Learning is more effective when it is active rather than passive process.

E-learning also known as ‘Electronic learning’ has changed the pattern of studying.It is also referred to as online learning which can be obtained through internet using an electronic device.This is the era in which e-learning has gain it’s importance someone has rightly quoted that “Online learning is not the next best thing, it is now the best thing”.E -learning has vast amount of uses across all sectors of society and the available examples are being used effectively.It plays a crucial role for adults as they are busy in their work so it probably flexibility to them to study at any point of time. it is useful for corporative World where company uses E-learning platform to enhance the skills , learning, knowledge and overall productivity of their employees.Another is that many accredated online colleges offer online degree programs and more of them will start to do so incoming years.Online learning has numerous advantages such as the possibility to do self- study.A part from that it is cost effective and cost efficient as it removes geographical restrictions often associated with traditional classroom education.The future of online learning is very bright it will continue to expand as more corporation’s and online learners would recognise the importance of e-learning.