An Analysis on Production and Export of Fresh and Dry fruits in Jammu and Kashmir

Rubeenah Akhter*

* Ph.D Research Scholar, School of Economics. DAVV Indore.


Abstract: The aim of the present paper is to analyze the production and export performance of major Fresh and Dry fruits in Jammu and Kashmir. This paper will also give some suggestion for increasing the production in Jammu and Kashmir. The Regression analysis has been done in order to see changes in production during the study period. Under the changing agricultural scenario, it has been realized that the horticulture sector plays a vital role in providing livelihood security to the farmers globally. Area, production, productivity and export of horticultural produces are vital for increasing farm income and overall employment in the agricultural sector. Horticulture in recent years has emerged as an important and viable option in agriculture and has transformed the subsistence level of farming into a high value commercial enterprise. Horticulture crops provide food and nutritional security, generate employment, maintain ecological balance and provide raw materials for agro-processing industries, thereby improving the economy of state. Horticulture sector in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has a large share in export earnings and employment potential in the state.

Keywords :- Horticultural Production, Export, Employment, Agricultural sector