Learn From Others…

Smile like flowers
Be gentle like teachers
Be loving like mothers
Be caring like fathers
Be playful like sisters
be friend like brothers
Be merry like rivers
Don’t be in hurry like drivers
Face difficulty like bulldozers
Mix with others like colours
Be loving like lovers 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

Brave Sons of the Nation

  • Brave sons of the nation
    Be always in action
    Make promises not to forget
    The proud past
    We are not late
    We will dominate
    One day this world
    Only be leader
    In your respective fields
    We will be world leader
    In all field of human endeavor
    India will shine brightly
    Do your work brilliantly
    You are the proud son
    Sons of Mother India
    You and only you can
    Do wonder one day
    I know it
    You believe it
    Dream today
    Tomorrow you will lay
    Lay the foundation of great India
    Ever shining India 
    Shashikant Nishant Sharma

    With Regards
    SureShot POST
    New Delhi, India

Time Spent is Real Treasure

  • I love a girl
    She is just like pearl
    With hair silky and curl
    She is my classmate
    For her I am desperate
    She is my heart
    She is never late
    She never misses the date
    On time she does meet
    We have hearty talk
    And we enjoy the evening walk
    Along the beach
    Waddling on the ocean water
    Playing with ocean currents
    Singing with the tune of dancing currents
    Diving in the ocean of love
    The moments are cherishable
    Collecting pebble
    On the shore
    And throwing in the ocean
    Every little act gives pleasure
    The time spent is a real treasure 
    Shashikant Nishant Sharma

    With Regards

    SureShot POST
    New Delhi, India


The sacrifices of the brave sons will never go in vain
Their blood is still flowing in our blood vein
They fought to free India 
We are fighting to save India
They fought against imperialism
We are fighting against communalism
Casteism, linguism and regionalism
No country is ever free
It has to keep fighting to keep free
Free from various evils
External and internal
National and international
We have to grow like sturdy oaks
Fight terrorism like rocks
Take oath and pledge together
We will make India better
Greater, greater and greater 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

Two Little Naughty Nephews

The relations so emotional are few

The poem dedicated to my nephew
Two little nephews
It’s my personal views
Two little kids full of energy
They have a good synergy
Talented, they are, I would say
Always happy, merry making
Very close they stay
Like young calves of mother cow
Remembering the moments now
Computer games I never liked
With them I do play
I feel like child with child
They do sketching and painting
With colours, they keep on tainting
Every piece of paper and wall
Not every now and then, but I do call
Talk on phone, during chatting
Come soon, they keep on insisting
Eager to show their painting
Good children are result of good parenting
They want me to listen
Their rhymes learnt by rote
Uttering like trained parrot
Exiting moments await me
Full of happiness and glee
We eat together 
We bathe together
Go for evening walk
For hours, we talk
On little things
Things that give pleasure
Things that we do at leisure
The moments spent with them
So memorable and cherishable
They may forget over time
But how could I, joys of prime
With me, the memories will linger
Like a treasure
Buried beneath the earth
Memories full of pleasure
And undiminishing mirth

{This was written when I planned to go home after along interval of time after completing bachelor of Planning from School of Planning and Architecture in May 2012.}

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’

======©SNS==18 May 2012==@New Delhi===== 

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

repressive orders issued in West Bengal to use newspapers selectively

The repressive orders issued in West Bengal to use newspapers selectively is clear violation of free expression of independent thought and the violation and repression of the right of public libraries to provide all sorts of information so that public is in a position to judge on their on the action and inaction right or wrong. It is really a shocking information that the school textbooks have been rewritten to remove the philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels because Ms. Banerjee has so decreed. The recent action against some of the defiant and lampooning persons in West Bengal is by no mean justified. The democratic forces should come forward to take action so that the things do not go from bad to worse. The Central Government being a coalition government running on her Party’s support is unable to take required action but the public should not remain silent. The intelligentsia and the other political and social forces should come forward to halt irrational and irrelevant order.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

Thank You…

Thank you for hurting me and being careless with me
Thank you for lying to me and cheating on me
Thank you for making me believe you loved me.
Thank you for changing behind my back
Thank you for blaming me for your actions
Hiding your faults with great reactions
Thank you for everything you have put me through
It’s only made me a stronger, saying it’s true
So from the bottom of my heart thank you
For doing a great favour
And making me more clever
शशिकांत निशांत शर्मा साहिल
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
School of Planning and Architecture (SPA)
New Delhi

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

Computer- Servant who works at Instant

Computer, a modern device
More than a mere device
Capable of computing far beyond
Capacity of normal human brain
Computer don’t learn but you can train
It to perform various tasks
Simple or complicated
It performs the tasks
Very dedicated
Garbage in garbage out
Obeys you without shout
It adds to your imagination
Helps in beautiful creation
Designed to design for your design
Gives output in symbol and sign
Audio and visual at usual
Servant so serious not casual
Obeys master in letters
It obeys without fretters
It turns tons of paper works
Into small floppies and disks
Nothing is without risks
When computer crash
Then there is data loss
Create a back-up data
Online or offline as you wish
Do it without a miss
You can’t blame anyone
No chance of blame game
On your colleague, you can play
Handle safe and it will play
The role of most obedient servant
Works for you in an instant
It reduced office space
Enhance the man’s pace
For performing office works
It works, works and works
Until you shut it down
It works whole day dark to dawn
Like a little pawn
Remains in your hand
And at your command

{Wrote during Summer intern at Jamial Millia Islamia Consultancy, New Delhi in the Month of June,2011} 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

Imran- Hey Man…!

Imran, a guy South Indian
And yet you will fail to feel it
Knows three four languages
Speaks with equal ease
North Indian in outlook
No specular assent in tone
Unlike a south Indian
When he does speak
Bright student of his school
Choose to be very cool
He has special calibre
Intelligent, bright and clever
Found unhappy never
First in my life
A met a guy after whom
Gals run and wanna die
No any form of alcoholic addiction
Still you will feel workaholic
On seeing him working

All feel that he is cute
Gals say he is sweet
I have seen him with many a gal
Staying with his as a close pal
I know him better than he knows it
Openly would dare not to say it

A bit of selfish
Not to hurt you
I do wish
But still
I will say this
A bit of selfishness
Necessary for greatness
Unless you you work for self
None can help
To achieve ambition
You need a bit of inspiration
And a lot of perspiration

Filled with vigor and vitality
One of his quality
Generous in nature
A tender heart creature
Helps in need
A true friend indeed

Childish in nature
Childlike in behavour
To many he is dear
Tries a new girl every year
On seeing this write up
He will surely call
And utter at most
Hey man what you have written
delet the post
Or you will get beaten 

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

Sun- Source of Energy

Sun, the source of energy
Ward off the lethargy
Fills vigor and vitality
Shining from eternity
Looking at the rising sun
The heart fills with fun
All things start to run
After the sunrise
Till the sunset
Sun, the source of inspiration
Works with perspiration
Sun shines to serve
All free of cost
So benevolent and liberal
Its consistency teaches us a lot
Always do your job without
Thinking for any return
Do your duty
Sun, a manifestation
Of nature’s beauty
In full valor and glory
Keeps changing
From warmth to scorching heat
From dawn to eve
From season to season
Without asking for reason
Awake with the sun
Enjoy the nature’s fun

{Written during a working walk during stay at Bhopal during my summer internship in year 2010.} 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

With Regards
SureShot POST
New Delhi, India

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