and get into the prestigious IITs . just you have to be extra cautious about your two hours study plan. don’t forget that a donkey also do hardwork . and we are humans so we have to do extra as compared to donkey. that extra is smart work.

Do your study with smart work. no need to read whole things. read the important topics many times so you will get a detailed knowledge about them that is called smart work.

always remember for the success there is a big role of confidence. your confidence alone works 50-60%. and hard work about 30%. and the rest is dedication and smart work. so be confident about your success and study religiously. If you work daily with keeping all this point in your head, then one day you will surely get the success on this timid path of JEE.